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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-04Effect of oxygen ion energy and annealing in formation of tin oxide thin films송석균; 최원국; 정형진; 조준식; 최동수; 이정용; 백홍구; 고석근
1996-01Formation of SnO2-x thin film deposited by hybrid ion beam고석근; 조준식; 송석균; 최동수; 최원국; 정형진
1996-01Growth of tin oxide films deposited by a hybrid ion beam최원국; 조준식; 송석균; 정형진; J.S. Jeon; D. Choi; 고석근
1997-01H2 gas-sensing characteristics of SnOx sensors fabricated by a reactive ion-assisted deposition with/without an activator layer최원국; 송석균; 조준식; 윤영수; 최동수; 정형진; 고석근
1996-01Improving adhesion of polytetrafluoroethylene to aluminium and copper an adhesive by Ar**+ irradiation with and without oxygen environment.고석근; 정형진; 박성철; 최창규; 송석균; 배국동
1995-03Improving the wettability of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and adhesion with the aluminum by Ar ion irradiation고석근; 최원국; 송석균; 정형진; 한성남
1995-01Improving wettability of polycarbonate and adhesion with aluminum by Ar+ ion irradiation고석근; 송석균; 최원국; 정형진; 한성남
1995-01Improving wettability of PolyMethylMethAcrylate by Ar+ ion irradiation in oxygen environment고석근; 최원국; 조준식; 송석균; 정형진
1995-01keV surface modification and thin film growth고석근; 최원국; 윤영수; 송석균; 조준식; 김기환; 정형진
1997-08Modeling of electrical conductance variation in substrate during initial growth of ultra thin film고석근; 송석균; 백홍구; 정형진
2018-05PAN 섬유를 이용한 난연 섬유의 제조 및 난연성 평가이성호; 박세준; 최달수; 길현식; 송석균
1996-01Property of tin-oxide thin films grown using a reactive-metal ion beam, an oxygen gas ion beam, and a hybrid ion beam송석균; 최원국; 정형진; 고석근; 이정용; 백홍구
2019-01Rapid stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fibers achieved by plasma-assisted thermal treatment on electron-beam irradiated fibers이성호; 박세준; 최달수; 길현식; 송석균
1998-01Structure and gas-sensing characteristics of undoped tin oxide thin films fabricated by ion-assisted deposition송석균; 조준식; 최원국; 정형진; 최동수; 이정용; 백홍구; 고석근
1998-01Synthesis of SnO₂-x thin films by oxygen-ion-assisted deposition for hydrocarbon gas detection최동수; 송석균; 전진석; 최원국; 고석근; 김기동; 정형진; 백홍구
1994-01Thermally-induced atomic mixing at the interface of Cu and polyimide고석근; 최원국; 송석균; Kook D. Pae; 정형진
1995-01Uniform beam profiles of 5 cm convex gridded ion beam source고석근; 송석균; 최원국; 정형진; L. Gontcharov
2018-11전자선 조사 및 플라즈마를 활용한 PAN 난연 섬유의 제조 및 난연 특성이성호; 박세준; 최달수; 길현식; 최지원; 송석균
2017-11플라즈마 처리에 따른 전자빔 조사 된 PAN 섬유의 안정화 공정 단축이성호; 박세준; 최달수; 길현식; 송석균
1996-01활성화 금속이온빔, 산소가스이온빔, 하이브리드이온빔에 의해 형성된 산화주석 (Tin Oxide) 박막의 특성정형진; 고석근; 최원국; 송석균; 백홍규; 이정용