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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-031,3-dihydro-1,3-diacetyl-2H-benzimida-zol-2-one: A new versatile and selective acetylating agentChung, IH; Cha, KS; Seo, JH; Kim, JH; Chung, BY; Kim, CS
2002-04-28A new process for Al2O3/SiC nanocomposites by polycarbosilane infiltrationHa, JS; Lim, CS; Kim, CS; Cheong, DS
1999-01A new route to the fabrication of Si3N4/SiC nanocompositeKim, CS; Oh, YS; Cho, WS; Lim, DS; Cheong, DS
2003-01A study of Korean femoral geometryKhang, G; Choi, K; Kim, CS; Yang, JS; Bae, TS
1999-01Characterization of interface and grain boundary in Si3N4/SiC nanocompositesCheong, DS; Hwang, KT; Kim, CS
1999-03-30Characterization of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite by Raman scattering and XPSCho, WS; Oh, YS; Kim, CS; Osada, M; Kakihana, M; Lim, DS; Cheong, DS
2001-05Complex impedance analysis of granular La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 manganite thin filmsShim, IB; Park, KT; Kim, CS; Oh, YJ
2006-04-01Coupled TG-MS study on the intermediate for formation of PbO(t) from PbO(O) in synthesis of perovskite PMN-PTHan, KR; Kim, CS; Kwon, YS
1996-09Crystallization and magnetic properties of Fe84B9Nb7 amorphous ribbonsKim, CS; Kim, SB; Kim, KY; Lee, JS; Noh, TH
1997-07Crystallographic and magnetic properties of Sr-Ba hexaferritePark, SI; Lee, SW; Kim, CS; Oh, YJ
2003-03Development of SnO2 based semiconductor gas sensor with Fe2O3 for detection of combustible gasHan, KR; Kim, CS; Kang, KT; Koo, HJ; Kang, DI; He, JW
2002-03Direct evidence for the nonrandom nature of Al substitution in zeolite ZSM-5: An investigation by Al-27 MAS and MQ MAS NMRHan, OH; Kim, CS; Hong, SB
2004-07-13Easy synthesis and magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticlesWoo, K; Hong, J; Choi, S; Lee, HW; Ahn, JP; Kim, CS; Lee, SW
2002-02Enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junction by rapid thermal annealLee, KI; Lee, JH; Lee, WY; Rhie, KW; Ha, JG; Kim, CS; Shin, KH
2003-08Fabrication and microstructure of Pt/SiO2 composite membranes by a reverse micelle and sol-gelBae, DS; Kim, EJ; Kim, SW; Kim, CS; Han, KS
1999-01Fabrication, mechanical properties and microstructure analysis of Si3N4/SiC nanocompositeCheong, DS; Hwang, KT; Kim, CS
1998-06Formation of pyrazinoisoquinoline ring system by the tandem amidoalkylation and N-acyliminium ion cyclization: An efficient synthesis of PraziquantelKim, JH; Lee, YS; Park, H; Kim, CS
2001-05-18Fracture strengths and microstructures of Si(3)N(4)/SiC nanocomposites fabricated by in-situ processOh, YS; Kim, CS; Lim, DS; Cheong, DS
1999-04High-temperature strength and microstructural analysis in Si-3/N-4/20-vol%-SiC nanocompositesCheong, DS; Hwang, KT; Kim, CS
1998-06-26In situ fabrication of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite using a commercial polymerKim, CS; Oh, YS; Cho, WS; Lim, DS; Cheong, DS
1997-09Influence of SiC particle size and drying method on mechanical properties and microstructure of Si3N4/SiC nanocompositeHwang, KT; Kim, CS; Auh, KH; Cheong, DS; Niihara, K
1999-09Interleukin (IL)-5 downregulates tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-induced eotaxin messenger RNA (mRNA) expression in eosinophils - Induction of eotaxin mRNA by TNF and IL-5 in eosinophilsHan, SJ; Kim, JH; Noh, YJ; Chang, HS; Kim, CS; Kim, KS; Ki, SY; Park, CS; Chung, IY
2004-07-30Low temperature activation of benzylic C-H bonds with heterogeneous Fe/MgO catalyst under atmospheric molecular oxygenCho, SH; Cheong, MS; Jung, KD; Kim, CS; Han, SH
2006-03Magnetic and structural properties of Co ion-implanted GaNKim, W; Kang, HJ; Oh, SK; Shin, S; Lee, JH; Song, J; Noh, SK; Oh, SJ; Kim, CS
1998-01Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 powders and thin films grown by a sol-gel methodLee, JG; Lee, HM; Kim, CS; Oh, YJ
1998-09-01Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel methodLee, JG; Park, JY; Oh, YJ; Kim, CS
1998-06Magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Ni-Zn ferrite thin films배승영; Jung, HJ; Kim, CS; Oh, YJ
1999-04Magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Ni-Zn ferrite thin films on yttria stabilized zirconia buffered Si(100)Bae, SY; Kim, CS; Oh, YJ
2002-05-15Magnetic properties of Zn2+ substituted ultrafine Co-ferrite grown by a sol-gel methodLee, SW; Ryu, YG; Yang, KJ; Jung, KD; An, SY; Kim, CS
1996-09Microstructure and magnetic properties of high M(s) ferrite/metal composite thin filmsNa, JG; Kim, CS