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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02A 3D-grasp synthesis algorithm to grasp unknown objects based on graspable boundary and convex segmentsAla, RajeshKanna; 김동환; 신성열; 김창환; 박성기
2011-12A Cooperative Search Strategy(CSS) for Moving Targets in Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 임헌영; 김창환; 박귀태
2007-08A Knowledge-Based Service Approach for Human-Centered Robots파르끄; 박정민; 김창환; 유범재
2014-06A Lazy Decision Approach Based on Ternary Thresholding for Robust Target Object DetectionJae-Yeong Lee; Wonpil Yu; 황중원; 김창환
2014-09A Method for Predicting Personalized Pelvic Motion based on Body Meta-Features for Gait Rehabilitation Robot신성열; 홍지수; 전창묵; 김승종; 김창환
2018-08A New Concept of Safety Affordance Map for Robots Object Manipulation김창환; 정상훈; 이진휘
2011-05A Path & Velocity Profile Planning Based on A* Algorithm for Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 김창환; 박귀태
2009-09A Service Framework of Humanoid in Daily Life김강건; 이지용; 김승수; 이중재; 정문호; 김창환; 유범재
2020-06A software architecture for service robots manipulating objects in human environments박성기; 김창환; 김동환; 남창주; 정상훈; 이정호; 이석준; 김인철
2013-12A Study on Dynamic Stiffness Design of Frame Structure for Inspection Robot이준영; 임지윤; 김창환; 이택진; 이석; 임홍재
2013-10A Study on Inspection Robot Wheel to Pass an Obstacle on a Four conductor Transmission Line김문영; 이준영; 김창환; 이석; Hong Jae Yim
2018-06A System to Generate Robot Emotional Reaction for Robot-Human Communication김창환; 제흐라 오이건; 채유정
2017-06A Variable Gain Controller using Pole Placement Method with Changing Rider's Weight김창환; 신훈섭; 정상훈
2006-10Adaptation of human motion capture data to humanoid robots for motion imitation using optimization김창환; 김도익; 오용환
2005-04Adaptation of Motion Capture Data of Human Arms to a Humanoid Robot Using Optimization김창환; 김도익
2007-08Adaptive Flocking Algorithm for Robot Swarms: Lessons from a School of Fish이근호; Yosuke Hanada; 정낙영; 김창환
2006-11An Analytical Method to Generate Walking Pattern of Humanoid Robot오용환; 안경호; 김도익; 김창환
2006-10An IEEE-1394 Based Real-time Robot Control System for Efficient Controlling of Humanoids파르끄; 김창환; 백승헌; 유범재
2007-09Balloon Burster: A CORBA-Based Visual Servoing for Humanoid Robot in a Distributed Environment이중재; 지민석; 김승수; 정문호; 김창환; 유범재
2010-11Bezier curve based path planning for a car-like robot김남훈; 윤정연; 이승규; 현동준; 김창환; 이성온
2016-04Cam-Roller Linkage Mechanism for Generating Gait Rehabilitation김창환; 이준영; 김문영; 임홍재
2010-10Constructing of Optimal Database Structure by Imitation Learning based on Evolutionary Algorithm박가람; 김창환
2009-08Coordinated Task Execution by Humanoid Robot김강건; 이지용; 김승수; 이중재; 정문호; 김창환; 유범재
2010-10Cost-based Cooperative Strategy to Search Mobile Evader in Roadmap based Environment타레끄; 김창환
2019-05Cross-view Gait Identification based on Convolution Neural Network with Joint Loss Function박성기; 김창환; 이장우
2014-09Design and Control of an Exoskeleton System for Gait Rehabilitation Capable of Natural Pelvis Movement정찬열; 최준호; 박신석; 이종민; 김창환; 김승종
2013-03Design of an 1 DOF Assistive Knee Joint for a Gait Rehabilitation Robot이상협; 신성열; 이준원; 김창환
2012-12Design of the Link Structure of an Inspection Robot to Pass an Obstacle on a Four conductor Transmission Line이준영; 김문영; 김창환
2006-10Developing Knowledge-Based Security-Sense of Networked Intelligent Robots파르끄; 김창환; 유범재; Mohammed Golam Sadi
2006-07Development of a Network-based Real-Time Robot Control System over IEEE 1394: Using Open Source Software Platform파르끄; 김창환; 조정산; 유범재