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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-06Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion of Biodegradable Polymers Coated on Metal Surface by NanocouplingChoi, Jiyeon; Cho, Seong Bae; Lee, Bong Soo; Joung, Yoon Ki; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun
2010-12In situ thermal gelling polypeptide for chondrocytes 3D cultureChoi, Bo Gyu; Park, Min Hee; Cho, So-Hye; Joo, Min Kyung; Oh, Hye Jin; Kim, Eun Hye; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun; Jeong, Byeongmoon
2007In vitro chondrocyte culture using hydrophilized PLLA scaffold in bioreactor systemYang, Hee Seok; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Byoung-Soo; Kim, Jae-Jin; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Han, Dong Keun
2006-12In vivo biocompatibility of sulfonated PEO-grafted polyurethanes for polymer heart valve and vascular graftHan, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok; Park, Ki Dong; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Kim, Young Ha
2007-03In vivo cartilage tissue engineering using a cell-derived extracellular matrix scaffoldJin, Cheng Zhe; Park, So Ra; Choi, Byung Hyune; Park, Kwideok; Min, Byoung-Hyun
2018-05Induction of chondrogenesis of human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells via heparin-grafted human fibroblast derived matrixNoh, Yong Kwan; Ping, Du; Avelino Dos Santos Da Costa; Park, Kwideok
2013-04Induction of Re-Differentiation of Passaged Rat Chondrocytes Using a Naturally Obtained Extracellular Matrix MicroenvironmentCha, Myung Hwa; Do, Sun Hee; Park, Ga Ram; Du, Ping; Han, Ki-Chul; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok
2022-10-05Interactions between macrophage and human fibroblast-derived extracellular matrix leads to advanced wound healingSavitri, Cininta; Ha, Sang Su; Kwon, Jae Won; Kim Sung Hoon; Kim, Young-Min; Park, Kwideok
2015-08Investigation of cellular responses upon interaction with silver nanoparticlesSubbiah, Ramesh; Jeon, Seong Beom; Park, Kwideok; Ahn, Sang Jung; Yun, Kyusik
2022-06M2 Macrophage-Derived Concentrated Conditioned Media Significantly Improves Skin Wound HealingSavitri, Cininta; Kwon, Jae Won; Drobyshava, Valeryia; Ha, Sang Su; Park, Kwideok
2015-12-01Magnesium Corrosion Triggered Spontaneous Generation of H2O2 on Oxidized Titanium for Promoting AngiogenesisPark, Jimin; Du, Ping; Jeon, Jin-Kyung; Jang, Gun Hyuk; Hwang, Mintai Peter; Han, Hyung-Seop; Park, Kwideok; Lee, Kwan Hyi; Lee, Jee-Wook; Jeon, Hojeong; Kim, Yu-Chan; Park, Jong Woong; Seok, Hyun-Kwang; Ok, Myoung-Ryul
2018-01Mechanotransduction of human pluripotent stem cells cultivated on tunable cell-derived extracellular matrixKim, In Gul; Gil, Chang-Hyun; Seo, Joseph; Park, Soon-Jung; Ramesh Subbiah; Jung, Taek-Hee; Kim, Jong Soo; Jeong, Young-Hoon; Chung, Hyung-Min; Lee, Jong Ho; Lee, Man Ryul; Moon, Sung-Hwan; Park, Kwideok
2016-04Mesenchymal cells condensation-inducible mesh scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineeringKim, In Gul; Ko, Jaehoon; Lee, Hye Rim; Do, Sun Hee; Park, Kwideok
2010-03Metal Surface Coating Using Electrospray of Biodegradable Polymers and alpha-Lipoic Acid Release Behavior for Drug-Eluting StentsKim, Dong Min; Lee, Bong Soo; Park, Cheol Ho; Park, Kwideok; Son, Tae-Il; Jeong, Myeong Ho; Han, Dong Keun
2014-09Multi-lineage differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells on the biophysical microenvironment of cell-derived matrixChoi, Dong Hoon; Suhaeri, Muhammad; Hwang, Mintai P.; Kim, Ik Hwan; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok
2012-08-01N,N,N-Trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles for controlled intranasal delivery of HBV surface antigenSubbiah, Ramesh; Ramalingam, Prakash; Ramasundaram, Subramaniyan; Kim, Do Yang; Park, Kwideok; Ramasamy, Mohan K.; Choi, Kyoung Jin
2021-12Nano-Sized Extracellular Matrix Particles Lead to Therapeutic Improvement for Cutaneous Wound and Hindlimb IschemiaHa, Sang Su; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Savitri, Cininta; Choi, Donghoon; Park, Kwideok
2019-01Novel Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine PrefaceChun, Heung Jae; Khang, Gilson; Kim, Chun-Ho; Park, Kwideok
2022-03Novel Corneal Endothelial Cell Carrier Couples a Biodegradable Polymer and a Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular MatrixSong, Eui Sun; Park, Joo-Hee; Ha, Sang Su; Cha, Pu-hyeon; Kang, Jung-Taek; Park, Choul Yong; Park, Kwideok
2020-07Novel ECM Patch Combines Poly(vinyl alcohol), Human Fibroblast-Derived Matrix, and Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Advanced Wound HealingHa, Sang Su; Song, Eui Sun; Du, Ping; Suhaeri, Muhammad; Lee, Jong Ho; Park, Kwideok
2017-01-11Novel Platform of Cardiomyocyte Culture and Coculture via Fibroblast-Derived Matrix-Coupled Aligned Electrospun NanofiberSuhaeri, Muhammad; Subbiah, Ramesh; Kim, Su-Hyun; Kim, Chong-Hyun; Oh, Seung Ja; Kim, Sang-Heon; Park, Kwideok
2018-10Novel skin patch combining human fibroblast-derived matrix and ciprofloxacin for infected wound healingSuhaeri, Muhammad; Noh, Mi Hee; Moon, Ji-Hoi; Kim, In Gul; Oh, Seung Ja; Ha, Sang Su; Lee, Jong Ho; Park, Kwideok
2017-12On-Chip Fabrication of a Cell-Derived Extracellular Matrix SheetHong, Yoonmi; Koh, Ilkyoo; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Pilnam
2015-09-16Osteogenic/Angiogenic Dual Growth Factor Delivery Microcapsules for Regeneration of Vascularized Bone TissueSubbiah, Ramesh; Hwang, Mintai Peter; Van, Se Young; Do, Sun Hee; Park, Hansoo; Lee, Kangwon; Kim, Sang Heon; Yun, Kyusik; Park, Kwideok
2007-02Preconditioning of mesenchymal stem cells with low-intensity ultrasound for cartilage formation in vivoCui, Ji Hao; Park, So Ra; Park, Kwideok; Choi, Byung Hyune; Min, Byoung-Hyun
2008-09Preparation and characterization of porous heparin-immobilized PLGA scaffolds using novel solid hydrogen peroxide for cartilage regenerationSon, Jun Sik; Park, Kwideok; Oh, Sunho; Kim, Jae-Jin; Han, Dong Kenn
2007Preparation of biodegradable polymer scaffolds with dual pore system for tissue regenerationPark, Kwideok; Jung, Hyun Jung; Son, Jim Sik; Park, Ki Dong; Kim, Jae-Jin; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Han, Dong Kenn
2006-06-16Preparation of new bioactive hybrid bone cements containing Bis-GMA derivatives as a prepolymerPark, Bang-Ju; Park, Kwideok; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Chin, Yong-Ok; Han, Dong Keun
2010-10-01Preparation of TGF-beta 1-conjugated biodegradable pluronic F127 hydrogel and its application with adipose-derived stem cellsJung, Hong Hee; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun
2007-03Quantitative analysis of temporal and spatial variations of chondrocyte behavior in engineered cartilage during long-term culturePark, Kwideok; Min, Byoung-Hyun; Han, Dong Keun; Hasty, Karen