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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10Real-time Adapting Captured Human Motions for Tangible Tele-Meeting : Kinematic and Dynamic Approaches나성권; 유정민; 김창환; 유범재
2007-08Real-time Arm Motion Imitation for Human-Robot Tangible Interface최유경; 나성권; 김창환; 박민홍; 김수환; 박성기
2014-10Recognition Delay and Recognition Rate of Knee Motor Intention Recognized by Electromyogram and Continuous Hidden Markov Model전형진; 김승종; 황요하; 김창환; 이종민
2007-09Regenerating Human-like Arm Motions of Humanoid Robots for a Movable Object김창환; 김승수; 나성권; 유범재
2006-08Relationship between jerk cost function and energy consumption during walking탁계래; J.S. Choi; J.H. Yi; 김창환
2017-12Robot Manipulation Path Generation Using VFH Algorithm in Complex Environment김창환; 이진휘
2007-10Self-adapting Humanoid Locomotion Using a Neural Oscillator Network양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2008-12Self-stabilizing Bipedal Locomotion Employing Neural Oscillators양우성; 정낙영; 나성권; 김창환; 유범재
2005-09Solving an Inverse Kinematics Problem For a Humanoid Robot's Imitation of Human Motions Using Optimization김창환; 김도익; 오용환
2009-10Stable Whole-body Motion Generation for Humanoid robots to Imitate Human Motions김승수; 김창환; 유범재; 오상록
2014-01Statistical method for prediction of gait kinematics with Gaussian process regressionYoungmok Yun; 김현철; 신성열; Junwon Lee; Ashish D. Deshpande; 김창환
1991-01Stereochemical induction in the generation of 1-chloro-1-phenyl-2-neopentylsilene.정일남; 유복렬; 이명의; 김창환
2008-10Structural Optimization of the Lower Parts in a Humanoid Considering Dynamic Characteristics홍을표; 이일권; 유범재; 김창환; 박경진
2007-11Structural Optimization of the Pelvis in a Humanoid Considering Dynamic Characteristics이일권; 홍을표; 유범재; 김창환; 박경진
2012-12SVM-based system for point-to-point hand movement이준원; 신성열; 이상협; Young mok Yun; 김승종; 김창환
1994-01Synthesis, characterization and stability of (**iPrO)//2Si=Fe(CO)//4 · HMPAMyong Euy Lee; 한준수; 김창환
2006-07System identification of simplified crash models using multi-objective optimizationR. Timothy Marler; 김창환; Jasbir S. Arora
2009-08The Formation-Keeping of Multiple Mobile Robots using Chained-Poles곽재혁; 강현덕; 김창환
2008-06The Formation-keeping of Multiple Robots Using Chained-Poles곽재혁; 강현덕; 김창환
2014-10The qualitative rate estimation of PAHs in carbon compounds of particles in vehicles exhaust gas김종범; 이경빈; 김진식; 김창환; 차용호; 권순박; 배귀남; 김신도
2006-11Velocity Effects on Robotic Manipulator Dynamic PerformanceAlan P. Bowling; 김창환
2017-07Virtual coupling triggering for interaction force reduction of haptic free-motion using surface EMG김승종; 김창환; 김영훈; Jae-hoon Choi; Chanyul Jung; Shinsuk Park; Kyu-Jin Cho
2013-10Vision-based Automatic Real Time Inspection of Power Transmission Line이현호; 김창환; 박성기; 이석; 김재헌; 김선호; 이택진
2007-06Vision-based Human-Robot Motion Transfer in Tangible Meeting Space최유경; 나성권; 김수환; 김창환; 박성기
2020-06Where to relocate?: Object rearrangement inside cluttered and confined environments for robotic manipulation김창환; 남창주; 정상훈; 이진휘; 조영길
2009-02Whole-Body Motion Imitation using Human Modeling김승수; 김창환; 유범재
2014-09-04광섬유 레이저 어블레이션 및 광역학 치료를 위한 의료기기 세트 및 이를 이용한 암 치료김세훈; 김창환; 박호용; 손익부; 이용덕; 이호; 정진향
2012-01-02능동형 신체 재활을 위한 로봇 동작 제어 시스템 및 제어 방법김창환; 신성열; 이상협; 이준원
2013-06-03다리길이 조정 메커니즘을 갖는 보행 재활 로봇김승종; 김진수; 김창환; 이종민; 전창묵; 정찬열; 최준호
2008-09-26다수 로봇의 이동 속도와 방향을 고려한 다수로봇의 대형 유지 및 제어 방법강연식; 강현덕; 곽재혁; 김창환