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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-065.6-nm p+/n junction Formation for sub-0.05μm PMOSFETs by Using Low-Energy B10H14 Ion Implantation박현순; 정광호; 서효원; 정형진; 최원국
2009-056-MV KIST Tandem Ion Accelerator박동희; 이성익; 채근화; 홍경태; 최원국; 송종한; 최지원
2010-10600 mm wide linear stationary plasma thruster (LSPT) for a large area ion beam modification박동희; 최원국
2016-04A facile chemical synthesis of ZnO@multilayer graphene nanoparticles with fast charge separation and enhanced performance for application in solar energy conversion최원국; 황준연; 손동익; 심재호; 이규승; 김정규; 이창렬; Ming Ma; 양희연; Basavaraj AngBasavarajAngadi; 박종혁; 유경식
2001-12A gas cluster ion beam accelerator송재훈; 최덕균; 최원국
1999-11A self-ion assisted beam (SIAB) source based upon Unvala electron beam scheme최원국; 송재훈; 김기한; 최성창; 이충만; 송종한; 정형진
2005-10A stationary plasma thruster for modification of polymer and ceramic surfaces박종용; 정연식; Yu.A. Ermakov; 최원국
2003-06A study of the photoluminescence of ZnO thin films deposited by radical beam assisted molecular beam epitaxy서효원; 변동진; 최원국
1997-04A study on the material surface modification by ion-assisted reaction고석근; 손용배; 최원국; 정형진
2019-12Acoustic perfomance Enhancement in PVDF speaker by using buckled nanospring Carbon nanotubes최원국; 김정혁; 함소라; 이윤재; 김성룡
1997-01Adhesion improvement between Au films and Si substrate by ion beam irradation고석근; 장홍규; K. H. Kim; S. Han; 최원국; 정형진
2011-11Ag Interlayered AZO Sandwich Transparent Conducting Electrode for Photovoltaic Cells양정도; 조정민; 홍태우; 손동익; 박동희; 유경화; 신원석; 문상진; 최원국
2012-10Ag Interlayered Transparent Conducting Electrode for Photovoltaic Cells양정도; 옥일우; 조정민; 박동희; 신원석; 김경곤; 문상진; 유경화; 최원국
2017-02Air-stable few-layer black phosphorus phototransistor for near-infrared detection최원국; 송용원; 박기철; 나준홍; 김진태
1995-01Alkali-metal chemisorption on Ta(110)E. Kneedler; A.B. Andrews; 최원국; S.D. Kevan
2016-11Alternative Patterning Process for Realization of Large-Area, Full-Color, Active Quantum Dot Display한일기; 최원국; 송진동; 박준서; 강준현; 이송이; 박기선; 정신영; 김홍희; 김지훈; 이규태; 닐리쉬; 한지영
2009-05Amorphous indium tin oxide electrodes for piezoelectric and light-emitting device deposited by vacuum roll to roll process이상엽; 김지환; 배병택; 박동희; 최지원; 최원국
2010-05Annealing effect on the optical and electrical characteristic of a-IGZO thin films transistor김종우; 최원국; 주병권; 이전국
2008-07Annealing Effects on the Microstructural Properties of the ZnO Thin Films Grown on p-InP (100) SubstratesJ. M. Yuk; D. I. Son; T. W. Kim; J. Y. Kim; 최원국
2003-02Application of nano-cluster ion beam to surface smoothening, etching, and ultra-shallow junction formation.송재훈; 최원국
1996-03Applications of ion beam of a few keV for thin film growth and surface modification고석근; 최원국; 장홍규; 윤영수; 송석균; 박성철; 조준식; 김기환; 정형진
1996-01Ar+ ion irradiation in oxygen environment for improving wttability of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)고석근; 최원국; 조준식; 송석균; 김영만; 정형진
2001-09Assessment of an ionized Co ₂ gas cluster accelerator.송재훈; 권순남; 최덕균; 최원국
2009-06Atomic arrangement variations of 30˚ in-plane rotation domain boundaries in ZnO thn films grown on Si substrates due to thermal annealingJ.W. Shin; 이정용; 노영수; 김태환; 최원국
2007-07Atomic arrangement variations of [0001]-tilt grain boundaries in ZnO thin films grown on p-Si substrates due to thermal treatmentJ.W. Shin; J.Y.Lee; 노영수; J.H. Jung; 김태환; 최원국
2011-03Atomic structural variations of [0 0 0 1]-tilt grain boundaries during ZnO grain growth occurred by thermal treatmentsJ. M. Yuk; J. Y. Lee; Zonghoon Lee; Y. S. No; T. W. Kim; J. Y. Kim; 최원국
2008-02Au 금속을 이용한 쇼트키 접촉형 ZnO UV-detector 제작김종빈; 박동희; 이상엽; 최지원; 최원국
2008-05Audible OLED Device on Flexible PVDF Substrate with Laser Patterned ITO Electrode이상엽; 박동희; 최원국
1996-01Auger electron and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of oxidation of tin using SnOx thin films grown by reactive ion-assisted deposition.고석근; 최원국; 정형진; 조준식; 송석균
1997-08Auger electron spectroscopy investigation of the chemical shifts of tin and tin oxides최원국; J. Cho; S. C. Choi; C. M. Lee; K. Jeong; 정형진; 조준식; 고석근