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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Characterization of PI:PCBM organic nonvolatile resistive memory devices under thermal stressKim, Youngrok; Yoo, Daekyoung; Jang, Jingon; Song, Younggul; Jeong, Hyunhak; Cho, Kyungjune; Hwang, Wang-Taek; Lee, Woocheol; Kim, Tae-Wook; Lee, Takhee
2022-10-12Charge Transfer Doping of Semiconducting TMD-Based Field-Effect TransistorsCho, Kyungjune; Jae-Keun Kim; Keehoon Kang; Juntae Jang; Takhee Lee; 정승준
2018-05-03Contact-Engineered Electrical Properties of MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors via Selectively Deposited Thiol-MoleculesCho, Kyungjune; Pak, Jinsu; Kim, Jae-Keun; Kang, Keehoon; Kim, Tae-Young; Shin, Jiwon; Choi, Barbara Yuri; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Takhee
2019-08-07Dose-dependent effect of proton irradiation on electrical properties of WSe2 ambipolar field effect transistorsShin, Jiwon; Cho, Kyungjune; Kim, Tae-Young; Pak, Jinsu; Kim, Jae-Keun; Lee, Woocheol; Kim, Jaeyoung; Chung, Seungjun; Hong, Woong-Ki; Lee, Takhee
2019-03-08Enhanced Charge Injection Properties of Organic Field-Effect Transistor by Molecular Implantation DopingKim, Youngrok; Chung, Seungjun; Cho, Kyungjune; Harkin, David; Hwang, Wang-Taek; Yoo, Daekyoung; Kim, Jae-Keun; Lee, Woocheol; Song, Younggul; Ahn, Heebeom; Hong, Yongtaek; Sirringhaus, Henning; Kang, Keehoon; Lee, Takhee
2022-10Inkjet printing of two-dimensional van der Waals materials: a new route towards emerging electronic device applicationsCho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee; Chung, Seungjun
2022-11-29Intrinsic High-Order Ionic Superlattices in 2D DJ-Phase Oxide PerovskitesCho, Kyungjune; 임해나; Takhee Lee; 최지원; Chung, Seung jun
2023-11-16Intrinsic Highly-Ordered Ionic Superlattice in 2D DJ-Phase Oxide PerovskitesCho, Kyungjune; Yim, Haena; 최지원; Chung, Seung jun
2023-06-22Intrinsic Ionic Superlattice in Two-Dimensional DJ-Phase Oxide PerovskitesCho, Kyungjune
2019-08Intrinsic Optoelectronic Characteristics of MoS2 Phototransistors via a Fully Transparent van der Waals HeterostructurePak, Jinsu; Lee, Ilmin; Cho, Kyungjune; Kim, Jae-Keun; Jeong, Hyunhak; Hwang, Wang-Taek; Ahn, Geun Ho; Kang, Keehoon; Yu, Woo Jong; Javey, Ali; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Takhee
2021-11Molecular Dopant-Dependent Charge Transport in Surface-Charge-Transfer-Doped Tungsten Diselenide Field Effect TransistorsKim, Jae-Keun; Cho, Kyungjune; Jang, Juntae; Baek, Kyeong-Yoon; Kim, Jehyun; Seo, Junseok; Song, Minwoo; Shin, Jiwon; Kim, Jaeyoung; Parkin, Stuart S. P.; Lee, Jung-Hoon; Kang, Keehoon; Lee, Takhee
2021-11-09Organic Molecule Treatment on Interfaces of Semiconducting TMD-Based Field Effect TransistorsCho, Kyungjune
2022-02Proton irradiation effects on mechanochemically synthesized and flash-evaporated hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskitesShin, Jiwon; Baek, Kyeong-Yoon; Lee, Jonghoon; Lee, Woocheol; Kim, Jaeyoung; Jang, Juntae; Park, Jaehyoung; Kang, Keehoon; Cho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee
2019-09Recent Advances in Interface Engineering of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides with Organic Molecules and PolymersCho, Kyungjune; Pak, Jinsu; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Takhee
2019-03-20Recent Progress in Inkjet-Printed Thin-Film TransistorsChung, Seungjun; Cho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee
2022-09Reduced dopant-induced scattering in remote charge-transfer-doped MoS2 field-effect transistorsJang, Juntae; Kim, Jae-Keun; Shin, Jiwon; Kim, Jaeyoung; Baek, Kyeong-Yoon; Park, Jaehyoung; Park, Seungmin; Kim, Young Duck; Parkin, Stuart S. P.; Kang, Keehoon; Cho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee
2024-07Reduced interface effect of proton beam irradiation on the electrical properties of WSe2/hBN field effect transistorsKo, Seongmin; Shin, Jiwon; Jang, Juntae; Woo, Jaeyong; Kim, Jaeyoung; Park, Jaehyoung; Yoo, Jongeun; Zhou, Chongwu; Cho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee
2023-04Selective Purity Modulation of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks for High-Performance Thin-Film TransistorsKim, Hayun; Oh, Hyunuk; Yoo, Hyunjun; Cho, Kyungjune; Lee, Takhee; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Byeongmoon; Hong, Yongtaek
2022-04-06Surface Charge Transfer Doped TMDC-based Field-Effect transistorsCho, Kyungjune; Jae-Keun Kim; Keehoon Kang; 정승준
2023-11-02Surface Charge Transfer Doping in TMDC-Based Field-Effect TransistorsCho, Kyungjune; Jae-Keun Kim; Takhee Lee; Chung, Seung jun
2019-03Trapped charge modulation at the MoS2/SiO2 interface by a lateral electric field in MoS(2 )field-effect transistorsPak, Jinsu; Cho, Kyungjune; Kim, Jae-Keun; Jang, Yeonsik; Shin, Jiwon; Kim, Jaeyoung; Seo, Junseok; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Takhee
2018-07Two-Dimensional Thickness-Dependent Avalanche Breakdown Phenomena in MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors under High Electric FieldsPak, Jinsu; Jang, Yeonsik; Byun, Junghwan; Cho, Kyungjune; Kim, Tae-Young; Kim, Jae-Keun; Choi, Barbara Yuri; Shin, Jiwon; Hong, Yongtaek; Chung, Seungjun; Lee, Takhee
2021-10Ultrasensitive Photodetection in MoS2 Avalanche PhototransistorsSeo, Junseok; Lee, Jin Hee; Pak, Jinsu; Cho, Kyungjune; Kim, Jae-Keun; Kim, Jaeyoung; Jang, Juntae; Ahn, Heebeom; Lim, Seong Chu; Chung, Seungjun; Kang, Keehoon; Lee, Takhee