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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Assessment of p-nitroso dimethylaniline (pNDA) suitability as a hydroxyl radical probe: Investigating bleaching mechanism using immobilized zero-valent iron nanoparticlesMortazavian, Soroosh; Bandala, Erick R.; Bae, Jee Hwan; Chun, Dongwon; Moon, Jaeyun
2020-01Bulk Micromachining of Si by Annealing-Driven Magnetically Guided Metal-Assisted Chemical EtchingKim, Tae Kyoung; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kim, Juyoung; Kim, Yu-Chan; Jin, Sungho; Chun, Dong Won
2018-12Characterization of Cr (VI) - Containing solid phase particles in dry dust deposition in Daejeon, South KoreaLee, Pyeong-Koo; Chang, Hye Jung; Yu, Soonyoung; Chae, Keun Hwa; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kang, Min-Ju; Chae, Gitak
2020-08Curved Structure of Si by Improving Etching Direction Controllability in Magnetically Guided Metal-Assisted Chemical EtchingKim, Tae Kyoung; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kim, Juyoung; Cho, Min Kyung; Kim, Yu-Chan; Jin, Sungho; Chun, Dongwon
2021-08Development of a highly active Fe-N-C catalyst with the preferential formation of atomic iron sites for oxygen reduction in alkaline and acidic electrolytesMehmood, Asad; Ali, Basit; Gong, Mengjun; Kim, Min Gyu; Kim, Ji-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kucernak, Anthony; Kang, Yong-Mook; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2019-08Effect of Pt and FePt Layer Thickness on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of L1(0) FePt Films With Perpendicular AnisotropyBae, Jee Hwan; Kim, Tae Kyoung; Kim, Hyeon Min; Hong, Jae-Young; Kim, Ji-Young; Cho, Min Kyung; Kim, Gyeung Ho; Ha, Heon-Young; Chun, Dong Won
2021-12Effect of tellurium on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-14Cr oxide-dispersion-strengthened steels produced by additive manufacturingArkhurst, B.M.; Bae, Jee Hwan; Na, M.Y.; Chang, H.J.; Kim, H.G.; Kim, I.H.; Ryu, H.J.; Kim, J.H.
2021-08Effects of Cr doping on structural and electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 nanostructure for sodium-ion battery anodeGong, Sang Hyuk; Lee, Ji Hyeon; Chun, Dong Won; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kim, Sung-Chul; Yu, Seungho; Nahm, Sahn; Kim, Hyung-Seok
2019-08Heat-treated biochar impregnated with zero-valent iron nanoparticles for organic contaminants removal from aqueous phase: Material characterizations and kinetic studiesMortazavian, Soroosh; Jones-Lepp, Tammy; Bae, Jee Hwan; Chun, Dongwon; Bandala, Erick R.; Moon, Jaeyun
2023-10Imidazole linker-induced covalent triazine framework-ZIF hybrids for confined hollow carbon super-heterostructures toward a long-life supercapacitorMadagonda M. Vadiyar; Kim, Ji Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2021-06Large-Area Bernal-Stacked Bilayer Graphene Film on a Uniformly Rough Cu Surface via Chemical Vapor DepositionSon, Myungwoo; Jang, Jaewon; Kim, Gi-Hwan; Lee, Ji-Hwan; Chun, Dong Won; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kim, In S.; Ham, Moon-Ho; Chee, Sang-Soo
2022-03Metastable hexagonal close-packed palladium hydride in liquid cell TEMHong, Jaeyoung; Bae, Jee Hwan; Jo, Hyesung; Park, Hee-Young; Lee, Sehyun; Hong, Sung Jun; Chun, Hoje; Cho, Min Kyung; Kim, Juyoung; Kim, Joodeok; Son, Yongju; Jin, Haneul; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Kim, Sung-Chul; Roh, Ha-Kyung; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Kim, Hyung-Seok; Chung, Kyung Yoon; YOON, CHANG WON; Lee, Kiryeong; KIM SEO HEE; Ahn, Jae-Pyoung; Baik, Hionsuck; Kim, Gyeung Ho; Han, Byungchan; Jin, Sungho; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Park, Jungwon; Son, Chang Yun; Yang, Yongsoo; Lee, Young-Su; Yoo, Sung Jong; Chun, Dong Won
2018-08Molybdenum Effects on Pitting Corrosion Resistance of FeCrMnMoNC Austenitic Stainless SteelsHa, Heon-Young; Lee, Tae-Ho; Bae, Jee Hwan; Chun, Dong Won
2022-06MoO3@MoS2 Core-Shell Structured Hybrid Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion BatteriesFaizan, Muhammad; Hussain, Sajjad; Islam, Mobinul; Kim, Ji-Young; Han, Daseul; Bae, Jee Hwan; Vikraman, Dhanasekaran; Ali, Basit; Abbas, Saleem; Kim, Hyun-Seok; Singh, Aditya Narayan; Jung, Jongwan; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2020-12NaFeSnO4: Tunnel structured anode material for rechargeable sodium-ion batteriesBhange, Deu S.; Anang, Daniel A.; Ali, Ghulam; Park, Jae-Ho; Kim, Ji-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Yoon, Woo Young; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2020-03NaFeTiO4: A novel visible light active photocatalyst for water splitting and environmental remediationShinde, Deepali S.; Bhange, Pallavi D.; Arbuj, Sudhir S.; Kim, Ji-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Tayade, Shivaji N.; Bhange, Deu S.
2020-08Nanoscale light element identification using machine learning aided STEM-EDSKim, Hong-Kyu; Ha, Heon-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Cho, Min Kyung; Kim, Juyoung; Han, Jeongwoo; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Lee, Tae-Ho; Jang, Jae Hoon; Chun, Dongwon
2022-09Real-Time Monitoring of the Dehydrogenation Behavior of a Mg2FeH6-MgH2 Composite by In Situ Transmission Electron MicroscopyKim, Juyoung; Fadonougbo, Julien O.; Bae, Jee Hwan; Cho, Min Kyung; Hong, Jaeyoung; Cho, Young Whan; Roh, Jong Wook; Kim, Gyeung Ho; Han, Jun Hyun; Lee, Young-Su; Cho, Jung Young; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Chun, Dong Won
2024-06Revealing the Hidden Role of Radical Scavengers: Unraveling the Key to Tailoring the Formation of the hcp PdHx Phase in Graphene Liquid CellsHong, Jaeyoung; Kim, Juyoung; Bae, Jee Hwan; Jin, Haneul; Lee, Su Kyong; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Lee, Young-Su; Chun, Dong Won
2020-12Self-Bondable and Stretchable Conductive Composite Fibers with Spatially Controlled Percolated Ag Nanoparticle Networks: Novel Integration Strategy for Wearable ElectronicsKwon, Chaebeen; Seong, Duhwan; Ha, Jeongdae; Chun, Dongwon; Bae, Jee Hwan; Yoon, Kukro; Lee, Minkyu; Woo, Janghoon; Won, Chihyeong; Lee, Seungmin; Mei, Yongfeng; Jang, Kyung-In; Son, Donghee; Lee, Taeyoon
2019-02-14Shape and Composition Analysis of InxGa1-xAs Quantum Dots by Atom Probe TomographyLEE, JI YEONG; Shim Cheol-Hwee; Ji Hun Kim; PARK, GI HOON; Bae, Jee Hwan; Yanghee, Kim; Hye Jung Chang; Ahn, Jae Pyoung
-Single Dust Particle Analysis to Trace the OriginBae, Jee Hwan; Min Kyung Cho; Lee Pyeong-Koo; Cho Hye Young; Hye Jung Chang
2018-02Strain-engineered allotrope-like bismuth nanowires for enhanced thermoelectric performanceKim, Jeongmin; Oh, Min-Wook; Kim, Gwansik; Bahk, Je-Hyeong; Song, Jae Yong; Jeon, Seong Gi; Chun, Dong Won; Bae, Jee Hwan; Shim, Wooyoung; Lee, Wooyoung
2019-01Synthesis, characterization, and kinetic study of activated carbon modified by polysulfide rubber coating for aqueous hexavalent chromium removalMortazavian, Soroosh; Saber, Ali; Hong, Jaeyoung; Bae, Jee Hwan; Chun, Dongwon; Wong, Nicolas; Gerrity, Daniel; Batista, Jacimaria; Kim, Kwang J.; Moon, Jaeyun
2019-04-25다변량 통계분석법을 이용한 고질소강에서의 Cr2N 석출상 공핍영역 검출Bae, Jee Hwan; 장재훈; 이태호; 하헌영; Hong Kyu Kim; Jeong Young Woo; Kim, Gyeung Ho; Juyoung Kim; 이규형; Chun Dong Won