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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A drastic change in structure and property of TiO₂ thin films deposited by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition with deposition temperature박정훈; 홍국선; Cho Woon Jo
1992-01AIN microstructure evaluation through Hg-porosimetry.이해원; 윤복규; 홍국선
1992-01Composition-control of Mn-Zn ferrite single crystal using a phase diagram제해준; 김인태; 홍국선
1995-01Dependence of compaction behavior of spray-dried ferrite powders on the kinds and concentrations of binder systems홍대영; 변순천; 제해준; 홍국선
1996-04Effect of PbTiO3 concentration on the properties of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 relaxor ferroelectrics - I. Dielectric and pyroelectric properties박재환; 홍국선; 박순자
1995-01Effets of α-Al//2O//3 seeds and alumina sol on α-alumina powder derived from γ-Al//2O//3.임경란; 장진욱; 홍국선; 임창섭
-Electro-Magnetic properties of Mn-Zn ferrite single crystal with small variation of Fe₂O₃ concentrationJe Hae June; Byeon Soon Cheon; 홍국선; 장성도
-Fabrication of YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-//δ/SrTiO//3/YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-//δ trilayer insulaing crossover structuresChang-Hoon Kim; PARK JONG HYEOG; Kim Young Hwan; HAHN TAEK SANG; 홍국선
1994-01Interfacial defects in SiO₂-glass bond during VCR head fabrication윤능구; 황재웅; 고경현; 안재환; 제해준; 홍국선
-Interfacial reactions between Mn-Zn ferrite single crystal and glassesJe Hae June; 홍국선
1993-01Interpretation of stresses in the glass bonded ferrites by Vicker's indentation method안정환; 제해준; 홍국선; 안재환; 고경현
-LiTaO//3 solid solution limit analysis in Li//2O-Al//2O//3-Ta//2O//5 ternary system.Joo Gi Tae; KIM CHONG DON; 홍국선
1993-01Magnetic properties and residual stress developed in Mn-Zn ferrite bonded with glass안정환; 제해준; 홍국선; 안재환; 고경현
1993-01Magnetic property and chemical reaction in the interface of ferrite and glass제해준; 박병원; 홍성현; 홍국선
2000-10Microstructure and property relationship of laser ablated YBCO thin films from modified melt-textured grown targets김창훈; 한택상; 홍국선
1996-04-30Mn-Zn페라이트 단결정 성장방법장성도; 제해준; 홍국선
1996-04-30Mn-Zn페라이트 단결정 성장주기 단축 방법장성도; 제해준; 홍국선
1996-01-25Mn-Zn페라이트 단결정 제조방법장성도; 제해준; 홍국선
1997-04Origin of the initial permeability of manganese-zinc ferrite polycrystals변순천; 고경현; 홍국선; 제해준
1992-01Phase changes of vanadium oxide thin films선우진호; 신인하; 고경현; 안재환; 제해준; 홍국선
1993-01Preparation of sintered ATZ by sol-gel progress and properties.임경란; 박선진; 홍국선; 전형우
-Pulsed laser deposition of YBCO thin films using modified melt-textured grown targetsChang-Hoon Kim; KIM IN TAY; 홍국선; Kim Young Hwan; CHOI SANG SAM; HAHN TAEK SANG
1992-01Raman Spectroscopy of the Solid Solution Limit in Li_(1-x)Al_(2x)Ta(1-x)O₃ system주기태; 김정돈; 홍국선
1996-01Simultaneous measurements of polarization and strain under electric field in ferroelectric ceramics박재환; 홍국선; 박순자
1995-05Spray drying of ferrite powders and the characteristics of the granule변순천; 제해준; 홍국선
1996-01Structure and properties of LiTaO//3 type solid solutions in Li//2O-Al//2O//3-Ta//2O//5 ternary system.김정돈; 홍국선; 주기태
-Structure and thermal analysis of LiTaO//3 ceramics substituted with trivalent cations.Joo Gi Tae; KIM CHONG DON; 장성도; 홍국선
-TEM study on a-axis outgrowth formation in с-axis oriented YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin filmsChang-Hoon Kim; HAHN TAEK SANG; 홍국선
1996-04Temperature dependence of the electric-field-induced strains in PMN-based relaxor ferroelectrics박재환; 홍국선; 박순자
1995-01The effect of adding process of Zn(NO//3)//2 on the coprecipitation of (Zr**4**+, Ti**4**+)-hydroxides in the presence of SnO//2 particles.임경란; 장진욱; 홍국선; 박순자