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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-123 성분계 나노 층상 세라믹스박상환; 황성식
2009-09A simple way to prepare nanosize NiO powder by mixing acidic Ni compound with basic Ni compound정덕수; 윤동훈; 박상환; 김창삼
1996-10A study on fabrication and properties of reaction-bonded silicon carbide (I) : effect of pH and dispersants on the stable slip.박현철; 박상환; 최성철
1996-10A study on fabrication and properties of reaction-bonded silicon carbide (II) : microstructure and mechanical properties.박현철; 박상환; 최성철
1998-06A study on the mechanical properties of RBSC/graphite composites서기식; 박상환; 하조웅; 정윤중
1999-08A study on the slagging behavior of coal ash in gasification/combustion environment using DTF김형택; 최병철; 박상환
1995-01A study on the surface modification of graphite by CVD SiC : Growth characteristics of SiC in a horizontal CVD reactor김동주; 최두진; 김영욱; 박상환
2001-04Brazing parameters and mechanical properties of silicon nitride/stainless steel joint김태우; 장희석; 박상환
1989-04Ceramic foam for molten metal filtration.박상환; 이준근
2007-12Comments on the high temperature oxidation characteristics of Ti3SiC2 in airNguyen, Thuan Dinh; 최정호; 박상환; 이동복
1995-01Composition and hardness of chemically vapour-deposited silicon carbide with various microstructures.김영욱; 박상환; 이준근
2011-02Consolidation of a nanostructured Al2O3 reinforced Fe-Cr composite by rapid sintering and its mechanical properties고인용; 손인진; 도정만; 윤진국; 박상환; 박나라
2005-04Contact fracture behaviors of Ti3SiC2 synthesized by hot pressing using TiCx and Si powder mixture황성식; 박상환; 조성재; 이동복
2011-06Corrosion of Cr2AlC in Ar/1%SO2 Gas Between 900 and 1200 ℃이동복; Thuan Dinh Nguyen; 박상환
2011-10Corrosion of Fe-2%Mn-0.5%Si Steels at 600-800℃ in N2/H2O/H2S atmospheres김민정; 박상환; 이동복
2011-08Corrosion of Ti3AlC2 at 800-1100 ℃ in Ar-0.2% SO2 gas atmosphere이동복; 박상환
2009-06Corrosion of Ti3SiC2 in an Ar-1%SO2 atmosohere Between 800 and 1100 ℃Thuan Dinh Nguyen; 박상환; Dong Bok Lee
2009-12Cyclic-Oxidation Behavior of Ti3Al0.7Si0.3C2 Compounds Between 900 and 1100 °C in AirThuan Dinh Nguyen; 박상환; Dong Bok Lee
2006-03Cyclic-oxidation of Ti3SiC2 and Ti3AlC2 between 900 and 1200 ℃ in air이동복; 한재호; 김영도; 박상환
1996-11Development of interlayer system for high strength ceramic/metal joint.박상환; 김태우
2009-11Effect of additive compositon on microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC ceramics sintered with small amount of RE2O3 (RE: Sc, Lu, Y) and AlNB. V. Manoj Kumar; Myong-Hoon Roh; Young-Wook Kim; Wonjoong Kim; 박상환; Won-Seon Seo
1999-08Effect of coating on the fiber and reaction sintering atmosphere on mechanical properties of SiC fiber reinforced RBSC composites박용국; 박상환; 최성철
1998-03Effect of interlayer materials on bending strength and reliability of Si//3N//4/S. S316 joint윤호욱; 박상환; 최성민; 임연수; 정윤중
2002-12Effect of residual stress on fracture strength of Si ₃ N ₄ /stainless joints with a Cu-interlayer장희석; 박상환; 최성철; 김태우
2013-01Effect of the C/Si Molar Ratio on the Characteristics of β-SiC Powders Synthesized from TEOS and Phenol Resin염미래; 박상환; 김영욱
2007-07Effects of Amounts of Carbon Source and Infiltrated Si on the Porosity and Fracture Strength of Porous Reaction Bonded SiC윤성호; 풍니읏딴; 김영도; 박상환
2002-10Effects of brazing processing condition on mechanical properties and reliability of Si₃N₄/S.S. 316 joints장희석; 박상환; 최성철
1994-01Effects of coating layer on mechanical properties of LAS/Nicalon SiC fibre composites박상환; 감직상; 한경섭
2000-08Effects of interface and residual stress on mechanical properties of ceramic/metal system김태우; 박상환
1996-03Effects of interlayers on the bending strength of silicon nitride/stainless steel joints.박상환; 최영화; 김태우