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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-08A Micro Tribotester for MEMS Elements김충현; 안효석
1995-01A reliable segmentation technique for White Blood Cell image recognition.안효석; Vassili A. Kovalev; Andrei Y. Grigoriev
2004-05A Review on the Tribological Issues and Solutions for Reliability of Micro-and Nano Devices안효석
2009-09A study of reflectance of textured crystalline Si surface fabricated by using preferential aqueous etching and grinding processes우태기; 김영환; 안효석; 김성일
1994-01A study on the development of condition monitoring technology for turbine lubricating systems in power plants.신규식; 김재평; 남창현; 백수곤; 권오관; 안효석; 윤의성; 손동구
1989-10A study on the thermal behaviour of layered solids in sliding contacts.안효석
1997-11A study on the tribological behaviour of plasma sprayed chromium oxide coatings for the application to the cylinder liner in engines이순기; 한석영; 안효석
1993-01A thermo-mechanical stress criterion for failure of surface-coated materials in concentrated sliding contacts.안효석
1998-02A wavelet-based auto-focusing algorithm for optical instruments박봉길; 안효석; 박상희
2002-04An investigation of worn DLC coatings using atomic force microscopy조경만; 안효석; S.A. Chizhik
2001-06An investigation of worn DLC coatings using atomic froce miccroscopy조경만; 안효석; S.A. Chizhik
2002-10Analysis of changes in DLC coating during friction by AFMSergei. A. Chizhik; 안효석; Zhuang Yan; S. V. Korotkevich
1991-01Analysis of friction and failure by AE and its application in condition monitoring of bearing.안효석
2002-10Analysis of surface forces in micro contacts between rough surfaces김두인; 안효석; 최동훈
1999-06Analysis of tooth contact stress of gerotor hydraulic motors김충현; 김두인; 안효석; 정태형
2001-05Application of phase contrast imaging atomic force microscopy to tribofilms on DLC coatings안효석; S.A. Chizhik; A. M. Dubravin; V.P. Kazachenko; V.V. Popov
1992-01Application of surface modification technology.안효석
2000-11Atomic force microscopy of hard materials in the phase imaging modeS.A. Chizhik; A. M. Dubravin; 안효석
1999-01Atomic force microscopy of TiN friction surface안효석; S. A. Chizhik; A. M. Dubravin
1995-01Automatic localization and feature extraction of white blood cells.안효석; Vassili A. Kovalev; Andrei Y. Grigoriev; Nickolai K. Myshkin
2000-02Behavior of reciprocating dry sliding wear of plastics against steel김충현; 안효석; 정태형
2000-01Cavity design method for injection-molded spur gears김충현; 이성철; 안효석; 정태형
1997-04Classification of wear debris using a neural networkA.Ya. Grigoriev; 안효석; 공호성; 권오관; A. Ya. Grigoriev; N. K. Myshkin
2002-08Comparative study of the tribological behavior of thermal sprayed quasicrystalline coating layersEric Fleury; 김유찬; Jae-Soo Kim; 김도향; 김원태; 안효석; 이상목
2001-10Comparison of the tribological behaviors of various organic molecular films김두인; 안효석; 김충현; V. Tsukruk
2001-06Comparison of the tribological behaviors of various organic molecular films김두인; 안효석; 김충현; V. Tsukruk
2007-03Corrosion mechanism of N-containing Fe-Cr-Mo-Y-C-B bulk amorphous alloys in highly concentrated HCl solution자야마니; 김기배; 안효석; 에릭플러리
1998-07Detection of contact damage in ceramics by an ultrasonic method안효석; Said Jahanmir; John A. Slotwinski; Gerald V. Blessing
2002-10Development of a precision friction tester김충현; 안효석
2003-09Dramatic enhancement of wear stability in oil-enriched polymer gel nanolayers안효석; D. Julthongpiput; 김두인; V.V. Tsukruk