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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-08-076,8-디(γ,γ-디메틸알릴)-3,5,7,2,4,6-헥사히드록시플라바논 또는 이의 약학적으로 허용가능한 염, 이의 제조방법 및 이를 유효성분으로 함유하는 숙취 해소용 조성물양현옥; 권학철; 유지혜; 김준기; 김명수; 남춘우; 최은주
1993-01A study on the antimutagenic effect of cinnamic acid derivatives in E. coli PQ 37 (SOS chromotest) (I)류재천; 김승희; 김경란; 이수용; 김명수; 정해관; 박종세
1993-01A study on the clastogenicity of trichothecene mycotoxins in chinese hamster lung cells류재천; 이수용; 김경란; 김명수; 장일무; 박종세
1993-01A study on the determination of residual antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents in meat (II). Simultaneous gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of penicillin G, chloramphenicol and th류재천; 양종순; 서자원; 김명수; 박종세
1993-01A study on the determination of residual antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents in meat (III). Simultaneous gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis of erythromycin and tylosin.류재천; 송윤선; 양종순; 서자원; 김명수; 박종세
2002-06Analysis of cyclofenil and its metabolites in human urine using GC/MS명승운; 민혜기; 조현우; 김동현; 김명수
1994-01Anti-inflammatory compounds inhibiting formation of leukotriene B4 in rat neutrophilsKejian Zhang; Chunsheng Liu; 김경란; 이수용; 송윤선; 진창배; 류재천; 김명수; 박종세
2001-06Bioequivalence evaluation of the tiropramide formulation by GC/MS명승운; 김명수; 김혜영; 곽현태; 민혜기; 손동렬; 홍영훈
2000-10Bioequivalence evaluation of the tiropramide hydrochloride명승운; 김동현; 김명수; 강태경; 민혜기; 장윤정; 손동렬; 홍영훈; 신창식
2001-04Bioequivalence of Dong Sung Lovastatin tablet to Mevacor tablet (Lovastatin 20 mg)최민구; 최미희; 김경식; 김인화; 이영주; 명승운; 김명수; 정석재; 심창구
2003-12Blood analysis for indirect doping control of erythropoietin in sports이정란; 김소영; 홍지연; 김명수; 최명자
1996-01Comparisons in pharmacokinetic profiles of new platinum coordination complexes, KBP31705-C127 and KBP30603-901 with cisplatin and carboplatin.정인숙; 이주선; 허수정; 김진숙; 진창배; 김동현; 김명수; 박경수; 손연수; 백형기; 조양하; 박종세
1998-09Constituent analysis of organic solvents in adhesives sold on domestic market김대병; 이종권; 정경자; 윤여표; 김명수
1998-06Decision-making of future land use using risk assessment이효민; 정기호; 윤은경; 최시내; 김명수
2001-12Determination of bisphenol-A using GC/MS in can materials김기철; 김양희; 최옥경; 고환욱; 임준래; 조규홍; 조현우; 김혜영; 김명수; 명승운
1999-01Determination of homocysteine and its related compounds by solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry명승운; 김명수; 민혜기; Eun-Ah Yoo; Kyoung-Rae Kim
2000-10Determination of phthalate esters and adipate in water and sediment samples명승운; 장윤정; 민혜기; 김명수
1999-01Determination of the homocysteine, cysteine and methionine in human plasma by gas chromatography with electron capture detector명승운; 장윤정; 유은아; 박준호; 민혜기; 김명수
1997-01Effects of Healothane Anasthesia on the Fetal Rabbit in Utero최승훈; 한석주; 김명수; 박종세; 김진수; 안덕선; 이철; 박용원; 송찬호; 황의호
1997-09Health risk assessment and analysis on the volatile organic compounds in some workplace이효민; 김명수; 최시내; 윤은경; 박종세
1993-01High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of KR-008 in biological fluidsChun Sheng Liu; Tong Hui Zhou; 송윤선; 류재천; 김명수
1990-01HPLC post column derivatization of aromatic amines using N-methyl-9-chloroacridinium triflate김명수; 제임스 스튜와트
1991-01HPLC post-column ion-pair extraction of acidic drugs using a new fluorescent ion-pair reagent김명수; 제임스 스튜와트
1990-01HPLC post-column ion-pair extraction of acidic drugs using a substituted α-phenylcinnamonitrile quaternary ammonium salt as a new flourescent ion-pair reagent김명수; 제임스 스튜와트
2000-08HPLC/ESI-MS에 의한 글리시리진 표준품의 불순물 추정명승운; 민혜기; 김명수; 김영림; 박성수; 조정희; 이종철; 조현우; 김택제
2000-06Influence of ischemic duration on extent of focal ischemic brain injury induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats구희정; 정경자; 김명수; 진창배
1993-01Inhibition of the enantioselective oxidative metabolism of metoprolol by verapamil in human liver microsomes김명수; Danny D. Shen; A. Craig Eddy; Wendel L. Nelson
1997-06Quantification of human exposure and analysis of PCBs in contaminated some site이효민; 박송자; 김명수; 윤은경; 최시내; 김선태; 박종세
1999-12Simultaneous analysis of several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in urine by gas chromatography/negative chemical ionization-mass spectrometry명승운; 박준호; 김명수; 조현우
2002-10Study on metabolism and excretion of carteolol in human urine using GC/MS민혜기; 김명수; 조현우; 김택제; 김동현; 명승운