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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-060.9Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-0.1PbTiO₃계 완화형 강유전체에서 MnO₂첨가에 따른 압전물성의 변화박재환; 박재관; 김병국; 김윤호
1990-01A case study on application of fault tolerant control system to boiler controller in power plant조영조; 문봉채; 김병국; 변증남
1988-11A study on the development of a boiler control system simulator for evaluation of the fault tolerant control system황동환; 조영조; 김병국; 변증남
2000-07B-site cationic ordering structures of donor-doped relaxor ferroelectric Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃차석배; 김병국; 제해준
2001-09Co-silicide device characteristics in embedded DRAM김종채; Yeong-Cheol Kim; 김병국
1997-01Crystallographic site dependent 16O-18O exchange reaction in Bi-2212 high Tc oxide superconductors김병국
2018-10Degradation Phenomena of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells윤경중; 지호일; 김형철; 손지원; 이종호; 김병국; 이해원
1993-01Determination of the oxygen self-diffusion coefficients in Y2O3-containing tetragonal zirconia polycrystals by Raman spectrometric monitoring of the 16O-18O exchange reaction김병국; 박순자; Hiro-o Hamaguchi
1994-01Development of novel techniques for determining the oxygen tracer diffusion coefficients in oxides I : measurements of the time profiles of 18O2 concentration in the ambient gas by raman spectroscopy김병국; 하마구찌 히로오; 박순자
1994-01Development of novel techniques for determining the oxygen tracer diffusion coefficients in oxides II : measurements of the depth profiles of 18O concentration in the solid samples by raman spectr김병국; 하마구찌 히로오; 박순자
1989-03Development of process control graphic system for power plant using multiple microcomputers조영조; 김지홍; 김병국; 변증남
2002-09Dielectric properties and ordering structures of Pb(Fe₁/₂Ta₁/₂)O₃-Pb(Fe₁/₂Nb₁/₂)O₃ solid solutions우병철; 김병국; 이종호; 박현민; 김병호
1999-09Dielectric properties of BaTiO3 ceramics having abnormally grown grains조지만; 김병호; 김병국; 제해준; 이해원
2001-10Effect of dopants on cobalt silicidation behavior at metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor sidewall spacer edge김종채; Yeong-Cheol Kim; 김병국
2005-10Effect of interfacial reaction layer on the electrochemical performance of LSGM-based SOFCs김광년; 문주호; 김형철; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호; 김병국
2001-09Fe-Hf-N 박막의 열처리 후 연자기특성 열화제해준; 박재환; 김영환; 김병국
1997-01Low temperature degradation behavior of 18O-containing Y-TZP김병국
2005-09LSGM계 고체산화물 연료전지의 계면안정성을 위한 완충층의 도입김병국; 문주호; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호; 손지원; 김광년
2005-07LSGM계 고체산화물 연료전지의 전해질-음극 사이의 계면안정성김병국; 문주호; 손지원; 이해원; 김주선; 이종호; 김광년
2006-05LSGM계 전해질 지지형 고체산화물 연료전지의 특성평가송은화; 김광년; 정태주; 손지원; 김주선; 이해원; 김병국; 이종호
1999-01Microstructures dielectric properties of nanocrystalline La3+-doped BaTiO3 ceramics조지만; 김병호; 김긍호; 제해준; 이해원; 김병국
2001-10Mn-Zn 페라이트 단결정과 접합유리와의 계면반응이 자기적특성에 미치는 영향제해준; 김영환; 김병국; 박재관
2005-06Multifunctional Ceramic Hybrid Materials for Passive Integration김병국; 박재관
2000-05Ordering structures of B-site cations in Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-based solid solutions차석배; 김병국; 제해준
2004-10Passive integration용 세라믹/고분자 하이브리드 소재기술김병국; 박재관
2002-12Phase relation study based on the pyroelectric properties and relaxation phenomena in Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-PbTiO₃ solid solution system.박재환; 김병국; 박재관
2000-10Piezoelectric properties of PMN-PT relaxor ferroelectrics with MnO₂ addition박재환; 박주영; 박재관; 김병국; 김윤호
1994-10Raman spectrometric determination of the oxygen self-diffusion coefficients in oxides김병국; 박순자; Hiro-o Hamaguchi
1994-01Raman spectroscopic evidence of site-selective isotopic substitution of oxygen in Bi2Sr2Ca0.8Y0.2Cu2O8+δ and mode assignments of oxygen vibrations김병국; 박순자; Hiro-o Hamaguchi
2005-11Research Trends of Electronic Ceramics in Korea박재관; 박재환; 김병국