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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12Effect of shoe and walking speed on the smoothness of movement during walkingG.R. Tack; B.S. Lee; S.C. Chung; J.H. Yi; G.M. Eom; 김창환; J.S. Choi
2021-07Effects of social behaviors of robots in privacy sensitive situations박성기; 김창환; 임윤섭; 김동환; 남창주; 김두곤; 양다슬; 채유정
2019-05Efficient Obstacle Rearrangement for Object Manipulation Tasks in Cluttered Environments김창환; 남창주; 조영길; 이진휘; 박종현
2007-08Entrainment-enhanced Neural Oscillator for Rhythmic Motion Control양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2008-09Entrainment-enhanced Neural Oscillator for Rhythmic Motion Control양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2014-05Experimental Verification of Nonlinear Model Predictive Tracking Control for Six-Wheeled Unmanned Ground VehiclesHeonyoung Lim; Yeonsik Kang; 김창환; Jongwon Kim
2020-06Fast and resilient manipulation planning for target retrieval in clutter김창환; 남창주; 정상훈; 이진휘; 조영길
2009-07Formation Control of Leader Following Unmanned Ground Vehicles using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control임헌영; 강연식; 김종원; 김창환
2009-09Formation-Keeping of Multiple Robots using Chained-Poles곽재혁; 강현덕; 김창환
2016-08Guide system based users' intentions for a humanoid robot최종석; 김창환; 윤상석; 채유정
2010-10Hierarchical Optimal Time Path Planning Method for a Autonomous Mobile Robot using A* Algorithm권민혁; 임헌영; 강연식; 김창환; 박귀태
2006-10Human-like Arm Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots Using Motion Capture Database김승수; 김창환; 박종현
2006-06Human-like Arm Movement Planning for Humanoid Robots Using Motion Capture Database김승수; 김창환; 박종현; 유범재
2006-12Human-like Arm Movement Planning for Humanoid Robots Using Motion Capture Database김승수; 김창환; 박종현; 유범재
2009-09human-like catching motion of humanoid using evolutionary algorithm(EA)-based imitation learning박가람; 김강건; 김창환; 정문호; 유범재; 나성권
2015-04Human-Like Motion Generation and Control for Humanoid's Dual Arm Object ManipulationSung Yul Shin; 김창환
2020-09Human-like Object Manipulation Based on Object Affordance Detection and 3D Shape Analysis for Social Robot김창환; 김동환; 남창주; 이정호; 송명하; 강승현
2008-12Human-like Whole Body Motion Generation of Humanoid Based on Simplified Human Model김창환; 김승수; 나성권; 유범재
2012-05Humanoid’s Dual Arm Object Manipulation based on Virtual Dynamics Model신성열; 이준원; 김창환
2008-07Imitation Learning of Robot Movement Using Evolutionary Algorithm박가람; 나성권; 김창환; 송재복
2013-06Intentional movement performance ability (IMPA): A method for robot-aided quantitative assessment of motor function신성열; 김정윤; 이상협; 이준원; 김승종; 김창환
2013-08Knee Extension and Flexion Prediction Using Rectus Femoris and Semitendinosus Electromyogram for Controlling Rehabilitation Robot전형진; 김경재; 황요하; 김창환; 김승종; 이종민
2006-10Locomotion Imitation of Humanoid Using Goal-directed Self-adjusting Adaptor양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2011-06MAHRU-M: A mobile humanoid robot platform based on a dual-network control system and coordinated task execution차영수; 김강건; 이지용; 이중재; 최민준; 정문호; 김창환; 유범재; 오상록
2008-11Marionette-type Remote Motion Control for Humanoid For Tangible Tele-meeting유정민; 김은태; 김창환
2017-09Mono-Camera Based Simultaneous Obstacle Recognition and Distance Estimation for Obstacle Avoidance of Power Transmission Lines Inspection Robot김창환; 김동환; 유주한
2008-10Motion Imitation Learning and Real-time Movement Generation of Humanoid Using Evolutionary Algorithm박가람; 나성권; 김창환; 송재복
2005-09Motion-Embedded COG Jacobian for a Real-Time Humanoid Motion Generation김도익; 최영진; 김창환
2006-06Motion-Embedded CoM Jacobian for A Real-Time Humanoid Motion Generation김도익; 최영진; 김창환; 오용환
2010-07Movement Characteristics Imitation with Principal Component Analysis based Imitation Learning신성열; 김창환