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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-022D Silicon Nanosheets/Carbon Composites Based Foldable Anode Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batteries조병원; 하정훈; 박상원; 박정민; 최헌진
2013-023 차원 평면디스플레이를 이용한 접촉기반 가상환경 상호작용김준식; 박정민
2020-113D Mirrored Object Selection for Occluded Objects in Virtual Environments박정민; 이중재
2012-02-293차원 사용자 인터페이스 구현 시스템 및 구현 방법박명수; 박정민
1998-05A control architecture to achieve manipulation task goals for a humanoid robot조영조; 박정민; 박재현; 오상록; 이종원
1999-11A hybrid control architecture using a reactive sequencing strategy for mobile robot navigation박정민; 송인섭; 조영조; 오상록
2007-08A Knowledge-Based Service Approach for Human-Centered Robots파르끄; 박정민; 김창환; 유범재
1996-08A novel approach for state estimation.최익; 최주엽; 김권호; 박정민
2014-09A Real-time Motion Data Reduction and Restoration Compatible with Robot's Physical Limits김도익; 박정민; 홍석민
2021-02A scalable molecule-based magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversion민병철; 오인선; 박정민; 최대성; 조준현; 정현정; 진미진; 조영훈; 서준기; 유정우
2012-06A Study on Prescheduling Priority Decision Model for User-centric Robot Services이정화; 박정민
2003-05A ticket-based AAA security mechanism in mobile IP network박정민; 배은희; 편혜진; 채기준
2001-05Active network security박정민; 채기준
2000-12Active network의 보안 기술 발전 전망박정민; 채기준
2020-10Adaptive Precision-Enhancing Hand Rendering for Wearable Fingertip Tracking Devices박정민; 박효준
1996-04An object-oriented implementation of behavior-based control architecture.오상록; 전윤호; 박정민; 송인섭; 조영조
1999-01Analysis of a structure between comfort feeling and sensibility in indoor environment : a neural network approach.최주엽; 최익; 김진성; 김규식; 박정민; 윤태웅
1999-01Analysis of a structure between comfortable feeling and environmental components using the neural network.최주엽; 최익; 김진성; 김규식; 박정민
2010-12Autonomous Task Execution of a Humanoid Robot using a Cognitive Model김강건; 이지용; 최동규; 박정민; 유범재
2007-08Confirmation method development for anti-estrogenic agents and steroid using TSQ and LTQ-orbitrap강민정; 황용희; 박정민; 김소희; 김동현
2011-12Controlling a Humanoid Robot in Home Environment with a Cognitive Architecture김강건; 최동규; 이지용; 박정민; 유범재
2007-06Detection of Personal Information Leakage using the Network Traffic Characteristics박정민; 김은경; 정유경; 채기준; 나중찬
1996-01Development of control system design program based on IEC1131-3박정민; 허우정; 신경봉; 김응석; 김문철; 김성태
1992-07Development of high precision multi-arm robot system consisting of two robot arms and multi-sensors임미섭; 조영조; 이준수; 박정민; 김광배
2016-10Direct and Realistic Handover of a Virtual Object박정민; 김준식
2017-09Direct Hand Manipulation of Constrained Virtual Objects박정민; 김준식
2017-07Dramatic enhancement of the saturation magnetization of a sol-gel synthesized Y3Fe5O12 by a mechanical pressing process최원준; 강종윤; 백승협; 장민선; 노임준; 박정민; 박성수; 유정우; 이기석
2009-12Dynamic Management of Service Execution Contexts in Network-based Robots박정민; 이중재; 유범재
2013-10Dynamic Scheduling for Usable Service in Network Robot이정화; 박정민
2009-12Dynamic Service Context Management for Network-based Robots in Ubiquitous Environments박정민; 이중재; 유범재