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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-11A self-ion assisted beam (SIAB) source based upon Unvala electron beam scheme최원국; 송재훈; 김기한, et al
2001-04Adhesion improvement between metals and fluoropolymers by ion assisted reaction한성; 조준식; 최성창, et al
1997-08BS/channeling studies on the heteroepitaxially grown Y2O3 films on Si substrates by UHV-ICB deposition김효배; 조만호; 황보상우, et al
1999-01Ceramic surface modification by a keV ion irradiation최원국; 최성창; 정형진, et al
1998-02Characteristics of ZnO thin film by ion-beam sputter deposition박용욱; 최성창; 윤석진, et al
1996-01Cu films on Si(100) by partially ionized beam deposition장홍규; 김기환; 최성창, et al
1999-05Design of self-ion assisted beam source (SIAB) based on electron focusing with concentric symmetrical electric field and Cu thin film growth by SIAB송재훈; 김기환; 이충만, et al
1999-07Effect of plasma polymerized film on fouling of heat exchangers김기환; 최성창; 정형진, et al
1999-01Effects of Cu seeding layer on Si grown by partially ionized beam in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition고석근; 최성창; 김기환, et al
1997-06Enhancement of adhesion between Cu thin film and polyimide modified by ion assisted reaction최성창; 최원국; 고석근, et al
1998-05Enhancing adhesion between metal or epoxy and polytetrafluoroethylene by ion assisted reaction고석근; 석진우; 최성창, et al
1999-01Enhancing adhesion of Pt/poly(vinylidenefluoride) by a keV Ar+ irradiation in an O2 environment한성; 최성창; 최원국, et al
1999-01Formation of adhesive layer by DC plasma polymerization최성창; 김기환; Elena Klakina, et al
2000-12Formation of an adherent layer by DC plasma polymerization최성창; 김기환; Elena Klakina, et al
1999-01Hydrophilic group formation on hydrocarbon polypropylene and polystyrene by ion-assisted reaction in an O₂ environment최성창; 한성; 최원국, et al
1998-08Improvement of adhesion between metal and polymer by ion assisted reaction (IAR).최성창; 김현주; 고석근
1997-08Improving wettability of polyethylene(PE) surface by ion assisted reaction석진우; 최원국; 최성창, et al
1998-03Low-energy ion beam and its applications최성창; 정형진; 고석근
1998-05Modification of polyimide membrane surface for gas separation by ion beam원종옥; 김명호; 강용수, et al
1998-01Preparation of the SPE electrocatalyst for water electrolysis : Effect of the Pt loadings on Nafion surface treatment by ion-beam김지윤; 박종호; 최성창, et al
1999-01Relation between hydrophilicity and cell culturing on polystyrene petri dish modified by ion-assisted reaction최성창; 최원국; 정형진, et al
2000-03Surface modification of polyimide and polysulfone membranes by ion beam for gas separation원종옥; 김명호; 강용수, et al
1998-01Surface modification of polymer by ion assisted reaction고석근; 최성창; 한성, et al
1999-01Surface modification of Polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) by ion-assisted reaction정선; 조준식; 최성창, et al
1998-11Surface modification of α-Al2O3(0001) by N2+ ion irradiation최원국; 최성창; 정형진, et al
2001-09The effect of humidity on the rolling resistance of silver coatings modified by plasma surface treatments양승호; 공호성; 최성창, et al
1998-12Thin film growth and surface modification by keV ion beam최성창; 박용욱; 최원국, et al
1998-06Wettable hydrophilic surface formation by ion assisted reaction고석근; 김기환; 최원국, et al
1998-04이온보조 반응법을 이용한 금속과 고분자의 접착력 향상에 관한 연구고석근; 최성창; 한성, et al
1998-12-23이온빔을이용하여표면개질된고분자멤브레인및그표면개질방법고석근; 김기환; 정형진, et al