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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988-01Adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to solvents used in extractive fermentation.김병홍; 박용석; 장호남
1982-01Adsorption characteristics of glucose and fructose in ion-exchange resin columns.김영성; 장호남
1983-01Analysis of liquid mixing in a three phase rotating disk reactor.김영성; 장호남; M. J. Kim
1983-01Characterization of glucose oxidase entrapped in calcium alginate gels.김영성; 주인성; 장호남
1992-12Citric acid production and scale-up in dual hollow fiber bioreactor.심상준; 장호남; 지동진
1989-08Controlled durg release by polymeric matrix formulation by coating and swelling.김영하; 변영로; 장호남
1983-01Diffusional falsification of kinetic constants of lineweaver-burk plots.김영성; 장호남
1996-01Effect of stepwise seeding on the performance of four anaerobic biofilters treating a synthetic stillage waste.최용수; 조재경; 김범수; 박순철; 장호남
1992-01Exopolysaccharide production in fed-batch and continuous culture by methylomonas mucosa.심상준; 장호남; 권선훈
1992-01Extractive plant cell culture.심상준; 장호남
1995-01Extractive plant cell culture.장호남; 심상준
1999-01Fed-batch hairy root cultures with in situ separation심상준; 장호남
1988-01Free surface boundary conditions for the analysis of steady film flow.김영성; 장호남
1986-01Hydrogenation of soybean oil by nickel/silica catalysts in a rotating packed disk reactor.김영성; S. Choi; 장호남; Rhee, J. S.
1981-01Immobilization of leuconostoc mesenteroids dextransucrase to porous phenoxyacetyl cellulose beads.김영성; 장호남; Y. R. Cho; D. A. Landis; P. J. Reilly
1993-02Increased shikonin production by hairy roots of Lithospermum erythrorhizon in two phase bubble column reactor.심상준; 장호남
1994-01Increasing secondary metabolite production in plant cell cultures with fungal elicitors.심상준; 장호남
1983-01Orthogonal collocation for the analysis of immobilized enzyme systmes.김영성; 장호남
1985-01Oxygen transfer in a rotating disk reactor with continuous flow.김영성; M. J. Kim; 장호남
1983-01Performance of rotating packed disk reactor filled with immobilized glucose oxidase.김영성; 장호남; I. S. Joo
1984-01Performance of rotating packed disk reactor with immobilized glucose oxidase.김영성; I. S. Joo; 장호남
1994-01Production and secretion of indole alkaloids in hairy root cultures of catharanthus roseus: effects of in situ adsorption, fungal elicitation and permeabilization.심상준; 장호남; 류장렬; 정경희
1992-01Production of citric acid in a flat-type membrane bioreactor.심상준; 장호남
1994-01Production of plant secondary metabolites by extractive cultivation심상준; 장호남
1984-01Residence time distribution analysis in controllable flow conditions: case of rotating disk reactors.김영성; M. J. Kim; 장호남
1985-01Separation of fructose and glucose by reverse osmosis.김영성; S. S. Kim; 장호남
1994-01Shikonin production by extractive cultivation in transformed-suspension and hairy root cultures of Lithospermum erythrorhizon.심상준; 장호남; 김동진
1994-01Shilkonin production with in situ separation in Lithospermum erythrorhizon.심상준; 장호남
2017-08Single enzyme nanoparticles armored by a thin silicate network: Single enzyme caged nanoparticles김병찬; 홍성길; 나현빈; 이진우; 윤종규; 정승욱; 이장원; 이병수; 김한솔; Erik Hsiao; 김성환; 김병기; 박현규; 장호남; 현택환; Jonathan S. Dordick; Jay W. Grate; 김중배
1983-01Stagnation point flow in a diffusion cell.김영성; 장호남