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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-01A brain tumor-homing tetra-peptide delivers a nano-therapeutic for more effective treatment of a mouse model of glioblastomaKang, Rae Hyung; Jang, Jeong-Eun; Huh, Eugene; Kang, Seong Jae; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Kang, Jae Seung; Sailor, Michael J.; Yeo, Seung Geun; Oh, Myung Sook; Kim, Dokyoung; Kim, Hyo Young
2015-04A dual-responsive pH-sensor and its potential as a universal probe for assays of pH-changing enzymesThai, Hien Bao Dieu; Yu, Jin Kyung; Park, Yeon-Joon; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2016-03-15A fluorogenic substrate of beta-lactamases and its potential as a probe to detect the bacteria resistant to the third-generation oxyimino-cephalosporinsThai, Hien Bao Dieu; Yu, Jin Kyung; Park, Byung Sun; Park, Yeon-Joon; Min, Sun-Joon; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2012-06A highly sensitive, multiplex immunoassay using gold nanoparticle-enhanced signal amplificationHan, Ki-Cheol; Yang, Eun Gyeong; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2015-03A microwell plate-based multiplex immunoassay for simultaneous quantitation of antibodies to infectious virusesJeong, Min-Suk; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2013-03-15A multivalent peptide as an activator of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alphaKwon, Hyuk Sung; Park, Jiae; Park, Yong Keun; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2011-01A novel real-time PCR method based on signaling-by-incorporationKim, Da-Rae; Ahn, Hee-Chul; Lee, Won-Ja; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2020-01-21A self-assembled DNA tetrahedron as a carrier for in vivo liver-specific delivery of siRNAKim, Kyoung-Ran; Jegal, Hyun; Kim, Junghyun; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2010-12An Approach to Multiplexing an Immunosorbent Assay with Antibody-Oligonucleotide ConjugatesHan, Ki-Cheol; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Yang, Eun Gyeong
2014-08-20An Immunoassay Utilizing DNA-Coated Cage Protein As a Signal GeneratorHoang, Hoa T.; Le, Hoa Thi; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Ahn, Hyung Jun; Kim, Tae Woo; Shin, Mee Ran; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2013-05-01An immunoassay utilizing the DNA-coated polydiacetylene micelles as a signal generatorHoang, Hoa Thi; Lee, Taemin; Kim, Byeong-Su; Han, Ki-Cheol; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2007-08-13An RNase H-assisted fluorescent biosensor for aptamersAhn, Dae-Ro; Yang, Eun Gyeong
2007-01-01ATP-conjugated peptide inhibitors for calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IIAhn, Dae-Ro; Han, Ki-Cheol; Kwon, Hyuk Sung; Yang, Eun Gyeong
2017-03-01Backbone-modified oligonucleotides for tuning the cellular uptake behaviour of spherical nucleic acidsSong, Woo Chul; Kim, Kyoung-Ran; Park, Miri; Lee, Kyung Eun; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2008-07Baicalein induces functional hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha and angiogenesisCho, Hyunju; Lee, Ho-Youl; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Kim, Sang Yoon; Kim, Sunyun; Lee, Keun Byeol; Lee, You Mie; Park, Hyunsung; Yang, Eun Gyeong
2016-04Biophysical and chemical handles to control the size of DNA nanoparticles produced by rolling circle amplificationLee, So Yeon; Kim, Kyoung-Ran; Bang, Duhee; Bae, Se Won; Kim, Hak Joong; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2021-01Chimeric crRNAs Retaining Activity of Cas12a with Potential to Improve SpecificityPark, Jihyun; Choi, Jaewoo; Men Thi Hoai Duong; Ahn, Hee-Chul; Hong, Seung Woo; Hwang, Gil Tae; An, Jinsu; Chung, Hak Suk; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2019-03Chimeric crRNAs with 19 DNA residues in the guide region show the retained DNA cleavage activity of Cas9 with potential to improve the specificityKim, Hyo Young; Kang, Seong Jae; Jeon, Yongmoon; An, Jinsu; Park, Jihyun; Lee, Hee Jae; Jang, Jeong-Eun; Ahn, JongSeong; Bang, Duhee; Chung, Hak Suk; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2022-05Cholesterol-Mediated Seeding of Protein Corona on DNA Nanostructures for Targeted Delivery of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics to Treat Liver FibrosisKim, Kyoung-Ran; Kim, Junghyun; Back, Ji Hyun; Lee, Ji Eun; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2015-06-26Discovery of a non-cationic cell penetrating peptide derived from membrane-interacting human proteins and its potential as a protein delivery carrierKim, Hyo Young; Yum, Soo Young; Jang, Goo; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2013-03Drug delivery by a self-assembled DNA tetrahedron for overcoming drug resistance in breast cancer cellsKim, Kyoung-Ran; Kim, Da-Rae; Lee, Taemin; Yhee, Ji Young; Kim, Byeong-Su; Kwon, Ick Chan; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2013-12-15Elongated oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay for sensitive detection of a biomarker in a microwell plate-based platformHan, Ki-Cheol; Yang, Eun Gyeong; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2016-01Fluorogenic nanoreactor assembly with boosted sensing kinetics for timely imaging of cellular hydrogen peroxideHeo, Jeongyun; Lim, Chang-Keun; Kim, Youngsun; Cho, Hong-Jun; Lee, Yong-Deok; Maeng, Joon-Ho; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Lee, Sangyoup; Bang, Joona; Park, Soo Young; Kim, Sehoon
2011-06Generation of multiplicity in immunoassaysAhn, Dae-Ro
2009-08-01HIF-1 alpha peptide derivatives with modifications at the hydroxyproline residue as activators of HIF-1 alphaAhn, Dae-Ro; Kim, Sang Yoon; Lee, Myong Jin; Yang, Eun Gyeong
2015-02-15Highly sensitive detection of a bio-threat pathogen by gold nanoparticle-based oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assaySeo, Sang-Hwan; Lee, Young-Ran; Jeon, Jun Ho; Hwang, Yi-Rang; Park, Pil-Gu; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Han, Ki-Cheol; Rhie, Gi-Eun; Hong, Kee-Jong
2019-03Highly tumor-specific DNA nanostructures discovered by in vivo screening of a nucleic acid cage library and their applications in tumor-targeted drug deliveryKim, Kyoung-Ran; Kang, Seong Jae; Lee, A-Young; Hwang, Dohyeon; Park, Miri; Park, Haedong; Kim, Sanghee; Hur, Kahyun; Chung, Hak Suk; Mao, Chengde; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2023-10Human β-Defensin 23 as a Carrier for In Vitro and In Vivo Delivery of mRNAKim Kyoung-Ran; Kim Junghyun; Cho, Seunghye; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2017-09-01In vitro and in vivo behavior of DNA tetrahedrons as tumor-targeting nanocarriers for doxorubicin deliveryKang, Ji Hee; Kim, Kyoung-Ran; Lee, Hyukjin; Ahn, Dae-Ro; Ko, Young Tag
2011-07-15Inhibition of a prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) by substrate analog peptidesKwon, Hyuk Sung; Choi, Yien Kyoung; Kim, Jeong Won; Park, Yong Keun; Yang, Eun Gyeong; Ahn, Dae-Ro