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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-12A biomimetic undulatory tadpole robot using ionic polymer-metal composite actuatorsKim, B; Kim, DH; Jung, JH; Park, JO
2003A ciliary based 8-legged walking micro robot using cast IPMC actuatorsKim, B; Ryu, J; Jeong, Y; Tak, Y; Kim, B; Park, JO
2002A ciliary motion based 8-legged walking micro robot using cast IPMC actuatorsRyu, J; Jeong, Y; Tak, Y; Kim, B; Kim, B; Park, JO
2006-03A flexible microassembly system based on hybrid manipulation scheme for manufacturing photonics componentsKim, B; Kang, HJ; Kim, DH; Park, JO
2002A locomotive mechanism for a robotic colonoscopeKim, B; Lim, HY; Kim, KD; Jeong, Y; Park, JO
2003A novel design and control of robotic wheeled blimp for tele-guidanceKang, S; Nam, M; Kim, B; Tsubouchi, T; Yuta, S
2001A self-propelling endoscopic systemLim, YM; Lee, J; Park, J; Kim, B; Park, JO; Kim, SH; Hong, YS
2005-12A superelastic alloy microgripper with embedded electromagnetic actuators and piezoelectric force sensors: a numerical and experimental studyKim, DH; Lee, MG; Kim, B; Sun, Y
2006-01-10An earthworm-like micro robot using shape memory alloy actuatorKim, B; Lee, MG; Lee, YP; Kim, YI; Lee, GH
2003Analysis of mechanical characteristics of the ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator using cast ion-exchange filmKim, B; Kim, BM; Ryu, J; Oh, IH; Lee, SK; Cha, SE; Pak, J
1996-07Compatibility enhancement of poly(ethylene terephthalate) polyethylene blends using a reactive compatibilizerKim, D; Park, JH; Han, CK; Kim, J; Kim, B; Lee, DS; Kim, J; Kim, K
2005Contractile force measurements of cardiac myocytes using a micro-manipulation systemPark, S; Ryu, S; Kim, DH; Kim, B
2004-05Deformable templates for recognizing the shape of the zebra fish egg cellLee, HD; Jang, MS; Lee, SJ; Kim, YG; Kim, B; Park, GT
2005-11-15Design and fabrication of a largely deformable sensorized polymer actuatorRyu, J; Park, J; Kim, B; Park, JO
2005-02Design and fabrication of a locomotive mechanism for capsule-type endoscopes using shape memory alloys (SMAs)Kim, B; Lee, S; Park, JH; Park, JO
2005-01Design and fabrication of an integrated cell processor for single embryo cell manipulationPark, J; Jung, SH; Kim, YH; Kim, B; Lee, SK; Park, JO
2003-09Design and performance evaluation of a 3-DOF mobile microrobot for micromanipulationPark, J; Kim, DH; Kim, B; Kim, T; Lee, KI
2004-05Development of a piezoelectric polymer-based sensorized microgripper for microassembly and micromanipulationKim, DH; Kim, B; Kang, H
2004Droplet-based magnetically activated cell separationKim, YH; Hong, S; Kim, B; Yun, S; Kang, YR; Paek, KK; Lee, JW; Lee, SH; Ju, BK
2002-09-30Effect of casting solvent on morphology and physical properties of partially sulfonated polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-ran-butylene)-block-polystyrene copolymersKim, J; Kim, B; Jung, B; Kang, YS; Ha, HY; Oh, IH; Ihn, KJ
2005-01-01Effect of crystallization and annealing on polyacrylonitrile membranes for ultrafiltrationJung, BS; Yoon, JK; Kim, B; Rhee, HW
2004-11-01Effect of molecular weight of polymeric additives on formation, permeation properties and hypochlorite treatment of asymmetric polyacrylonitrile membranesJung, B; Yoon, JK; Kim, B; Rhee, HW
1997-06Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVDByun, D; Kim, G; Jeong, J; Lee, JI; Park, D; Kum, DW; Kim, B; Yoo, J
2001-08-31Effect of the processing history on the morphology and properties of the ternary blends of nylon 6, a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer, and a functionalized polypropyleneSeo, Y; Kim, HJ; Kim, B; Hong, SM; Hwang, SS; Kim, KU
2006Fabrication of 3D thin polymer structures for hybrid sensors and actuatorsPark, J; Kim, J; Roh, D; Park, S; Kim, B; Chun, K
2005-10Fabrication of nanostructures of polyethylene glycol for applications to protein adsorption and cell adhesionKim, P; Kim, DH; Kim, B; Choi, SK; Lee, SH; Khademhosseini, A; Langer, R; Suh, KY
2003Functional colonoscope robot systemKim, B; Jeong, Y; Lim, HY; Park, JO; Menciassi, A; Dario, P
1997-12Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of mercaptan odorants in liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gasMyung, SW; Huh, S; Kim, J; Kim, Y; Kim, M; Kim, Y; Kim, W; Kim, B
1999-03High dose rate effects in silicon by plasma source ion implantationChun, M; Kim, B; Conrad, JR; Matyi, RJ; Malik, SM; Fetherston, P; Han, S
2005-10Identification and control of a sensorized microgripper for micromanipulationPark, J; Kim, S; Kim, DH; Kim, B; Kwon, SJ; Park, JO; Lee, KI