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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01A description scheme of mold dies by using specific part features노형민; 이춘식; D. Sheen
1991-01A study on cross type heat exchanger using element method.김광호; 정형호; 신흥태; 이춘식
1995-01A study on heat and mass transfer in a vertical tube absorber using LiBr family solutions.강상우; 이춘식; 정시영; 조현철; 김종보
1989-01Airflow characteristic experiments for the upper plenum design of clean room.배귀남; 오명도; 김석철; 이춘식
1995-01An experimental study of heat and mass transfer during absorption and desorption processes in a hydride material bed.강병하; 박찬우; 정시영; 이춘식
1993-01An experimental study on convection heat transfer in an oscillating flow of a heater tube for stirling cycle machines.강병하; 이춘식; 이건태; 이재헌
1989-01An experimental study on the airflow.배귀남; 오명도; 김석철; 이춘식
1994-01An experimental study on the flow characteristics of a swirl-jet diffuser.정종수; 이춘식; 홍기혁; 정시영
2000-10Burning experiments of domestic waste with high moisture content on a nozzle-type grate (I) : drying and ignition정종수; 이교우; 이춘식; Oliver Kautz; Jochen Seier
1994-08Characteristics of thermal environments and evaluation of thermal comfort in office buiding in summer.이철희; 배귀남; 최항철; 이춘식
1995-05Characteristics of thermal environments and evaluation of thermal comfort in office building in winter이철희; 배귀남; 이춘식; 최항철
1994-01Cold energy storage system using direct contact heat transfer.이윤표; 윤성영; 이춘식
1996-08Cold energy storage using direct contact heat transfer.이윤표; 이춘식; 윤성영
1996-01Computer simulation of an absorption heat pump for recovering low grade waste heat.강상우; 강병하; 정시영; 이춘식
1989-01Design of the heat dissipation rate of automotive radiation (I) Analysis of heat dissipation.정종수; 이춘식
1993-12Dynamic Simulation on an Ammonia/Water Absorption Chiller of Small Capacity정시영; 이춘식; 강상우
1995-01Evaluation of Korean thermal sensation in office buildings during the summer season배귀남; 이철희; 이춘식
1992-01Experimental investigation on heat transfer characteristics in a uniformly heated pipe with pulsating pressure.강병하; 이춘식; 이재헌; 이건태
1995-08On the flow characteristics of a swirl-jet diffuser.정종수; 이춘식
1989-01Performance analysis of radial-inflow turbine with variable guide vane김광호; 최항철; 이춘식
1988-12Predictions of structure with soot concentration of propane-air turbulent-diffusion flames정종수; 신현동; 이춘식
1991-01System design and performance prediction of a stirling engine for residential heat pumps.김웅태; 강병하; 이춘식
1993-01Wafer surface scanner 를 이용한 반도체 웨이퍼상의 입자 침착속도의 측정배귀남; 박승오; 이춘식; 명현국; 신흥태
2000-03-21구형 얼음입자 제조 장치 및 방법이윤표; 이춘식; 김광호; 한희석; 김영일; 신흥태; 정종수
2000-02-16구형 얼음입자 제조 장치 및 방법이윤표; 이춘식; 김광호; 한희석; 김영일; 신흥태; 정종수
1996-06-12기류조절이 가능한 동축선회형 급기구정시영; 정종수; 이춘식
1989-01난류 화염 내에서의 매연 입자의 생성 및 재연소정종수; 이춘식; 신현동
1999-12-04냉동기가 필요없는 진공동결 건조 시스템이윤표; 이춘식; 신흥태; 김영일; 김광호; 정종수; 한희석
1997-10-02수소저장합금 반응용기강병하; 박찬우; 이춘식
1995-01수직 웨이퍼상의 입자 침착속도의 측정배귀남; 이춘식; 박승오; 안강호