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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08Auger electron spectroscopy investigation of the chemical shifts of tin and tin oxidesChoi, WK; Cho, JS; Cho, J; Choi, SC; Jung, HJ; Koh, SK; Lee, CM; Jeong, K
2001-10Change in electrical characteristics of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based self-assembled devices by addition of ionic salt to poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate)Cho, J; Char, K; Kim, SY; Hong, JD; Kim, DY; Lee, KB
2001-12Change in quantum efficiency of self-assembled films based on PPV and ionic salt added PSSCho, J; Char, K; Hong, JD; Kim, DY
2002-08Change in the quantum efficiency due to relative thickness variation of hole transport and emitting layers in a self-assembled deviceCho, J; Char, K; Kim, DY
1998-07Dependence of dielectric-cap quantum-well disordering of GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-well structure on the hydrogen content in SiNx capping layerChoi, WJ; Han, SM; Shah, SI; Choi, SG; Woo, DH; Lee, S; Kim, SH; Lee, JI; Kang, KN; Cho, J
2000-05Dependence of quantum well disordering of InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum well structures on the various combinations of semiconductor-dielectric capping layersYi, HT; Cho, J; Choi, WJ; Woo, DH; Kim, SH; Kang, KN
2000-12Effect of added ionic salt on the quantum efficiency of self-assembled films prepared with poly( p-phenylene vinylene)Cho, J; Char, K; Kim, SY; Hong, JD; Lee, SK; Kim, DY
2003-10Effects of H-2 annealing treatment on photoluminescence and structure of ZnO : Al/Al2O3 grown by radio-frequency magnetron sputteringCho, J; Yoon, KH; Oh, MS; Choi, WK
2000-11Electronic characteristics of self-assembled hybrid devices based on PPV and CdS nanoparticlesCho, J; Char, K; Hong, JD; Kim, D
2001-10-01Enhancement of photoluminescence and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film grown on alpha-Al2O3(0001) single-crystal substrate by rf magnetron sputtering through rapid thermal annealingCho, J; Nah, J; Oh, MS; Song, JH; Yoon, KH; Jung, HJ; Choi, WK
2000-06Hydrophilic surface formation on materials and its applicationsCho, JS; Beag, YW; Han, S; Kim, KH; Cho, J; Koh, SK
2005-05Influence of extracellular polymeric substances on membrane fouling and cleaning in a submerged membrane bioreactorNuengjamnong, C; Kweon, JH; Cho, J; Ahn, KH; Polprasert, C
2001-02-02Measurement of sheath expansion in plasma source ion implantationKim, YW; Kim, GH; Han, S; Lee, Y; Cho, J; Rhee, SY
2005-07-10Membrane fouling caused by extracellular polymeric substances during microfiltration processesNuengjamnong, C; Kweon, JH; Cho, J; Polprasert, C; Ahn, KH
2001-07Microstructural and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown on InSb (111) substratesKim, TW; Lee, DU; Choo, DC; Lee, JH; Jung, M; Cho, J; Seo, KY; Yoon, YS
2002-09-10Modeling of submerged membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatmentLee, Y; Cho, J; Seo, Y; Lee, JW; Ahn, KH
2003-01Modification of ASM no.1 for a submerged membrane bioreactor system: including the effects of soluble microbial products on membrane foulingCho, J; Ahn, KH; Seo, Y; Lee, Y
2005-03Neuroprotective and antioxidant effects of the ethyl acetate fraction prepared from Tussilago farfara L.Cho, J; Kim, HM; Ryu, JH; Jeong, YS; Lee, YS; Jin, C
2003-03-07Neuroprotective effects of antioxidative flavonoids, quercetin, (+)-dihydroquercetin and quercetin 3-methyl ether, isolated from Opuntia ficus-indica var. sabotenDok-Go, H; Lee, HH; Kim, HJ; Lee, EH; Lee, JY; Song, YS; Lee, YH; Jin, CB; Lee, YS; Cho, J
2001-04Plasma source ion implantation for ultrashallow junctions: Low energy and high dose rateCho, J; Han, S; Lee, Y; Kim, OK; Kim, GH; Kim, YW; Lim, H; Jung, HS
2005-09Quantitative analysis of biological effect on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactorCho, J; Song, KG; Yun, H; Ahn, KH; Kim, JY; Chung, TH
2002-10-22Reduction in surface resistivity of polymers by plasma source ion implantationLim, H; Lee, Y; Han, S; Kim, Y; Cho, J; Kim, K
2001-08Surface characterization of polymers modified by keV and MeV ion beamsLee, Y; Han, S; Lim, H; Jung, H; Cho, J; Kim, Y
2001-07Surface treatment and characterization of PMMA, PHEMA, and PHPMALim, H; Lee, Y; Han, S; Cho, J; Kim, KJ
2002-08-01The effect of plasma exposure and annealing atmosphere on shallow junction formation using plasma source ion implantationCho, J; Han, S; Lee, Y; Kim, OK; Kim, GH; Kim, YW; Lim, H
2001-02-02The measurement of nitrogen ion species ratio in inductively coupled plasma source ion implantationCho, J; Han, S; Lee, Y; Kim, OK; Kim, GH; Kim, YW; Lim, H; Suh, M
1998-12Thin film growth and surface modification by keV ion beamChoi, SC; Park, YW; Choi, WK; Kim, KH; Cho, JS; Han, S; Cho, J; Jung, S; Han, YG; Yoo, BK; Jung, HJ; Koh, SK