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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12-28[110] 방향으로 분극된 완화형 강유전체 단결정을 이용한에너지 하베스터강종윤; 김진상; 김현재; 송현철; 윤석진; 정대용
2003-10A compact lumped-element lowpass filter using low temperature cofired ceramic technology심성훈; 강종윤; 최지원; 최형욱; 윤영중; 윤석진; 김현재
2002-09A compact lumped-element lowpass filter using LTCC technologySung-Hun Sim; 강종윤; 최지원; Hyung-Wook Choi; Young-Joong Yoon; 윤석진; 김현재
2006-10A High Throughput Search of Dielectric Thin Films for Tunable Devices최지원; 강종윤; 김진상; 윤석진; 김현재; R. B. vanDover
2013-01A near single crystalline TiO2 nanohelix array: enhanced gas sensing performance and its application as a monolithically integrated electronic nose황선용; 권현아; Sameer Chhajed; 변지원; 백정민; 임지성; 오상호; 장호원; 윤석진; 김종규
2010-08A Novel Spiral Type MEMS Power Generator with Shear Mode송현철; 강종윤; 윤석진
2008-10A novel spiral type MEMS power generator with shear mode piezoelectric thick film송현철; 김상종; 문희규; 강종윤; 윤석진
2006-01A Novel tiny ultrasonic linear motor using the radial mode of a bimorph고현필; 김상식; 세르게이 보로딘; 바실리예프; 강종윤; 윤석진
2011-03A route to high sensitivity and rapid response Nb2O5-based gas sensors: TiO2 doping, surface embossing, and voltage optimization문희규; 장호원; 김진상; 박형호; 윤석진
2004-12A Simple Proposal for Tunable Microwave Filter System with Embedded Electrodes Structure김달영; 윤석진
2001-11A study for the SAW convolver using parabolic horn waveguide박용욱; 신현용; 이승대; 박정흠; 윤석진; 김현재
2000-07A study on C-axis preferred orientation of ZnO thin film at Ar/O2 gas ratios이동윤; 박용욱; 남산; 이전국; 김현재; 윤석진; 황금찬
1999-05A study on fabrication of piezoresistive pressure sensor based on poly-Si임재홍; 박용욱; 윤석진; 정형진; 윤영수
1990-01A study on the characteristics of electrostrictive ceramics for micro displacement control윤석진; 윤광희; 유주현; 홍재일; 박창엽
1993-01A study on the development of mullite fibers using the sol-gel process김구대; 이동아; 이현임; 윤석진
2003-01A study on the driving circuit of piezoelectric ultrasonic motor using PLL technique김남현; Sergey Borodin; 강종윤; 안병국; 고태국; 김현재; 윤석진
1993-07A study on the effect of the piezoelectric and surface acoustic wave characteristic of Pb(Mn₁/₃Sb₂/₃)O₃-Pb(Zr, Ti)O₃ piezoelectric ceramics according to the addition of Cr₂O₃양원봉; 김준한; 윤석진; 홍재일; 강진규; 박창엽
2006-12A study on the friction and thrust force of the shaft and mobile element in the impact typed piezoelectric ultrasonic linear motor이경재; 고현필; 강종윤; 김현재; 윤석진; 남산
1994-03A study on the microwave dielectric properties of 0.182BaO-0.818TiO₂ ceramics박인길; 이영희; 윤석진; 정형진
2002-03A study on the small chip meander antenna for dual-frequency operation김현준; 권세웅; 심성훈; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤영중
2009-12A study on the structural and mechanical properties of ordered mesoporous Al2O3 film하태정; 박형호; 윤석진; 김진상
2002-09A study on the ZnO piezoelectric thin films for SAW filter by RF magnetron sputtering최형욱; 김경환; 김상종; 강종윤; 안병국; 윤석진
2001-06A study on the ZnO thin film SAW filter by RF sputter박용욱; 신현용; 박정흠; 강종윤; 심성훈; 최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; 김경환; 최형욱
2012-11All-Solution-Processed Flexible Thin Film Piezoelectric NanogeneratorSung Yun Chung; Sunyoung Kim; Ju-Hyuck Lee; Kyongjun Kim; Sang-Woo Kim; 강종윤; 윤석진; Youn Sang Kim
2010-10Amorphous Sr0.8Bi2.2Ta2O9 Thin Films for MIM Embedded Capacitors강민규; 조광환; 이칠형; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김상식
2005-08An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for김병규; 박석호; 지창열; 윤석진
2006-01An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes using PZT actuator지창열; 박석호; 윤석진; 김병규; 박장현
1999-05Analysis and design of monoblock dielectric filter using FEM강종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; 박창엽
2010-11Analysis and Design of Spiral type MEMS Power Generator with Shear Mode이원희; 송현철; 강종윤; 주병권; 윤석진
2006-12Analysis of driving mechanism for tiny piezoelectric linear motor강종윤; 유경호; 고현필; 김현재; 고태국; 윤석진