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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12Magnetic anisotropy in vertically aligned diluted magnetic Mn:Ge semiconductor nanowiresUngkil Kim; 박태언; Ilsoo Kim; Han-Kyu Seong; Myeong-Ha Kim; 장준연; 박재관; Heon-Jin Choi
2009-02Magnetic Properties of Vanandium-Doped Silicon Carbide Nanowires성한규; 박태은; 이승철; 이광렬; 박재관; 최헌진
2001-08Measurement of dielectric hysteresis and current hysteresis for determining ferroelectricity박재환; 박재관; 김윤호
1997-01Microwave dielectric properties of magnesium calcium titanate ceramicsRobert N. Piagai; 김인태; 박재관; 김윤호
1998-02Microwave dielectric properties of magnesium calcium titanate ceramics prepared by semi-alkoxide methodsRobert Piagai*; 김인태; 박재관; 김윤호
2007-01Middle- and High-Permittivity Dielectric Compositions for Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics최영진; 박정현; 박재환; 남산; 박재관
2004-10Middle-permittivity LTCC dielectric compositions with adjustable temperature coefficient최영진; 박재환; 박정현; 박재관
2005-01Morphological dynamics of swelling-induced surface patterns in metal-capped polymer bilayer권석준; 박재관; 이상훈
2009-07Morphological evolution of CdS nanowires to nanosheets최영진; 최경진; 김동완; 박재관
2008-01Morphological evolution of CdS nanowires to nanosheets최영진; 박재관; 김동완; 최경진
2010-11Morphological Evolution of ZnS Nanowires to Sheets최영진; 박재관
2005-06Multifunctional Ceramic Hybrid Materials for Passive Integration김병국; 박재관
1991-01Multilayer ceramic capacitors with base metal electrode오태성; 박재관; 이창봉; 김윤호
2005-10Nanowire-assisted laser desorption and ionization mass spectrometry for quantitative analysis of small molecules강민정; 변재철; 이정철; 최영진; 박재환; 박재관; 이준근; 최헌진
2010-11Network-bridge structure of CdSxSe1-x nanowire-based optical sensors최영진; 박경수; 박재관
2012-04Nonlinear Two-Photon Photocurrent Spectroscopy of CdS NanosheetsParveen Kumar; Aaron Wade; Leigh Morris Smith; Howard E Jackson; Jan M Yarrison-Rice; 최영진; 박재관
2008-02Novel fabrication of SnO2 nanowire gas sensor with high sensitivity최영진; 황인성; 박재관; 최경진; 박재환; 이종흔
2009-08Novel fabrication of wavelength-controlled photodetectors based on ZnxCd1-xSe alloyed nanowires윤여준; 박경수; 허정훈; 최경진; 박재관
2009-04On-chip fabrication of ZnO-nanowire gas sensor with high gas sensitivity안명원; 박경수; 허정훈; 김동완; 최경진; 박재관
2017-11Optical properties and bridge photodetector integration of lead sulfide nanowires김상혁; 박재관; 최원준; 임주희; Jungdong Kim; Eunsoon Oh; Rui Xiao; Sean Ritter; Yiming Yang; Dong Yu
2007-09Optical Properties of CdSSe Thin Film- and Nanostructure-based photo-sensors박경수; 최영진; 최경진; 김동완; 성윤모; 박재관
2008-11Optical Properties of Single CdS Nanosheets노희석; 이경연; Hoang, Thang B; Titova, Lyubov V.; Mishra, Ashu; Smith, Leigh M.; Jackson, Howard E.; Yarrison-Rice, Jan M; 최영진; 최경진; 박재관
2008-10Origin of Capacity Fading in Nano-Sized Co3O4 Electrodes: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study강진구; 고영대; 박재관; 김동완
1997-06Origin of the increase in resistivity of manganese-zinc ferrite polycrystals with oxygen partial pressure변순천; 홍국선; 박재관; 강원남
2004-10Passive integration용 세라믹/고분자 하이브리드 소재기술김병국; 박재관
2005-09Patterned growth of ZnO nanorods by micromolding of sol-gel-derived seed layer권석준; 박재환; 박재관
2010-11Patterned Growth of ZnO Semiconducting Nanowires and Its Field Emission Properties이용구; 박재환; 최영진; 박재관
2002-12Phase relation study based on the pyroelectric properties and relaxation phenomena in Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-PbTiO₃ solid solution system.박재환; 김병국; 박재관
2007-09Photo sensors based on the network of CdSxSe1-x nanobelts최영진; 박경수; 김동완; 최경진; 남산; 박재관
2011-04Photocurrent spectroscopy of single CdS nanosheets: Valence band structure and two photon absorptionP. Kumar; A. Wade; L. M. Smith; H. E. Jackson; J. M. Yarrison-Rice; 최영진; 박재관