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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12A 2D material-based floating gate device with linear synaptic weight update박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 김태수; 김규태; 장지원; 강기범
2021-01A Comparison Study on Multilayered Barrier Oxide Structure in Charge Trap Flash for Synaptic Operation박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 성태연
2021-05A novel synthetic microtubule inhibitor exerts antiproliferative effects in multidrug resistant cancer cells and cancer stem cells.김수남; 박민아; 황지원; 조예나; 김새건; 한상훈; 유진서; 하소정; 김우영; 김인수; 김용기
2016-08A precise and scalable post-modification of mesoporous metal-organic framework NU-1000 via atomic layer deposition김인수; Omar K. Farha; Joseph T. Hupp; Laura Gagliardi; Karena W. Chapman; Chris J. Cramer; Alex B. F. Martinson
2019-01Acid-Compatible Halide Perovskite Photocathodes Utilizing Atomic Layer Deposited TiO2 for Solar-Driven Hydrogen Evolution김인수; Michael J. Pellin; Alex B. F. Martinson
2016-09Amorphous TiO2 Compact Layers via ALD for Planar Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics김인수; R. T. Haasch; D. H. Cao; O. K. Farha; J. T. Hupp; M. G. Kanatzidis; A. B. F. Martinson
2018-02Application and Limitations of Nanocasting in Metal-Organic Frameworks김인수; C. D. Malonzo; Z. Wang; J. Duan; W. Zhao; T. E. Webber; Z. Li; A. Stein; A. Kumar; A. Bhan; A. E. Platero-Prats; K. W. Chapman; O. K. Farha; J. T. Hupp; A. B. F. Martinson; R. L. Penn
2020-10Asymmetric optical camouflage: tuneable reflective colour accompanied by the optical Janus effect유용상; 김인수; 유의상; 김태현; 이종수; 배영규; 정석; 이승열
2017-01Atomic Layer Deposition in a Metal-Organic Framework: Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance of a Solid Acid김인수; M. Rimoldi; V. Bernales; J. Borycz; A. Vjunov; L. C. Gallington; A. E. Platero-Prats; J. L. Fulton; A. B. F. Martinson; J. A. Lercher; K. W. Chapman; C. J. Cramer; L. Gagliardi; J. T. Hupp; O. K. Farha
2016-01Atomic Layer Deposition of MnS: Phase Control and Electrochemical Applications김인수; S. C. Riha; A. A. Koegel; X. Meng; Y. Cao; M. J. Pellin; J. W. Elam; A. B. F. Martinson
1998-01Batch and column tests for the development of an immobilization technology for toxic heavy metals in contaminated soils of closed mines장암; 최용수; 김인수
1997-07Batch and column tests for the development of immobilization technology of toxic heavy metals in contaminated soils of closed mine김인수; 장암; 최용수
1999-01Characteristics of heavy metals in tailing wastes from closed metal mine area장암; 최용수; 김경웅; 김인수
2002-08Characteristics of p-chlorobenzoic acid degradation by ozone and catalytic ozonation박종섭; 최희철; 안규홍; 김인수
2012-04Diameter and Polarization-Dependent Raman Scattering Intensities of Semiconductor Nanowires김인수; F. J. Lopez; J. K. Hyun; U. Givan; A. Holsteen; L. J. Lauhon
2017-10Direct Measurements of Half-Cycle Reaction Heats during Atomic Layer Deposition by Calorimetry김인수; J. M. Lownsbury; J. A. Gladden; C. T. Campbell; A. B. F. Martinson
1993-01Effect of recombinant porcine somatotropin (rPST) administration on residual PST and insulin-like growth factor-I level in tissues and sera of pigs최명자; 최정은; 박종세; 김인수; 길정수; 정정수
2021-10Effects of stretching on the molecular packing structure of conjugated polymers with hydrogen bonding손해정; 김인수; 박성민; 신을용; 진현정; 안형주; 노준홍
2009-02Electrical Properties of a-Si:H Thin Films as a Function of Bonding Configuration김인수; D. Y. Kim; S. Y. Choi
2021-07Electrochemical Evaluation of Surface Modified Free-Standing CNT Electrode for Li?O2 Battery Cathode김형석; 김인수; 이지현; 정현욱; 박민
2007-09Enhancement of the Light Emissions from Ag Doped ZnO Thin Films by Post-Annealing Process in Air김인수; 정은경; 김대현; 최세영
2014-03Extraordinary Dynamic Mechanical Response of Vanadium Dioxide Nanowires around the Insulator to Metal Phase Transition김인수; A. Holsteen; Lincoln J. Lauhon
2009-11Fabrication of As-doped p-type ZnO Thin Film and ZnO Nanowire Inserted p-n Homojunction Structure김인수; M. Kumar; J. P. Kar; S. -Y. Choi; J. -M. Myoung
2015-05Gate-Tunable Memristive Phenomena Mediated by Grain Boundaries in Single-Layer MoS2김인수; V. K. Sangwan; D. Jariwala; K. -S. Chen; T. J. Marks; L. J. Lauhon; M. C. Hersam
2011-01Growth of p-type ZnO Thin Film on n-type Silicon Substrate and its Application as Hybrid Homojunction김인수; M. Kumar; J. P. Kar; S. -Y. Choi; J. -M. Myoung
2021-02Highly sensitive and fast perovskite photodetector functionalized by plasmonic Au nanoparticles-alkanethiol assembly변지영; 고형덕; 강구민; 김인수; 강준현; 라주아
2012-01Increased Yield and Uniformity of Vanadium Dioxide Nanobeam Growth via Two-Step Physical Vapor Transport Process김인수; L. J. Lauhon
2020-05Influence of spin state and electron configuration on the active site and mechanism for catalytic hydrogenation on metal cation catalysts supported on NU-1000: Insights from experiments and microkinetic modeling김인수; Hafeera Shabbir; Steven Pellizzeri; Magali Ferrandon; Nicolaas A. Vermeulen; Omar K. Farha; Massimiliano Delferro; Alex B. F. Martinson; Rachel B. Getman
2014-09Influence of Stoichiometry on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemical Vapor Deposition Derived MoS2김인수; V. K. Sangwan; D. Jariwala; J. D. Wood; S. Park; K. -S. Chen; F. Shi; F. Ruiz-Zepeda; A. Ponce; M. Jose-Yacaman; V. P. Dravid; T. J. Marks; M. C. Hersam; L. J. Lauhon
2016-09Installing Heterobimetallic Cobalt-Aluminum Single Sites on a Metal Organic Framework Support김인수; A. B. Thompson; D. R. Pahls; V. Bernales; L. C. Gallington; C. D. Malonzo; T. Webber; S. J. Tereniak; T. C. Wang; S. P. Desai; Z. Li; L. Gagliardi; R. L. Penn; K. W. Chapman; A. Stein; O. K. Farha; J. T. Hupp; A. B. F. Martinson; C. C. Lu