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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-056-MV KIST Tandem Ion AcceleratorPark, D. H.; Ie, S. Y.; Chae, K. H.; Hong, K. T.; Coi, W. K.; Song, J. H.; Choi, J. W.
2019-11-13An innovative magnetic state generator using machine learning techniquesKwon, H. Y.; Kim, N. J.; Lee, C. K.; Yoon, H. G.; Choi, J. W.; Won, C.
2006-09Characteristics of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films for microwave tunable device applicationsCho, K. H.; Ha, J. Y.; Choi, J. W.; Kim, J. S.; Yoon, S. J.; Kang, C. Y.; Lee, Y. P.
2019-12-06Creation and annihilation of topological meron pairs in in-plane magnetized filmsGao, N.; Je, S. -G.; Im, M. -Y.; Choi, J. W.; Yang, M.; Li, Q.; Wang, T. Y.; Lee, S.; Han, H. -S.; Lee, K. -S.; Chao, W.; Hwang, C.; Li, J.; Qiu, Z. Q.
2020-09Creation of skyrmions in van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 on (Co/Pd)(n) superlatticeYang, M.; Li, Q.; Chopdekar, R., V; Dhall, R.; Turner, J.; Carlstrom, J. D.; Ophus, C.; Klewe, C.; Shafer, P.; NDiaye, A. T.; Choi, J. W.; Chen, G.; Wu, Y. Z.; Hwang, C.; Wang, F.; Qiu, Z. Q.
2011-11Development of adsorbent for the simultaneous removal of organic and inorganic contaminants from aqueous solutionChoi, J. W.; Chung, S. G.; Hong, S. W.; Kim, D. J.; Lee, S. H.
2013-05Electrical and Optical Properties of Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO) Thin Films by Continuous Composition SpreadLee, J. J.; Kim, J. S.; Yoon, S. J.; Cho, Y. S.; Choi, J. W.
2012-03Enhancement of electrical properties in Al-doped ZnO films by tuning dc bias voltage during radio frequency magnetron sputteringNo, Y. S.; Park, D. H.; Kim, T. W.; Choi, J. W.; Angadi, B.; Choi, W. K.
2007-02Formation and interface analysis of Ti/Ni/Ti/Au ohmic contacts on n-type 6H-SiCLee, J. W.; Angadi, Basavaraj; Park, H. C.; Park, D. H.; Choi, J. W.; Choi, W. K.; Kim, T. W.
2012-03High removal of phosphate from wastewater using silica sulfateJutidamrongphan, W.; Park, K. Y.; Dockko, S.; Choi, J. W.; Lee, S. H.
2020-09Magnetic Hamiltonian parameter estimation using deep learning techniquesKwon, H. Y.; Yoon, H. G.; Lee, C.; Chen, G.; Liu, K.; Schmid, A. K.; Wu, Y. Z.; Choi, J. W.; Won, C.
2009-10Negative thermal quenching in undoped ZnO and Ga-doped ZnO film grown on c-Al2O3 (0001) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxyChoi, W. K.; Park, H. C.; Angadi, B.; Jung, Y. S.; Choi, J. W.
2007-03-07Oxygen plasma treated epitaxial ZnO thin films for Schottky ultraviolet detectionAngadi, Basavaraj; Park, H. C.; Choi, H. W.; Choi, J. W.; Choi, W. K.
2007-10-01Photoluminescence of Ga-doped ZnO film grown on c-Al2O3 (0001) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxyPark, H. C.; Byun, D.; Angadi, B.; Park, D. Hee; Choi, W. K.; Choi, J. W.; Jung, Y. S.
2012-07Processes Aaffecting Fate of Toluene During Transport Through Quartz SandChung, S. G.; Kim, D. J.; Choi, J. W.; Lee, S. H.
2011-10Substrate Interactions Between Toluene and Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) During Microbial Degradation by Pseudomonas putidaLee, S. G.; Kim, D. J.; Choi, J. W.; Lee, S. H.
2018-02The spin structures of interlayer coupled magnetic films with opposite chiralityKang, S. P.; Kim, N. J.; Kwon, H. Y.; Choi, J. W.; Min, B. C.; Won, C.
2009-10-19Zn1-xBixO (0 <= x <= 0.02) for thermoelectric power generationsPark, K.; Choi, J. W.; Kim, S. -J.; Kim, G. H.; Cho, Y. S.