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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-09A new linearizing restriction in the pattern matching problemHan, YS; Wood, D
1997-02-28Analysis of phosphopeptides by capillary electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser-desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometryYoo, YS; Han, YS; Suh, MJ; Park, J
2003-06-13Association of hepatitis B virus polymerase with promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies mediated by the S100 family protein p11Choi, J; Chang, JS; Song, MS; Ahn, BY; Park, YI; Lim, DS; Han, YS
2001-07-15Biochemical characterization of a novel hypoxanthine/xanthine dNTP pyrophosphatase from Methanococcus jannaschiiChung, JH; Back, JH; Park, YI; Han, YS
1997-04-07Cloning and expression of superoxide dismutase from Aquifex pyrophilus, a hyperthermophilic bacteriumLim, JH; Yu, YG; Choi, IG; Ryu, JR; Ahn, BY; Kim, SH; Han, YS
2004-09-01Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome library from electrochemical microorganismsBack, JH; Kim, MS; Cho, H; Chang, IS; Lee, JY; Kim, KS; Kim, BH; Park, YI; Han, YS
2001-09-14Direct nanowiring of carbon nanotubes for highly integrated electronic and spintronic devicesLee, YH; Jang, YT; Choi, CH; Kim, DH; Lee, CW; Lee, JE; Han, YS; Yoon, SS; Shin, JK; Kim, ST; Kim, EK; Ju, BK
2001-02Effect of sliver addition on formation of secondary phases in squeeze cast Al-Cu-MgalloysKim, YC; Kim, DH; Kim, WT; Han, YS; Lee, HI
2003-05Endonuclease IV enhances base excision repair of endonuclease III from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicumBack, JH; Chung, JH; Park, YI; Kim, KS; Han, YS
2004-10-06Enhancement of lipase activity from Acinetobacter species SY-01 by random mutagenesis and the role of lipase-specific chaperoneHan, SJ; Chung, JH; Cheong, CS; Chung, IY; Han, YS
2003-05Expression and characterization of a novel enantioselective lipase from Acinetobacter species SY-01Han, SJ; Back, JH; Yoon, MY; Shin, PK; Cheong, CS; Sung, MH; Hong, SP; Chung, IY; Han, YS
2002-08Expression of the active human and duck hepatitis B virus polymerases in heterologous system of Pichia methanolicaChoi, J; Kim, EE; Park, JI; Han, YS
1996Human computer competition in game situation: Motion planning for boxingPark, SM; Hwang, YK; Lee, S; Kang, S; Cho, KR; Han, YS; Kim, MS; Lee, CW
2006-04Infix-free regular expressions and languagesHan, YS; Wang, YJ; Wood, D
2004-02Isolation of an Acinetobacter junii SY-01 strain producing an extracellular lipase enantioselectively hydrolyzing Itraconazole precursor, and some properties of the lipaseYoon, MY; Shin, PK; Han, YS; Lee, SH; Park, JK; Cheong, CS
2003-09-30Molecular cloning and characterization of an NADPH quinone oxidoreductase from Kluyveromyces marxianusKim, WH; Chung, JH; Back, JH; Choi, JY; Cha, JH; Koh, HY; Han, YS
2001-06Molecular cloning and characterization of thermostable DNA ligase from Aquifex pyrophilus, a hyperthermophilic bacteriumLim, JH; Choi, J; Han, SJ; Kim, SH; Hwang, HZ; Jin, DK; Ahn, BY; Han, YS
2001-10Mutational effects on thermostable superoxide dismutase from Aquifex pyrophilus: Understanding the molecular basis of protein thermostabilityLim, JH; Hwang, KY; Choi, JY; Lee, DY; Ahn, BYY; Cho, YJ; Kim, KS; Han, YS
1997-08Random sequence analysis of genomic DNA of a hyperthermophile: Aquifex pyrophilusChoi, IG; Kim, SS; Ryu, JR; Han, YS; Bang, WG; Kim, SH; Yu, YG
1999-08Random sequence analysis of the genomic DNA of Methanopyrus kandleri and molecular cloning of the gene encoding a homologue of the catalytic subunit of carbon monoxide dehydrogenaseShin, HS; Ryu, JR; Han, YS; Choi, YJ; Yu, YG
2001-07-12Repair activities of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus, a hyperthermophilic archaeonChung, JH; Suh, MJ; Park, YI; Tainer, JA; Han, YS
2006-03Shorter regular expressions from finite-state automataHan, YS; Wood, D
2002-10Stereochemical control in diastereoselective reduction of alpha-substituted-beta-ketoesters using a reductase purified from Kluyveromyces marxianusCha, JH; Pae, AN; Choi, KI; Cho, YS; Kim, WH; Han, YS; Yun, HC; Lee, JS; Koh, HY; Lee, L
1999-04-23Structural basis for cold adaptation - Sequence, biochemical properties, and crystal structure of malate dehydrogenase from a psychrophile Aquaspirillium arcticumKim, SY; Hwang, KY; Kim, SH; Sung, HC; Han, YS; Cho, YJ
1999-07Structure-based identification of a novel NTPase from Methanococcus jannaschiiHwang, KY; Chung, JH; Kim, SH; Han, YS; Cho, YJ
2005-08T-type calcium channel trigger p21(ras) signaling pathway to ERK in Ca(v)3.1-expressed HEK293 cellsChoi, JY; Park, JH; Kwon, OY; Kim, S; Chung, JH; Lim, DS; Kim, KS; Rhim, H; Han, YS
2004-11-05The biochemical activation of T-type Ca2+ channels in HEK293 cells stably expressing alpha(1G) and Kir2.1 subunitsKim, T; Choi, J; Kim, S; Kwon, O; Nah, SY; Han, YS; Rhim, H
1997-07-11The crystal structure of an Fe-superoxide dismutase from the hyperthermophile Aquifex pyrophilus at 1.9 angstrom resolution: Structural basis for thermostabilityLim, JH; Yu, YG; Han, YS; Cho, SJ; Ahn, BY; Kim, SH; Cho, YJ
2002-06-04Thermostable hydantoinase from a hyperthermophilic archaeon, Methanococcus jannaschiiChung, JH; Back, JH; Lim, JH; Park, YI; Han, YS