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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Accelerated mapping of electronic density of states patterns of metallic nanoparticles via machine-learning한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 방기훈; 이혁모
1992-01Aluminum effects on the microstructure and the superplasticity of ultra-high carbon steels processed by DETWAD.금동화; 강형; 김동훈
2011-02Analysis of cellular and behavioral responses to imiquimod reveals a unique itch pathway in transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1)-expressing neurons김세정; 박근호; 김동훈; 이재광; 민혜정; Estelle Wall; 이창준; Melvin I. Simon; 이성중; 한상규
2014-05Application of a novel enzymatic pretreatment using crude hydrolytic extracellular enzyme solution to microalgal biomass for dark fermentative hydrogen production윤여명; 김동훈; 오유관; 신항식; 정경원
2020-01Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Discovery of N2 Electroreduction Catalysts한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 김명준; 박영태; 이혁모
2018-09Atomistic Sodiation Mechanism of a Phosphorene/Graphene Heterostructure for Sodium-Ion Batteries Determined by First-Principles Calculations한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 이홍우; 정현
2020-01Au-incorporated NiO nanocomposite thin films as electrochromic electrodes for supercapacitors장호성; 홍아라; 정현규; 이상진; 한동욱; 이승한; 문정흠; 이한진; 한승호; 양대진; 김동훈
2017-09beta-CuGaO2 as a Strong Candidate Material for Efficient Ferroelectric Photovoltaics한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; Seungwoo Song; Hyun Myung Jang; Chang Soo Kim; James F. Scott
2017-11Biogranules applied in environmental engineering정경원; Kim Milferstedt; Jerome Hamelin; 박철; 정진영; 황유훈; 조시경; 김동훈
2021-09Deep Learning-Based Predictions of Material Properties Using Chemical Compositions and Diffraction Patterns as Experimentally Accessible Inputs한상수; 김동훈; 김정래; Leslie
2017-06Defect engineering toward strong photocatalysis of Nb-doped anatase TiO2: Computational predictions and experimental verifications이규환; 조소혜; 한상수; 김동훈; 소반 칸; 조한얼; 송태섭; 최희채
2017-01Dissimilar anisotropy of electron versus hole bulk transport in anatase TiO2: Implications for photocatalysis김승철; 한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 신동빈; 최희채; 박노정
2013-09Effect of temperature on continuous fermentative hydrogen production from Laminaria japonica by anaerobic mixed culturesXueqing Shi; 김동훈; 신항식; 정경원
1983-04Effects of aging treatment on the mechanical properties of cold rolled high strength low alloy steel.현도빈; 김명룡; 김동훈; 맹선재
2018-06Electron-hole separation in ferroelectric oxides for efficient photovoltaic responses김동훈; 한현; 이준호; 최진우; Jeffrey C. Grossman; 장현명
2019-12Electronic Structural Origin of the Catalytic Activity Trend of Transition Metals for Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction한상수; 박현서; 김동훈; 여병철; 공지민; William A. Goddard III
2015-08Elucidating a synergistic effect of food waste addition on the enhanced anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge윤여명; 조시경; 김현우; 정경원; 신항식; 김동훈
2018-12Engineering the work function of solution-processed electrodes of silver nanocrystal thin film through surface chemistry modification김동훈; 성민기; 김한은; 이승욱; 오승주
2014-04Enhanced anaerobic digestion of livestock waste by ultrasonication: A tool for ammonia removal and solubilization조시경; 이모권; 김동훈; 윤여명; 정경원; 신항식; 오세은
2016-09Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Nb doped TiO2 anatase by defect control이규환; 조소혜; 김동훈; 소반 칸; Heechae Choi; Haneol Cho; TaeSeup Song
2021-01Enhanced photodetector performance in gold nanoparticle decorated ZnO microrods장호성; 홍아라; 이한진; 문정흠; 오인혁; 범건원; 윤태식; 김동훈
2018-03Facile method for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles using an ion coater장호성; 이승한; 정현규; 김태철; 김창희; 신창환; 윤태식; 홍아라; 김동훈
2020-06Facile synthesis of ZnO microrod photodetectors by solid-state reaction장호성; 홍아라; 이한진; 정현규; 김영은; 범건원; 문정흠; 박종성; 윤태식; 김동훈
2009-06High Stability InGaZnO4 Thin Film Transistors Using Sputter-Depostied PMMA Gate Insulators and PMMA Passivation Layers김동훈; 최승훈; 조남규; 장영은; 김호기; 홍재민; 김일두
2021-08High-throughput computational-experimental screening protocol for the discovery of bimetallic catalysis원성옥; 이승용; 한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 김민철; 김성철; 남효빈; 남현지; 이홍우; 이관영
2016-10High-Throughput Screening to Investigate the Relationship between the Selectivity and Working Capacity of Porous Materials for Propylene/Propane Adsorptive Separation한상수; 김동훈; 여병철; 김형준
2009-04Highly transparent InGaZnO4 thin film transistors using indium-doped ZnO Electrodes on plastic substrate김동훈; 조남규; 김호기; 김일두
2014-04Hydrated Manganese (II) Phosphate (Mn3(PO4)2-3H2O) as a Water Oxidation Catalyst진경석; 박지민; 이주희; 양기동; 가젠드라; 심욱; 정동혁; 장해린; 박상백; 김동훈; 성낙언; 김선희; 한승우; 남기태
2020-09Hydrogen Bonding-Mediated Enhancement of Bioinspired Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction on Cu2-xS Catalysts이승용; 한상수; 박현서; 김동훈; 김민철; 김희수; 최지현; 남현지; 이홍우; 공지민
2020-12Identification of crystal symmetry from noisy diffraction patterns by a shape analysis and deep learning한상수; 김동훈; 김정래; Leslie