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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06A Magneto-Optic waveguide Isolator Using multimode Interference Effect양정수; 노종욱; 이우영; 옥성해; 우덕하; 변영태; 전영민; 미즈모토; 이석
2006-03A novel growth method of single-crystalline Bi nanowires심우영; 이경일; 장준연; 한석희; 정원용; 이우영
2017-08A novel method to fabricate reinforced Ti composites by infiltration of Al (Mg) into porous titanium정원용; 김긍호; 김수민; 이우영; 이현숙
2002-06Abnormal Temperature dependence of tunneling magnetoresistance for magnetic tunnel junctions이경일; 이제형; 이우영; 이긍원; 이병찬; 신경호
2007-02Adhesion Properties of Copper/Polyimide Film Modified by Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)이욱제; 김윤배; 이우영; 한승희; 한준현; 지광구
2005-11An Integrated Multimode Interference Optical Waveguide Isolator Fabricated by Wafer Direct Bonding Technology노종욱; 양정수; 이우영; 옥성해; 우덕하; 변영태; 전영민; 이석
2005-04An integrated optical waveguide isolator based on multi mode interference by wafer direct bonding노종욱; 양정수; 이석; 우덕하; 미즈모토; 이우영
2005-10An Integrated Optical waveguide Isolator based on Multimode Interference by Wafer Direct Bonding양정수; 노종욱; 옥성해; 우덕하; 변영태; 이우영; 미즈모토; 이석
2007-04Detection of the Au thin-layer in the Hz per picogram regime based on the microcantilevers천동원; 황교선; 엄길호; 이정훈; 차병학; 이우영; 윤대성; 김태송
2000-03Domain nucleation processes in mesoscopic Ni80Fe20 wire junctions이우영; C.C. Yao; A. Hirohata; Y.B. Xu; H.T. Leung; S.M. Gardiner; S. McPhail; B.C. Choi; D.G. Hasko; J.A.C. Bland
2000-05Domain wall trapping in controlled submicron ferromagnetic elementsA. Hirohata; Y.B. Xu; C.C. Yao; H.T. Leung; 이우영; S.M. Gardiner; D.G. Hasko; J.A.C. Bland; S.N. Holmes
2000-05Dynamic hysteresis behavior in epitaxial spin-valve structures이우영; A. Samad; T.A. Moore; J.A.C. Bland; B.C. Choi
2004-07Effect of Post-Annealing on Microstructure and Magnetoresistance of Sputtered Semimetal Bi Thin Film전민홍; 장준연; 한석희; 한준현; 이우영
2001-12Effect of rapid thermal anneal on the magnetoresistive properties of magnetic tunnel junction이경일; 이제형; 이우영; 이긍원; 하재근; 신경호
2003-10Effects of Mn flux on ferromagnetic properties of (Ga,Mn)N films grown by PEMBE.허광수; 정민창; 함문호; 명재민; 이우영; 이정미; 한석희
2008-11Electrical spin injection and detection in semimetallic and semiconducting films이경일; 이우영; 장준연; 한석희; 신경호; 정원용; M. Johnson
2009-05Electrical spin injection and detection in semimetallic Bi and Bi-Pb films이경일; 노종욱; 장준연; 한석희; 신경호; 정원용; Mark Johnson; 이우영
2002-02Enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junction by rapid thermal anneal이경일; 이제형; 이우영; 이긍원; 하재근; 김창석; 신경호
2003-09Ferromagnetic ordering of n-type (Ga,Mn)N epitaxial films이정미; 이경일; 장준연; 함문호; 허광수; 명재민; 황웅준; 신무환; 한석희; 김희중; 이우영
2001-05Geometrical effects on magnetisation reversal and switching field in mesoscopic Ni80Fe20 wires이우영; 신경호; A. Hirohata; J. A. C. Bland
2014-07Highly sensitive and selective H2 and NO2 gas sensors based on surface-decorated WO3 nanoigloos심영석; Lihua Zhang; 김도홍; 김연후; 최유림; 남승훈; 강종윤; 이우영; 장호원
2011-08Hydrogen Permeability of Glass-Forming Ni-Nb-Zr-Ta Crystalline Membranes진홍석; 서진유; 박경원; 이우영; 에릭플러리
2010-06Hydrogen Permeation Properties of Pd-Coated Ni37.5Nb27.5Zr25Co5Ta5 Amorphous Membrane진홍석; 김유찬; 김윤배; 서진유; 이우영; 홍태환; 에릭플러리
2009-10Hydrogen permeation properties of Pd-coated V-Co-Al alloy membranes진홍석; 유구; 김동현; 김유찬; 에릭플러리; 이우영; 김윤배
2011-07Hyperfine FePt patterned media for terabit data storage노진서; 김현수; 천동원; 정원용; 이우영
2008-05Improvement of the Adhesion Properties Between Copper and a Polyimide Film이욱재; 김윤배; 지광구; 이우영
2007-03Kondo Effect in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions이경일; 주성중; 이제형; 이긍원; 김태석; 이우영; 신경호; 이병찬; P. LeClair; J.-S. Lee; J.-H. Park
2004-08Local Hall effect in a hybrid InSb Hall cross junction김원용; 장준연; 한석희; 장상권; 이우영
2007-06Low temperature O2 plasma-assisted wafer bonding of InP and a garnet crystal for an optical waveguide isolator노종욱; 양정수; 옥성해; 우덕하; 변영태; 전영민; T. Mizumoto; 이우영; 이석
2005-05Low temperature wafer direct bonding between InP and Ce:YIG for fabrication of integrated optical isolator노종욱; 양정수; 옥성해; 우덕하; 변영태; 전영민; 이우영; 이석