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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12Effects of clioquinol analogues on the hypoxia-inducible factor pathway and intracelullar mobilization of metal ions김소연; 이명진; 김정원; 나유란; 이호열; 조현주; 이큰별; 이유미; 이철주; 박현성; 양은경
2013-12Elongated oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay for sensitive detection of a biomarker in a microwell plate-based platform한기철; 양은경; 안대로
2008-09Endorepellin LG3 fragment as a serological biomarker for breast cancer양은경; 한기철; 이종원; 노동영; 이철주; 유명희
2018-09Engineering of Escherichia coli membrane biogenesis to produce mono-phosphoryl lipid A양은경; 정학숙; 지유현; 안진수; 황두현; Huun Kyu Song
2009-08Evaluation of a serum marker endorepellin LG3 fragment combined with mammography for breast cancer diagnosis양은경; 한기철; 이종원; 노동영; 이철주; 유명희
2020-05Extracellular pyruvate kinase M2 facilitates cell migration by upregulating claudin-1 expression in colon cancer cells양은경; 정학숙; 김소연; 김성호; 안진수; 김현주; 황두현
2004-04Fabrication of microfluidic device for HTS장준문; 이지혜; 최기용; 조한상; 강지윤; 양은경; 주병권; 황성우; 김태송
2003-12Fabrication of the Microfluidic LOC System with Photodiode김현기; 신경식; 김용국; 이상렬; 김태송; 양은경; 주병권
2009-08HIF-1α peptide derivatives with modifications at the hydroxyproline residue as activators of HIF-1α안대로; 김상윤; 이명진; 양은경
2010-05Hinokitiol activates the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway through inhibition of HIF hydroxylases이명진; 김정원; 양은경
2009-05Histone H3 N-terminal peptide binds directly to its own mRNA: a possible mode of feedback inhibition to control translation이경현; 이남주; 현순실; 박용근; 양은경; 이준규; 정선주; 유재훈
2013-12Hypoxia enhances the expression of prostate-specific antigen by modifying the quantity and catalytic activity of Jumonji C domain-containing histone demethylases이호열; 양은경; 박현성
2010-03Identification of farnesoid X receptor modulators by a fluorescence polarization-based interaction assay한기철; 김정환; 김국한; 김은경; 서진호; 양은경
2007-10Identification of inhibitors for the interaction between the farnesoid X receptor and chenodeoxycholic acid한기철; 양은경
2007-01Identification of Leukemia-Specific Fusion Gene Transcripts with a Novel Oligonucleotide Array천성민; 김유리; 최희백; 오용택; 김유진; 이석; 김태규; 양은경; 박용근; 김동욱; 한병돈
2009-02Induction of functional hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and angiogenesis by derivatives of 8-hydroxyquinoline양은경; 박현성
2017Inflammatory hypoxia induces syndecan-2 expression through IL-1beta?mediated FOXO3a activation in colonic epithelia양은경; 김소연; 최소중; 정희성; 홍희정; 김성은; 서주영; 문창모; 오억수
2011-07Inhibition of a prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) by substrate analog peptides권혁성; 최연경; 김정원; 박용근; 양은경; 안대로
2005-12Inhibition of the catalytic activity of HIF-1α-prolyl hydroxylase 2 by a MYND-type zinc finger최경옥; 이태경; 이내리; 김지현; 양은경; 윤정민; 김진환; 이태규; 박현성
2012-08Inhibition of VEGF transcription through blockade of the hypoxia inducible factor-1α-p300 interaction by a small molecule권혁성; 김다래; 양은경; 박용근; 안희철; 민선준; 안대로
2015-06Insulin activates EGFR by stimulating its interaction with IGF-1R in low-EGFR-expressing TNBC cells신미영; 양은경; 송현규; 전혜성
2017-08Integrative analysis for the discovery of lung cancer serological markers and validation by MRM-MS양은경; 이철주; 신지혜; 안희성; Sang-Yun Song; Byung Chull An; Yoo-Duk Choi; Kook-Joo Na; Seung-Taek Lee; Jae-Il Park; Seon-Young Kim; Seung-Won Lee
2014-09Kdo hydroxylase is an inner core assembly enzyme in the Ko-containing lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis정학숙; 양은경; 황두현; 이지은; Ziqiang Guan; Christian R. H. Raetz
2004-02Lab-on-a-chips한기철; 양은경
2017-07Low-Molecular-Weight Plasma Proteome Analysis Using Top-Down Mass Spectrometry양은경; 이철주; 이지은; 천동희
2010-10LW6, a novel HIF-1 inhibitor, promotes proteasomal degradation of HIF-1α via upregulation of VHL in a colon cancer cell lineKyeong Lee; Jung Eun Kang; Song-Kyu Park; Yinglan Jin; Kyung-Sook Chung; Hwan-Mook Kim; Kiho Lee; Moo Rim Kang; Myung Kyu Lee; Kyung Bin Song; 양은경; Jung-Jun Lee; Misun Won
2013-05Menadione and ethacrynic acid inhibit the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway by disrupting HIF-1α interaction with p300나유란; 한기철; 박현성; 양은경
2020-01Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli to produce a monophosphoryl lipid A adjuvant양은경; 정학숙; 임상민; 지유현; 황두현; 안진수; 하다희; 이찬규; Jinshi Zhao; 송현규; Pei Zhou
2007-06Microarray-based analysis for the interaction between the envelope protein and the core protein of human hepatitis B virus김정환; 한기철; 유연규; 양은경
2006-11Microfluidic High-Throughput Screening Systems in Drug Discovery양은경