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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08Artificial Soft Elastic Media with Periodic Hard Inclusions for Tailoring Strain­Sensitive Thin­Film Responses정승준; 변정환; 홍용택
2018-03Contact­Engineered Electrical Properties of MoS2 Field­Effect Transistors via Selectively Deposited Thiol­Molecules정승준; 조경준; 박진수; 김재근; 강기훈; 김태영; 신지원; 최유리; 이탁희
2001-10Decomposition of industrial wastewater from TPA process with hydrolysis and partial oxidation in supercritical water김영래; 정승준; 임종성; 이윤우; 김재덕; 이성철
2002-08Destruction of organic pollutants in industrial wastewater from TPA manufacturing process using supercritical water김영래; 정승준; 김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우; 이성철
2006-10Diacylglycerol (DAG) Acts as an endogenous Ligand For Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1우동호; 정승준; 주미홍; 박철규; 김미선; 김용호; 오석배; 이창준
2008-10Direct activation of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1(TRPV1) by Diacylglycerol (DAG)우동호; 정승준; 주미홍; 박철규; 김용호; 오석배; 이창준
2019-08Dose-dependent effect of proton irradiation on electrical properties of WSe2 ambipolar field effect transistors정승준; 신지원; 조경준; 김태영; 박진수; 김재근; 이우철; 김재영; 홍웅기; 이탁희
2018-05Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation and Thiol Molecule Treatment on the Properties of MoS 2 Field Effect Transistors정승준; 최유리; 조경준; 박진수; 김태영; 김재근; 신지원; 서준석; 이탁희
2020-11Elastomeric high k composites of low dielectric loss tangent: Experiment and simulation박민; 이상수; 김희숙; 임정아; 정승준; 고영표; 윤형석; 권슬기; 이현정; 전인수; 성봉준; 김종호
2018-05Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots정승준; 변정환; 이윤택; 윤재영; 이병문; 오은호; 이탁희; 조규진; 김재하; 홍용택
2019-03Enhanced Charge Injection Properties of Organic Field­Effect Transistor by Molecular Implantation Doping정승준; 김영록; 조경준; David Harkin; 황왕택; 유대경; 김재근; 이우철; 송영걸; 안희범; 홍용택; Henning Sirringhaus; 강기훈; 이탁희
2020-06Enhanced Output Performance of All-Solution-Processed Organic Thermoelectrics: Spray Printing and Interface Engineering김희숙; 정승준; 황성권; 정인호; 박주형; 김재근; 이탁희; 곽정훈
2019-12Fabrication of a MoS2/Graphene Nanoribbon Heterojunction Network for Improved Thermoelectric Properties김희숙; 손정곤; 정승준; 오진우; 김영우
2020-11High-performance compliant thermoelectric generators with magnetically self-assembled soft heat conductors for self-powered wearable electronics박민; 김진상; 김희숙; 정승준; 이병문; 박경태; 조현; 홍용택
2019-08Highly Customizable All Solution-Processed Polymer Light Emitting Diodes with Inkjet Printed Ag and Transfer Printed Conductive Polymer Electrodes정승준; 박종장; 윤형수; 김건희; 이병문; 이승환; 정수진; 김태훈; 서지석; 홍용택
2018-09Highly Improved Switching Properties in Flexible Aluminum Oxide Resistive Memories Based on a Multilayer Device Structure김재경; 박종혁; 정승준; 장진곤; 백승훈; 최한형
2018-10Highly Reliable Superhydrophobic Protection for Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Fluoroalkylsilane-Coated TiO2 Nanoparticles정승준; Geun Ho Ahn; Der-Hsien Lien; 장진곤; 정현학; 송영걸; Ali Javey; 이탁희; 민미숙; 유대경; 김영록
2020-05Highly Stable Contact Doping in Organic Field Effect Transistors by Dopant-Blockade Method정승준; 김영록; Katharina Broch; 이우철; 안희범; 이종훈; 유대경; 김준우; Henning Sirringhaus; 강기훈; 이탁희
2019-07Highly uniform monolayer graphene synthesis via a facile pretreatment of copper catalyst substrates using an ammonium persulfate solution정승준; 정현학; 황왕택; 송영걸; 김재근; 김영록; Joshua Hihath; 이탁희
2018-03Impact of Device Area and Film Thickness on Performance of Sol gel Processed ZrO2 RRAM정승준; 이소정; 김태균; 장봉호; 이원용; 송규찬; 김현서; 도경엽; 황승범; 장재원
2018-03Impact of Device Area and Film Thickness on Performance of Sol-gel Processed ZrO2 RRAM이소정; 김태균; 장봉호; 이원용; 송규찬; 김현서; 도경엽; 황승범; 정승준; 장재원
2021-09Inkjet-Printing-Based Density Profile Engineering of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks for Conformable High-On/Off-Performance Thin-Film Transistors정승준; 이병문; 오현욱; 김하윤; 유현준; 박보익; 홍용택
2019-08Intrinsic Optoelectronic Characteristics of MoS2 Phototransistors via a Fully Transparent van der Waals Heterostructure정승준; 박진수; 이일민; 조경준; 김재근; 정현학; 황왕택; 안근호; 강기훈; 유우종; Ali Javey; 이탁희
2009-08Membrane-Delimited Coupling of TRPV1 and mGluR5 on Presynaptic Terminals of Nociceptive Neurons김용호; 박철규; 백승근; 이창준; 황세진; 배용철; 나흥식; 김중수; 정승준; 오석배
2002-11Postsynaptic action mechanism of somatostatin on the membrane excitability in spinal substantia gelatinosa neurons of juvenile rats김상정; 정원호; 임혜원; 은수용; 정승준; 김전
2021-04Printed carbon electronics get recycled정승준; 이병문
2019-09Recent Advances in Interface Engineering of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides with Organic Molecules and Polymers정승준; 조경준; 박진수; 이탁희
2019-03Recent Progress in Inkjet-­Printed Thin-­Film Transistors정승준; 조경준; 이탁희
2019-10Self-erasable titanium oxide resistive memory devices김재경; 박종혁; 정승준; 김민성; 최한형; 장진곤
2019-07Shape transformation and self-alignment of Fe-based nanoparticles정승준; Jeongmin Hong; Qiang Luo; Daesung Jung; Soong-Geun Je; Yooseok Kim; Mi-Young Im; Chan-Cuk Hwang; Sakhrat Khizroev; Long You