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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-06Characteristics of cold hollow cathode ion-beam source for oxygen gas고석근; 조정; 최원국, et al
2006-06Chemical reaction of sputtered Cu film with PI modified by low energy reactive atomic beam박종용; 정연식; 조정, et al
1999-03Comparison of crystalline structure with room temperature photoluminescence of ZnO thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering유영조; 김경국; 조정, et al
1997-06Effect of ion energy structure and chemical properties of tin oxide film in reactive ion-assisted deposition(R-IAD)고석근; 조준식; 최원국, et al
2003-08Effects of H ₂ annealing treatment on photoluminescence and structure of ZnO:Al/Al ₂ O ₃ grown by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering조정; 윤기현; 오민석, et al
2001-11Enhancement of photoluminescence and electrical properties of Ga doped ZnO thin film grown on α-Al₂O₃ (0001) single crystal substrate by RF magnetron sputtering through rapid thermal annealing조정; 나종범; 오민석, et al
2001-10Enhancement of photoluminescence and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film grown on α -Al ₂ O ₃ (0001) single-crystal subastrate by rf magnetron sputtering through rapid thermal annealin조정; 나종범; 오민석, et al
2002-12Enhancement of photoluminescence and microstructure of undoped ZnO thin film growth on Al ₂ O ₃ (0001)substrate by rf magnetron sputtering조정; 윤기현; 오민석, et al
2007-02Fabrication of 2-layer flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) with high peel strength for chip on flex (COF)최형욱; 심광보; 박동희, et al
2000-01Hydrophilic surface formation on materials and its application조준식; 백영환; 한성, et al
2000-01Hydrophilic surface formation on materials and its applications조준식; 백영환; 한성, et al
2001-06Metallization on polymers modified by ion-assisted reaction (IAR)고석근; 조준식; 한성, et al
1998-01Surface modification of polymer by ion assisted reaction고석근; 최성창; 한성, et al
1997-01The behavior of surface adsorbed Pd activation layer on SnOx thin film with temperature in CH4 sensing조정; 최원국; 고석근, et al
1997-01The control of stoichiometry and crystallinity of SnOx thin films applied for chemical sensor element최원국; 조정; 고석근, et al
1999-01The effect of initial Pd catalyst oxidation state on CH4 sensitivity of SnO2 thin film sensor최원국; 조정; 조준식, et al
1998-08The sensitivity of ultra thin pd-doped SnO2 gas sensor fabricated by ion-assisted deposition for methane gas조정; 조준식; 윤기현, et al
1998-12Thin film growth and surface modification by keV ion beam최성창; 박용욱; 최원국, et al
2007-03Vacuum web-coater with high speed surface modification equipment for fabrication of 300 mm wide felexibel copper clad laminate (FCCL)최형욱; 박동희; 김지환, et al
2002-12ZnO-based photoconductive UV detector오민석; 조정; 최원국
2002-01-28반도체 기판과 백금 전극간의 접착력 향상 방법 및반도체용 백금 전극 구조고석근; 조정
1999-09-16수소 이온보조 반응법을 이용한 고분자 표면처리 방법고석근; 조정
1999-11-30이온 보조 반응법을 이용한 폴리올레핀 또는 열가소성수지의 표면 개질과 이를 이용한 나일론수지의 강인화방법 및 고분자 블렌드 조성물고석근; 김형준; 서용석, et al
2002-01-28이온빔 보조 반응법을 이용한 고분자 분리막의 표면 개질방법고석근; 조정; 이철수
2000-06-01이온빔을 이용한 재료의 표면처리장치고석근; 정형진; 조정, et al
2003-03-21폐쇄된 전자표류를 이용한 플라즈마 가속기유리에르마코프; 이호성; 조정, et al