Group selective aptamers: Broad-spectrum recognition of target groups in Cronobacter species and implementation of electrochemical biosensors as receptors

Kim, Hye RiJoe, CheulminHwang, Ee TaekGu, Man BockKim, Byoung Chan
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Pergamon Press Ltd.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, v.246
Aptamers are a versatile class of receptors with a high affinity and selectivity for specific targets. Although their ability to recognize individual targets has been extensively studied, some scenarios require the development of receptors capable of identifying all target groups. This study investigated the use of aptamers to achieve the broad-spectrum recognition of groups instead of individual targets. Aptamers were screened for selectively distinct groups of Cronobacter species associated with foodborne diseases. Seven Cronobacter spp. were divided into Group A (C. sakazakii, C. malonaticus, C. turicensis, and C. muytjensii) and Group B (C. dublinensis, C. condimenti, and C. universalis). Aptamers with exclusive selectivity for each group were identified, allowing binding to the species within their designated group while excluding those from the other group. The screened aptamers demonstrated reliable affinity and specificity with dissociation constants ranging from 1.3 to 399.7 nM for Group A and 4.0?24.5 nM for Group B. These aptamers have also been successfully employed as receptors in an electrochemical biosensor platform, enabling the selective detection of each group based on the corresponding aptamer (limit of detection was 7.8 and 3.2 CFU for Group A and Group B, respectively). The electrochemical sensor effectively detected the extent of infection in each group in powdered infant formula samples. This study highlights the successful screening and application of group-selective aptamers as sensing receptors, emphasizing their potential for diverse applications in different fields such as food safety, environmental monitoring, and clinical diagnostics, where the selective biosensing of target groups is crucial.
VIRULENCE; PATHOGENICITY; GENUS; Group-specific aptamer; Cronobacter spp.; Receptor; Electrochemical biosensing; Aptasensor
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