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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09Centro-Apical Self-Organization of Organic Semiconductors in a Line-Printed Organic Semiconductor: Polymer Blend for One-Step Printing Fabrication of Organic Field-Effect Transistors이수진; 김용재; 여소영; 이은지; 임호선; 김민; 송용원; 조진한; 임정아
2001-10Change in electrical characteristics of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based self-assembled devices by addition of ionic salt to poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate).조진한; 차국헌; 김선영; 홍종달; 김동영; 이기봉
2001-12Change in quantum efficiency of self-assembled films based on PPV and ionic salt added PSS조진한; 차국헌; 홍종달; 김동영
2002-08Change in the quantum efficiency due to relative thickness variation of hole transport and emitting layers in a self-assembled device조진한; 차국헌; 김동영
2014-10Characterization Techniques for Thin Polyamide Layer of TFC RO Membrane Prepared via Interfacial Polymerization박상희; 알버트 이성수; 황승상; 조진한; 이정현; 백경열
2021-11Chiral Magneto-Optical Properties of Supra-Assembled Fe3O4 Nanoparticles손정곤; Qysar Maqbool; 정아름; 원소정; 조진한; 염봉준
2021-11Chiral Plasmonic Nanowaves by Tilted Assembly of Unidirectionally Aligned Block Copolymers with Buckling-Induced Microwrinkles손정곤; 조정현; 조진한; 오진우; 황명후; 신민경; 염봉준
2016-07Direct incorporation of silver nanoparticles onto thin-film composite membranes via arc plasma deposition for enhanced antibacterial and permeation performance우경자; 김상훈; 이종석; 박상희; 박성준; 류성민; 김택승; 박희덕; 박호식; 박유인; 조진한; 이정현
2017-10"Drop-on-textile" patternable, stretchable, and washable PEDOT:PSS composite for electronic textile임정아; 계민정; 조진한; 이은지
2018-08“Drop-on-textile” patternable aqueous PEDOT composite ink providing highly stretchable and wash-resistant electrodes for electronic textiles임정아; 계민정; 조진한; 유재철; 장영욱; 한지혜; 이은지; 임호선
2000-12Effect of added ionic salt on the quantum efficiency of self-assembled films prepared with poly(p-phenylene vinylene)조진한; 차국헌; 김선영; 홍종달; 이성균; 김동영
2000-11Electronic characteristics of self-assembled hybrid devices based on PPV and CdS nanoparticles조진한; 차국헌; 홍종달; 김동영
2014-11Enhanced Photovoltaic Properties and Long-Term Stability in Plasmonic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells via Noncorrosive Redox Mediator정희석; 구본기; 김재엽; 김태희; 손해정; 김봉수; 김진영; 이도권; 김홍곤; 조진한; 고민재
2016-01Enhancement in carbon dioxide activity and stability on nanostructured silver electrode and the role of oxygen지신천; 전효상; 김청희; 이한길; 고재현; 조진한; 민병권; 황윤정
2018-04Etching-Assisted Crumpled Graphene Wrapped Spiky Iron Oxide Particles for High-Performance Li-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitor이상수; 박종혁; 손정곤; 김혜리; 김은지; 박병준; 한영희; 조진한
2014-11Fe-MOF 입자를 이용한 향균성이 향상된 복합막의 제조박상희; 조진한; 황승상; 백경열
2017-12Few-Seconds Flash-Light Cross-linking of Polymer Gate Dielectric for Flexible Organic Thin-Film Transistors임정아; 김수진; 조진한; 양회창
2016-04Few-seconds Optical Crosslinking of Polymer Gate Dielectric Using Intensely Pulsed White Light for Efficient Production of Flexible Organic Thin Film Transistor임정아; 김수진; 장미; 양희정; 조진한; 양회창
2017-09Few-seconds photo cross-linking of a polymer gate dielectric using intensely pulsed white light for flexible organic thin-film transistors임정아; 김수진; 조진한; 양회창
2017-09Flexible supercapacitor electrodes based on real metal-like cellulose papers배완기; 고용민; 권민성; Byeongyong Lee; Seung Woo Lee; 조진한
2016-11Functional nanocomposites with perfect nanoblending between water-soluble polymers and hydrophobic inorganic nanoparticles: applications to electric-stimuli-responsive films김재경; 정상혁; 조진한
2021-09Gram-scale synthesis of rGO wrapped porous α-Fe2O3 as an advanced anode material for Na-ion batteries with superior cyclic stability손정곤; KANDULA SYAM; 배준호; 조진한
2015-10High Order Structure of Polysilsesquioxane: Particles, Electrospun Fibers and Porous Membranes박상희; 알버트 이성수; 조진한; 황승상; 백경열
2022-01Highly aligned aramid nanofibrillar nanocomposites for enhanced dynamic mechanical properties손정곤; 이동근; 조진한; 염봉준
2016-01Immobilization ofsilvernanoparticle-decoratedsilicaparticles on polyamidethin film compositemembranesforantibacterial properties박상희; 고영선; 박성준; 이종석; 조진한; 백경열; 김일태; 우경자; 이정현
2014-06Monomer Concentration Effects to Membrane Performance in Polyamide Thin Film Composite (PA-TFC) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane박상희; 조진한; 이정현; 백경열
2016-04Multicatalic colloids with highly scalable, adjustable, and stable functionalities in organic and aqueous media김재경; 안윤경; 류숙원; 조진한; 김동희; Sanghyuk Cheong
2008-04Nanocomposite membranes containing positively polarized gold nanoparticles for facilitated olefin transport강상욱; 홍진기; 박종혁; 문성현; 김종학; 조진한; 차국헌; 강용수
2014-10Optimized Conditions for High Performance of Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes박상희; 조진한; 이정현; 황승상; 백경열
2021-05Petal-shaped SnO2 free-standing electrodes with electrically conducting layers via a plasma-activated nitrogen doping process for high performance lithium-ion batteries하흥용; 살림 아바스; 신현진; 김태현; 조진한