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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10A monoclonal antibody against the human SUMO-1 protein obtained by immunization with recombinant protein and CpG-DNA-liposome complexKim, D.; Lee, J.Y.; Song, D.-G.; Kwon, S.; Lee, Y.; Pan, C.-H.; Kwon, H.-J.
2013-06A new MEMS neural probe integrated with embedded microfluidic channel for drug delivery and electrode array for recording neural signalKim, Y.; Lee, H.J.; Kim, D.; Kim, Y.K.; Lee, Soo Hyun; Yoon, E.-S.; Cho, I.-J.
2014-09A real-time motion data reduction and restoration compatible with robot's physical limitsKim, D.; Park, J.-M.; Hong, S.
2009-12A walking motion imitation framework of a humanoid robot by human walking recognition from IMU motion dataKim, S.-K.; Hong, S.; Kim, D.
2021-06Accelerated mapping of electronic density of states patterns of metallic nanoparticles via machine-learningBang, K.; Yeo, B.C.; Kim, D.; Han, S.S.; Lee, H.M.
2006-11An analytical method to generate walking pattern of humanoid robotOh, Y.; Ahn, K.-H.; Kim, D.; Kim, C.
2007-07Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channelsChoi, S.; Na, H. S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Campbell, K. P.; Shin, H.-S.
2011-07Audio-visual fusion for sound source localization and improved attentionLee, B.-G.; Choi, J.; Yoon, S.; Choi, M.-T.; Kim, M.; Kim, D.
2014-11Cell-based models to investigate Tau aggregationLim, S.; Haque, M.M.; Kim, D.; Kim, D.J.; Kim, Y.K.
2013-02Classification of obstacle shape for generating walking path of humanoid robotPark, C.-S.; Kim, D.
2011-11Comparison of plane extraction performance using laser scanner and KinectPark, C.-S.; Kim, S.-W.; Kim, D.; Oh, S.-R.
2021-12-28Conformal Graphene Directly Synthesized on a Femtosecond Laser-Scribed In-Fiber Microstructure for High-Energy Ultrafast Optical PulsesUddin, S.; Kim, S.; Kim, D.; Choi, J.; Song, Y.-W.
2008-02Deficits in social behavior and sensorimotor gating in mice lacking phospholipase C beta 1Koh, H. -Y.; Kim, D.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Shin, H. -S.
2008-10-07Density-of-state effective mass and non-parabolicity parameter of impurity doped ZnO thin filmsKim, W. M.; Kim, I. H.; Ko, J. H.; Cheong, B.; Lee, T. S.; Lee, K. S.; Kim, D.; Seong, T-Y
2012-08Design and implementation of IMU-based human arm motion capture systemPrayudi, I.; Kim, D.
2016-07Development and evaluation of mobile tour guide using wearable and hand-held devicesKim, D.; Seo, D.; Yoo, B.; Ko, H.
2009-10Effect of a hydrogen ratio in electrical and optical properties of hydrogenated Al-doped ZnO filmsTark, S. J.; Ok, Y. -W.; Kang, M. G.; Lim, H. J.; Kim, W. M.; Kim, D.
2007-12Effect of growth temperature on the properties of hydrogenation Al-doped ZnO filmsTark, S.J.; Kang, M.G.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, W.M.; Lim, H.-J.; Kim, D.
2017-07Effects of Non-Proton-Conducting Anode Supports on the Performance of Thin-Film Protonic Ceramic Fuel CellsBae, K.; Kim, D.; Shim, J. H.; Choi, H. J.; Son, J. -W.; Jang, D. Y.
2021-10Electrocatalytic Reduction of Low Concentrations of CO2Gas in a Membrane Electrode Assembly ElectrolyzerKim, D.; Choi, W.; Lee, H.W.; Lee, S.Y.; Choi, Y.; Lee, D.K.; Kim, W.; Na, J.; Lee, U.; Hwang, Y.J.; Won, D.H.
2011-11Engkey: Tele-education robotYun, S.; Shin, J.; Kim, D.; Kim, C.G.; Kim, M.; Choi, M.-T.
2012-08Faster and smoother trajectory generation considering physical system limits under discontinuously assigned target anglesLee, G.; Kim, D.; Choi, Y.
2011-11Human localization based on the fusion of vision and sound systemKim, S.-W.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.; Doh, N.L.
2021-10Hypothalamic administration of sargahydroquinoic acid elevates peripheral thermogenic signaling and ameliorates high fat diet-induced obesity through the sympathetic nervous systemKim, D.; Lee, Y.; Kim, H.-R.; Park, Y.J.; Hwang, H.; Rhim, H.; Kang, T.; Choi, C.W.; Lee, B.; Kim, M.S.
1999-12I-123 labelled paclitaxelRoh, E.J.; Park, Y.H.; Oh, C.R.; Song, C.E.; Oh, S.-J.; Choe, Y.S.; Kim, B.-T.; Chi, D.Y.; Kim, D.
2017Image-based analysis of intracellular Tau aggregation by using Tau-BiFC cell modelLim, S.; Kim, D.; Kim, D.J.; Kim, Y.K.
2011Implementation of an inertial measurement Unit based motion capture systemPrayudi, I.; Seo, E.-H.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.
2006-12Improvement of the thermal and chemical stability of Al doped ZnO filmsKim, I. H.; Ku, D. Y.; Ko, J. H.; Kim, D.; Lee, K. S.; Jeong, J. -H.; Lee, T. S.; Cheong, B.; Baik, Y. -J.; Kim, W. M.
2010Lack of barbering behavior in the phospholipase Cβ1 mutant mouse: A model animal for schizophreniaShin, H.-S.; Kim, D.; Koh, H.-Y.
2003-03Lasing Characteristics of Optical Thyristor for Optical Logic FunctionKim, D.; Lee, H.; Choi, W.; Choi, Y.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.; Byun, Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Nakano, Y.