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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09A Review of Three-Dimensional Resistive Switching Cross-Bar Array Memories from the Integration and Materials Property Points of View석준영; Seul Ji Song; Jung Ho Yoon; Kyung Jean Yoon; Tae Hyung Park; Dae Eun Kwon; 임형광; Gun Hwan Kim; 정두석; Cheol Seong Hwang
2013-07A Study on the Scalability of a Selector Device Using Threshold Switching in Pt/GeSe/Pt안형우; 정두석; 정병기; 김수동; 신상열; 임형광; 김동환; 이수연
2009-09A study on the temperature dependence of characteristics of phase change memory devices이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 김원목; 정병기
2010-01A study on the temperature dependence of the threshold switching characteristics of Ge2Sb2Te5이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 정병기
2010-04A Study on the Temperature Dependence of the Threshold Switching Characteristics of Ge2Sb2Te5이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 정병기
2009-08Abnormal bipolar-like resistance change behavior induced by symmetric electroforming in Pt/TiO2/Pt resistive switching cells정두석; Herbert Schroeder; Rainer Waser
2009-10Abnormal bipolar-like resistance change behavior induced by symmetric electroforming in Pt/TiO2/Pt resistive switching cells정두석; Herbert Schroeder; Rainer Waser
2019-03Artificial Neural Network for Response Inference of a Nonvolatile Resistance-Switch Array김인호; 김구현; 블라디미르; 김도훈; 황철성; 정두석
2016-05Asymmetric back contact nanograting design for thin c-Si solar cells김인호; 정두석; 이욱성; 김원목; 이경석; 이택성
2014-05Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 thin films using H2O2 as oxidant최민정; Hyung-Ho Park; 정두석; Jeong Hwan Kim; 김진상; 김성근
2013-12Bipolar switching polarity reversal by electrolyte layer sequence in electrochemical metallization cells with dual-layer solid electrolytesRohit Soni; Paul Meuffels; Adrian Petraru; Mirko Hansen; Martin Ziegler; Ondrej Vavra; Hermann Kohlstedt; 정두석
2015-10Catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction on platinum-based core-shell nanoparticles: all-electron density functional theoryJungho Shin; 최정혜; Pil-Ryung Cha; 김성근; 김인호; 이승철; 정두석
2016-09Chameleonic electrochemical metallization cells: dual-layer solid electrolyte-inducing various switching behaviours박종극; 김인호; 정두석; 임형광; 블라디미르; 김구현; 김도헌; Rohit Soni; Cheol Seong Hwang
2008-12Characteristic electroforming behavior in Pt/TiO2/Pt resistive switching cells depending on atmosphere정두석; Herbert Schroeder; Uwe Breuer; Rainer Waser
2009-09Characterization of interface between amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 and TiN by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy정두석; 이수연; 정증현; 정병기; 황철성
2018-06Co-diffusion of boron and phosphorus for ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells이욱성; 김원목; 이택성; 김인호; 정증현; 정두석; 이현승; 정범식; 최지혜; 우정현; 김주영; 이규성; 최재영; 최두진
2015-07Control of the initial growth in atomic layer deposition of Pt films by surface pretreatment편정준; 조철진; 백승협; 강종윤; 김진상; 정두석; 김성근
2011-10Controlled recrystallization for low-current RESET programming characteristics of phase-change memory with Ge-doped SbTe우철; 장강; 박영욱; 강동민; 여호기; 정두석; 정증현; 노광수; 정병기
2011-03Dc current transport behavior in amorphous GeSe films정두석; 박군호; 임형광; 황철성; 이수연; 정병기
2010-09Demonstration of a high-speed multi-level cell phase-change memory using Ge-doped SbTe장강; 우철; 박영욱; 정증현; 정두석; 유원종; 정병기
2017-12Design and Fabrication of Si Subwavelength Structures for Broadband Antireflection in Mid-Infrared Ranges이욱성; 김원목; 이택성; 이경석; 김인호; 정두석; 천시은; 최재영; 이헌
2013-07Effect of density of localized states on the ovonic threshold switching characteristics of the amorphous GeSe films안형우; 정두석; 정병기; 이호석; 이호선; 김수동; 신상열; 김동환; 이수연
2013-07Effect of Ge Concentration in GexSe1-x Chalcogenide Glass on the Electronic Structures and the Characteristics of Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) Devices김수동; 안형우; 신상열; 정두석; 손서희; 이호선; 정병기; 신동욱; 이수연
2013-07Elastic resistance change and action potential generation of non-faradaic Pt/TiO2/Pt capacitors임형광; 장호원; 이도권; 김인호; 황철성; 정두석
2012-09Electric-field-enhanced Ionic Diffusivity in Electrolytes: A Model Study정두석; 김인호; 이택성; 이욱성; 이경석; 이도권
2015-01Electric-field-induced Shift in the Threshold Voltage in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures김성근; 김신익; 임형광; 정두석; 권범진; 백승협; 김진상
2012-02Electrochemical metallization cells - blending nanoionics into nanoelectronics?Wei Lu; 정두석; Michael Kozicki; Rainer Waser
2012-07Emerging memories: resistive switching mechanisms and current status정두석; Reji Thomas; R. S. Katiyar; J. F. Scott; Hermann Kohlstedt; Adrian Petraru; 황철성
2020-12Enhanced analog synaptic behavior of SiNx/a-Si bilayer memristors through Ge implantation송종한; 임원철; 박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 정연주; 김건희; 허수만; 박수진; 주병권; 정두석
2018-03Enhanced blue responses in nanostructured Si nanostructured Si solar cells by shallow doping김원목; 이택성; 박종극; 김인호; 정두석; 천시은; 이헌