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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-08A study on the chemical decomposition of pyrite오종기; 김영석; 임명훈; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
1999-12A study on the decomposition of pyrite by bacterial oxidation임명훈; 김영석; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘; 오종기
1999-11A study on the recycling of powdered limestone for the stable reclamation of tailings in an abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영
2000-04A study on the recycling of powdered limestone for the stable reclamation of tailings in an abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
2000-06A study on the standardization of the quantitative analysis of acid in abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
2015-04Acuminolides : The Structure and Bioactivity of New Polyether Macrolide from Dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminata황병수; 김영석; 노정래; 함정엽
2009-05ALD법으로 성장시킨 ZnO 박막의 RTA 처리에 따른 전기적 특성변화장삼석; 김범준; 박지훈; 김영석; 변동진
2000-12Atomic-layer chemical-vapor-deposition of TiN thin films on Si(100) and Si(111)김영석; 전형탁; 김영도; 김원목
1999-05Characteristics of cyanide decomposition by hydrogen peroxide electrolysis이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 김영석; 오종기
2016-10Cultivation of microalgae species in mixed wastewater for biodiesel and useful substance함정엽; 박영태; 김태정; 김영석
2005-06DNA single strand breaks of perchloroethylene and its bio-degradation products by single cell gel electrophoresis assay in mammalian cell system전희경; 김연정; 김영석; Sailendra Nath Sarma; 상병인; 류재천
1998-04Enhancement of selective chemical vapor deposition of copper by nitrogen plasma pretreatment김영석; 김동준; 곽성관; 김은규; 민석기; 정동근
2004-03Evaluation of the Genetic Toxicity of Synthetic Chemicals (XI)- a Synthetic Sulfonylurea Herbicide, pyrazosulfuron-ethyl-류재천; 김은영; 김영석; 윤혜정
2021-01Ginsenosides Rk1 and Rg5 inhibit transforming growth factor-b1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and suppress migration, invasion, anoikis resistance, and development of stem-like features in lung cancer송봉근; 윤철희; 김영석; 김현희; 임원철; 고현석; 함정엽; 박영태; 김태정; 최필주; 최선준
2019-11Hypoxylonol F Isolated from A. annulatum regulates pancreatic β- cell metabolism to improve insulin secretion.함정엽; 박영태; 김태정; 최필주; 최선준; 송봉근; 김영석; 황병수; 전상일
2019-08Hypoxylonol F Isolated from Annulohypoxylon annulatum Improves Insulin Secretion by Regulating Pancreatic beta-cell Metabolism함정엽; 김태정; 최필주; 송봉근; 김영석; 이다혜; 황병수; Noriko Yamabe; 황기서; 강기성
2017-01Influence of Zr content on phase formation, transition and mechanical behavior of Ni-Ti-Hf-Zr high temperature shape memory alloys서진유; 심철휘; 홍성환; 김정태; 박혜진; 김영석; 나영상; 임가람; 박진만; 김기범
1985-01Liquid flow into the interior of W-Ni-Fe compacts during liquid phase sintering김영석; 박종구; 윤덕용
2014-10Naturomimetic Approach Method를 이용한 생리활성 아릴나프탈렌락톤 리그난 천연물의 SAR 연구 1김태정; 정규혁; 최필주; 김영석; 김관태; 함정엽
2006-03Optimization of melt treatment for in-house recycling of Al alloy scrap김기배; 석현광; 김영석; 윤종철; 이덕영; 정창렬; 한도석
2018-10Practical and Efficient Strategy for Synthesis of Aromatic Abietane Diterpenoids from Geraniol함정엽; 김태정; 허준성; 이신애; 김영석; 고은아; 정원조; 장영동; 박재규
2018-08Practical and Efficient Strategy for Synthesis of Ferruginol, Sugiol, and Sugiol Methyl Ether from Geraniol함정엽; 김태정; 김영석; 이신애; 오성택; Yurngdong Jahng; 박재규
2014-09Preparation of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles from in situ generated potassium arylethynyltrifluoroborates정규혁; 김영석; 김관태; 김태정; 함정엽
2019-09Protective effect of hypoxylonol C and 4,5,4′,5′-tetrahydroxy-1,1′-binaphthyl isolated from Annulohypoxylon annulatum against streptozotocin induced함정엽; 김태정; 김진철; 최필주; 김영석; 이다혜; 황병수; 송지훈; 박정식; 황귀서; Noriko Yamabe; 강기성
2019-04Synthesis, Structure Revision, and Biological Evaluation of Nocarbenzoxazoles함정엽; 김태정; 김영석
2019-05Synthesis, Structure Revision, and Cytotoxicity of Nocarbenzoxazole G김영주; 함정엽; 박영태; 김태정; 최필주; 최선준; 송봉근; 김영석; 허규원; 이신애; 노태섭
2007-05The inhibitory mechanism of methylmercury on differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells김연정; 김영석; 김미순; 류재천
2018-10The synthesis of benzoxazole compounds and their anticancer activities함정엽; 김태정; 이신애; 최선준; 김영석; 전상일
2017-05Three-Component One-Pot Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Diarylalkynes by Thermocontrolled Sequential Sonogashira Reactions Using Potassium Ethynyltrifluoroborate최재영; 함정엽; 김태정; 김영석; 노태섭; 정규혁
2018-03Total Synthesis of Arylnaphthalene Lactone Natural Products via Hauser-Kraus Annulation and Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction함정엽; 김태정; 김영석; 정규혁; 황병수; Masaya Nakata