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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07A fluoroalkyl iodide additive for Li-O2 battery electrolytes enables stable cycle life and high reversibilityJeong, Min-Gi; Lee, Hyun Ho; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Jeong, Yeseul; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kwak, Won-Jin; Oh, Gwangseok; Kim, Wonkeun; Ryu, Kyounghan; Yu, Seungho; Lim, Hee-Dae; Lee, Minah; Jung, Hun-Gi
2019-10-07A new P2-type layered oxide cathode with superior full-cell performances for K-ion batteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Jongsoon; Yu, Tae-Yeon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, JaeKook; Kim, Kwang-Ho; Sun, Yang-Kook
2022-09A nitrogen-doped amorphous/graphitic hybrid carbon material derived from a sustainable resource for low-cost K-ion battery anodesJeong, Yeseul; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Oh, Gwangeon; Alfaruqi, Muhammad Hilmy; Ahmed, Mohammad Shamsuddin; Mathew, Vinod; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Jaekook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2019-02Carbon-Free TiO2 Microspheres as Anode Materials for Sodium Ion BatteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Du, Hoang-Long; Yun, Bin-Na; Jeong, Min-Gi; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Hyoungchul; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2024-06Experimental and computational optimization of Prussian blue analogues as high-performance cathodes for sodium-ion batteries: A reviewOh, Gwangeon; Kim, Junghoon; Kansara, Shivam; Kang, Hyokyeong; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2022-05Geometrical engineering of a SPAN-graphene composite cathode for practical Li-S batteriesKim, Hun; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Bang, Sangin; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2020-07-21High-energy O3-Na1-2xCax[Ni0.5Mn0.5]O(2)cathodes for long-life sodium-ion batteriesYu, Tae-Yeon; Kim, Jongsoon; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Hyungsub; Han, Geumjae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2019-05-15High-performance Ti-doped O3-type Na[Ti-x(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)(1-x)]O-2 cathodes for practical sodium-ion batteriesYu, Tae-Yeon; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Bae, In Tae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2017-02-14Improved electrochemical performance of boron-doped carbon-coated lithium titanate as an anode material for sodium-ion batteriesYun, Bin-Na; Du, Hoang Long; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-06-11Long-Lasting Solid Electrolyte Interphase for Stable Li-Metal BatteriesLee, Seon Hwa; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Ming, Jun; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-11Multiscale Understanding of Covalently Fixed Sulfur-Polyacrylonitrile Composite as Advanced Cathode for Metal-Sulfur BatteriesAhmed, Mohammad Shamsuddin; Lee, Suyeong; Agostini, Marco; Jeong, Min-Gi; Jung, Hun-Gi; Ming, Jun; Sun, Yang-Kook; Kim, Jaekook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2020-01Nano/Microstructured Silicon-Carbon Hybrid Composite Particles Fabricated with Corn Starch Biowaste as Anode Materials for Li-Ion BatteriesKwon, Hyun Jung; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Jeong, Min-Gi; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2015-04Radially aligned hierarchical columnar structure as a cathode material for high energy density sodium-ion batteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Oh, Seung-Min; Myung, Seung-Taek; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Belharouak, Ilias; Sun, Yang-Kook
2024-01Relaxation of Stress Propagation in Alloying-Type Sn Anodes for K-Ion BatteriesKang, Hyokyeong; Kang, Hyuk; Piao, Junji; Xu, Xieyu; Liu, Yangyang; Xiong, Shizhao; Lee, Seunggyeong; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Jaekook; Sun, Yang-Kook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2017-12-20Self-assembled nickel-cobalt oxide microspheres from rods with enhanced electrochemical performance for sodium ion batteryIslam, Mobinul; Jeong, Min-Gi; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Oh, In-Hwan; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2018-05-30Stabilization of Lithium-Metal Batteries Based on the in Situ Formation of a Stable Solid Electrolyte Interphase LayerPark, Seong-Jin; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Yoon, Chong S.; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2022-01Stable Solid Electrolyte Interphase for Long-Life Potassium Metal BatteriesPark, Jimin; Jeong, Yeseul; Alfaruqi, Muhammad Hilmy; Liu, Yangyang; Xu, Xieyu; Xiong, Shizhao; Jeong, Min Gi; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Jaekook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Sun, Yang-Kook
2022-02Sulfurized Carbon Composite with Unprecedentedly High Tap Density for Sodium StorageJo, Chang-Heum; Yu, Jun Ho; Kim, Hee Jae; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Ji-Young; Jung, Hun-Gi; Myung, Seung-Taek
2020-09Sustainable Encapsulation Strategy of Silicon Nanoparticles in Microcarbon Sphere for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery AnodeShin, Hyeon-Ji; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kwon, Hyun Jung; Kwak, Won-Jin; Kim, Sang-Ok; Kim, Hyung-Seok; Jung, Hun-Gi
2020-05Toward the Sustainable Lithium Metal Batteries with a New Electrolyte Solvation ChemistryLee, Seon Hwa; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Ming, Jun; Cao, Zhen; Hoang Anh Nguyen; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Jaekook; Sun, Yang-Kook