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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01A Facile Synthetic Method of Silver Nanoparticles with a Continuous Size Range from sub-10 nm to 40 nmLonghai Piao; 이경훈; 민병권; 김웅; 도영락; 윤성호
2018-03A highly efficient Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 photocathode without a hetero-materials overlayer for solar hydrogen production민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 채상윤; 김민규; 박기순; 김병우; 김웅
2018-04A study of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of particulate matter (PM2.5) in human lung epithelial cells (A549)류재천; 임정희; 조윤; 김웅; 정승찬; 신찬영; 송미경; 계명찬
2015-11A study of differentially expressed exosomal miRNA from human promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60) exposed to VOCs임정희; 송미경; 조윤; 정승찬; 김웅; 한성옥; 류재천
1994-10Al0.3Ga0.7As/GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As srtip-loaded 도파로의 식각깊이에 따른 전파손실 측정박경현; 변영태; 김선호; 최상삼; 정영철; 박승한; 김웅
1995-11AlGaAs/GaAs 다중양자우물 구조를 가진 단일 모드 광도파로의 제작 .김선호; 박경현; 조욱래; 백종훈; 박승환; 김웅; 김란숙
2017-01Bio-fabrication of nanomesh channels of single-walled carbon nanotubes for locally gated field-effect transistors이현정; 김성근; 이우철; 변혜현; 김원빈; 김웅
2012-02Bulk Heterojunction Formation between Indium Tin Oxide Nanorods and CuInS2 Nanoparticles for Inorganic Thin Film Solar Cell Applications조진우; 박세진; 김재훈; 김웅; 박후근; 도영락; 민병권
2016-10Cell surface GRP78 as a biomarker and target for suppressing glioma cells김영수; 김웅; 양승훈; 강보람; Chung, Bo-Ryehn
2015-10Comparison of the cytotoxic effect of PM2.5 on human-originated cell lines김웅; 송미경; 정승찬; 조윤; 임정희; 계명찬; 류재천
2016-08Correlations between bacterial populations and process parameters in four full-scale anaerobic digesters treating sewage sludge조경진; 신승구; 구태완; 이준엽; 한규성; 김웅; 황석환
2014-07Correlations of amyloid-b levels between CSF and plasma in acute AD mouse mode조수민; 김현진; 이세진; 김혜연; 김웅; 김태송; 김동진; 김영수
2014-10Correlations of amyloid-β concentrations between CSF and plasma in acute Alzheimer mouse model조수민; 김현진; 이세진; 김혜연; 김웅; 김태송; 김동진; 김영수
2019-11Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Photocathodes with a Grown-In CuxS Catalyst for Solar Water Splitting민병권; 황윤정; 원다혜; 이동기; 김병우; 박기순; 김웅
2015-11Cytotoxic effects of PM2.5 collected from clean air condition김웅; 송미경; 정승찬; 조윤; 임정희; 계명찬; 류재천
2018-07Effect of Particulate matter 2.5 on Gene expression profile and cell signaling in JEG-3 human placenta cells류재천; 김진영; 임정희; 조윤; 김웅; 송미경; 계명찬
2010-12Effects of ambient gas pressure on the resistance switching properties on the NiO thin films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering성태근; 김진성; 조경훈; 양민규; 김웅; 이전국; 문지원; 노재성; 남산
2015-11EGFR-MAPK- NF-kB cascade signaling pathway: Possible mechanism of particulate matter 2.5-induced lung inflammatory responses정승찬; 송미경; 조윤; 김웅; 임정희; 이은일; 류재천
2021-09Electrocatalytic Reduction of Low Concentrations of CO2 Gas in a Membrane Electrode Assembly Electrolyzer이웅; 원다혜; 이동기; 최웅; 김동진; 최용준; 이희원; 이시영; 김웅; 나종걸; 황윤정
2010-12Electrochemical Capacitors Based on Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Directly Synthesized on Tantalum SubstratesByungwoo Kim; Haegeun Chung; 민병권; 김홍곤; 김웅
2015-10Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-MAPK-nuclear factor(NF)- KB- IL8: A possible mechanism of particulate matter(PM)2.5-induced lung toxicity정승찬; 송미경; 조윤; 김웅; 임정희; 이은일; 류재천
2012-10Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film for solar cells using paste조진우; 김웅; 민병권
2012-07Fabrication of nanocrystal ink based superstrate-type CuInS2 thin film solar cells조진우; 박세진; 김웅; 민병권
2019-05Facile and scalable fabrication of high-energy-density sulfur cathodes for pragmatic lithium-sulfur batteries조원일; 김문석; 도반중; 김민섭; Yongao Xia; 김웅
2018-02Facile synthesis of thermally stable CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dot-inorganic SiO2 composites and their application to white light-emitting diodes with wide color gamut한준수; 장호성; 박다혜; 김웅
1997-03Field-induced refractive index variations in GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well waveguide modulator조욱래; 박성한; 김웅; 박경현
1996-02GaAs/AlGaAs 위상변조기의 전파손실 측정박경현; 변영태; 김선호; 최상삼; 조욱래; 박승한; 김웅
2015-10Gene expression profiles of exosomal miRNA from human promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60) exposed to VOCs임정희; 송미경; 조윤; 정승찬; 김웅; 한성옥; 류재천
2015-10Gene expression profiling of mice lung tissues exposed to PM2.5정승찬; 송미경; 조윤; 김웅; 임정희; 이은일; 류재천
2015-02Hydrodynamic assembly of conductive nanomesh of single-walled carbon nanotubes using biological glue이기영; 변혜현; 장차운; 최지현; 최인석; 정영인하; 김웅; 장준연; 이현정