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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-03Building of occupancy grid map of an autonomous mobile robot based on stereo vision김종협; 최창혁; 송재복; 박성기; 김문상
2018-11Carbon Monoxide as a Promoter of Atomically Dispersed Platinum Catalyst in Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction원다혜; 권한창; 김민호; 조성준; 정민욱; 김한솔; Aleksandar R. Zeradjanin; Karl J. J. Mayrhofer; 최민기; 김형준; 최창혁; Jan-Philipp Grote
2020-07Carbon-Supported IrCoOx nanoparticles as an efficient and stable OER electrocatalyst for practicable CO2 electrolysis채근화; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅희; Hong Nhan Nong; 최창혁; Peter Strasser
2021-01Catalytic & adsorption reactions in chemical ProcessEs (CARPE)김상훈; 이재영; 최창혁
2019-07Effect of Pt introduced on Ru-based electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution activity and stability박경수; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이유리; 이웅희; 이재경; 최창혁
2002-10Global topological map building using local grid maps최창혁; 송재복; 김문상; 정우진
2021-07High crystallinity design of Ir-based catalysts drives catalytic reversibility for water electrolysis and fuel cells채근화; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅희; 고영진; 김정환; 최창혁; 김한성; Peter Strasser
2021-05High Facets on Nanowrinkled Cu via Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene Growth for Efficient CO2 Reduction into Ethanol김선준; 김주예; 박웅현; 최창혁; 김국보; 조경민; 임진규; 아메드 알 사가프; 이삼 게레이그; 이현주; 정우빈; 정유성; 정희태
2020-06Highly selective and scalable CO2 to CO - Electrolysis using coral-nanostructured Ag catalysts in zero-gap configuration민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅희; 고영진; 최용준; 이시영; 최창혁; Peter Strasser
2021-06Highly selective and stackable electrode design for gaseous CO2 electroreduction to ethylene in a zero-gap configuration채근화; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅; 이웅희; 임철완; 이시영; 최창혁
2021-01Identification of Single-Atom Ni Site Active toward Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to CO채근화; 오형석; 원다혜; 김해솔; 신동엽; 양우진; 정민욱; 정동혁; 김선희; 류지연; 이준성; 조성준; 서지원; 김형준; 최창혁
2017-04Morphological and dimensional effect of the graphene as an oxygen reduction reaction catalyst in acidic media정민욱; 최창혁; 우성일
2020-09Operando Stability of Platinum Electrocatalysts in Ammonia Oxidation Reactions채근화; 오형석; 이웅희; 한만호; 김해솔; 양우진; 문준희; 전철호; 김동현; 지상구; 이국성; 서지원; 김형준; 최창혁
2020-09Oxygen Vacancies Induced NiFe-Hydroxide as a Scalable, Efficient, and Stable Electrode for Alkaline Overall Water Splitting채근화; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅; 이웅희; 한만호; 김해솔; 최창혁
2021-04Quantification of Active Site Density and Turnover Frequency: from Single-Atom Metal to Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts오형석; 배근수; 김해솔; 최한솔; 정평화; 김동현; 권한창; 이국성; 최민희; Frederic Jaouen; 최창혁
2021-05Real-time monitoring of electrochemical carbon corrosion in alkaline media오형석; 이웅희; 지상구; 김해솔; 최창혁
2021-03Selective electrochemical reduction of nitric oxide to hydroxylamine by atomically dispersed iron catalyst오형석; 김동현; Stefan Ringe; 김해솔; 김세준; 김범모; 배근수; Frederic Jaouen; 김우열; 김형준; 최창혁
2021-01Selective H2O2 production on surface-oxidized metal-nitrogen-carbon electrocatalysts오형석; 한만호; 석민희; 정민욱; 최창혁
2019-11Theoretical and Experimental Understanding of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Kinetics in Alkaline Electrolytes with Pt-Based Core-Shell Nanocrystals오형석; 김정현; 김해솔; 이원재; Bibi Ruqia; Hionsuck Baik; 백성민; 임형규; 최창혁; 최상일
2002-10Topological map building based on thinning and its application to localization최창혁; 송재복; 정우진; 김문상
2002-06Topological map building for mobile robot navigation최창혁; 이진선; 송재복; 정우진; 김문상; 박성기; 최종석
2002-04Topological map building using local grid maps in unknown environments최창혁; 송재복; 정우진; 김문상
2019-09Turning Harmful Deposition of Metal Impurities into Activation of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalyst toward Durable Electrochemical CO2 Reduction민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅; 원다혜; 이동기; 김찬연; 김웅; 최융기; 최창혁; 윤성호
2021-07Understanding potential-dependent competition between electrocatalytic dinitrogen and proton reduction reactions박현서; 최창혁; 구근호; 노주환; 정유성
2021-11Vertical-crystalline Fe-doped β Ni oxyhydroxides for highly active and stable oxygen evolution reaction오형석; 김병윤; Mrinal Kanti Kabiraz; 이재완; 최창혁; 백현석; 정유성; 최상일; 이광열
2002-09레이저 거리 센서 기술 및 이동로봇 제어에의 응용정우진; 이동희; 최창혁