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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-15Accelerated oxidation behavior of NbSi2 coating grown on Nb substrate at 600-900 degrees CYoon, Jin-Kook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho
2014-11Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium Powder Fabricated by High-Energy Ball Milling and Spark Plasma SinteringKim, Ka Ram; Ahn, Jin Woo; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Han, Jun Hyun; Cho, Kwon Koo; Roh, Jae-Seung; Kim, Woo Jin; Kim, Hye Sung
2019-10Corrosion Properties of Ultra-Fine-Grained Cu-3 wt%Ti Alloy Fabricated by Combination of Hot Rolling and Aging TreatmentLee, Chan Soo; Kim, Min Gyu; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Kim, Ki-Tae; Hwang, DaeYoun; Kim, Hye Sung
2019-12Design of Mg-6wt%Al alloy with high toughness and corrosion resistance prepared by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sinteringLee, Chan Soo; Lee, Hee Chang; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Han, Jun Hyun; Kim, Woo Jin; Kim, Hye Sung
1997-01Effect of sintering atmosphere on the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of silicon carbide ceramicsJun, Hyung-Woo; Lee, Hae-Weon; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Song, Heu-Sup; Kim, Byung-Ho
2012-11-25Fabrication of carbon nanofiber reinforced aluminum alloy nanocomposites by a liquid processOh, Se-Il; Lim, Jun-Young; Kim, Yu-Chan; Yoon, Juil; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Lee, Joonho; Sung, Yun-Mo; Han, Jun-Hyun
2008-03Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scales grown on WSi2 coatingKim, Han-Sung; Yoon, Jin-Kook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Doh, Jung-Mann; Kwun, Sook-In; Hong, Kyung-Tae
2006-08-31Growth kinetics and oxidation behavior of WSi2 coating formed by chemical vapor deposition of Si on W substrateYoon, Jin-Kook; Lee, Kyung-Whan; Chung, Sung-Jae; Shon, In-Jin; Doh, Jung-Mann; Kim, Gyeung-Ho
2017-12High temperature isothermal oxidation behavior of NbSi2 coating at 1000-1450 degrees CChoi, Young-Jun; Yoon, Jin-Kook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Yoon, Woo-Young; Doh, Jung-Man; Hong, Kyung-Tae
2018-05Hydrogen-induced change in microstructure and properties of steels: 18Cr10Mn-0.4N vis-a-vis 18Cr10NiKim, Han-Jin; Phaniraj, M. P.; Cho, Min-Kyung; Song, Eun Ju; Baek, Seung-Wook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Lee, Joonho; Han, Heung Nam
2016-03-05Hydrogen-induced decomposition of Cu-Zr binary amorphous metallic alloysFadonougbo, Julien O.; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Han, Soogyeong; Shim, Cheol-Hwee; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Kim, Man-Ho; Fleury, Eric; Cho, Young Whan
2008-09-30Investigation of anode-supported SOFC with cobalt-containing cathode and GDC interlayerJung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hwa Young; Park, Jong Sung; Kim, Hae-Ryoung; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Lee, Hae-Weon; Lee, Jong-Ho
2023-07Isothermal and cyclic oxidation behavior of in-situ grown MoSi2-SiC coating on Mo substrate at 1300 °CYoon, Jin-Kook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho
2013-08Microstructural Analysis of Dehydrogenation Products of the Ca(BH4)(2)-MgH2 CompositeKim, Jong-Min; Kim, Yoonyoung; Shim, Jae-Hyeok; Lee, Young-Su; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Ahn, Jae-Pyoung; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Cho, Young Whan
2008-11Microstructure and oxidation behavior of in situ formed TaSi2-Si3N4 nanocomposite coating grown on Ta substrateYoon, Jin-Kook; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Kim, Han-Sung; Shon, In-Jin; Kim, Jae-Soo; Doh, Jung-Mann
2014-12Microstructure and Properties of Silicon-Incorporated DLC Film Fabricated Using HMDS Gas and RF-PECVD ProcessSong, Byung Ju; Song, Woo Jin; Han, Jun Hyun; Kim, Ka Ram; Yoon, Su Jong; Kim, Tae Gyu; Kim, Jin Kon; Cho, Hyun; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Hwang, Dae Youn; Kim, Hye Sung
2005-03Microstructure of MoSi2-base nanocomposite coatings formed on Mo substrates by chemical vapor depositionYoon, Jin-Kook; Son, Keun-Hyung; Han, Jun-Hyun; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Doh, Jung-Mann; Hong, Kyung-Tae
2017-04-30Morphological and microstructural evolution of PbSe films grown on thermally oxidized Si (111) substrates by chemical bath depositionSuh, Youngjoon; Suh, Sang-Hee; Lee, Soo Yeon; Kim, Gyeung-Ho
2017-10-15Nanometer-scale phase separation and formation of delta ZrH2 in Cu-Zr binary amorphous alloysFadonougbo, Julien O.; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Shim, Cheol-Hwee; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Fleury, Eric; Cho, Young Whan
2020-08Nanoscale light element identification using machine learning aided STEM-EDSKim, Hong-Kyu; Ha, Heon-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Cho, Min Kyung; Kim, Juyoung; Han, Jeongwoo; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Lee, Tae-Ho; Jang, Jae Hoon; Chun, Dongwon
2019-05Pseudocubic-based polymorphic phase boundary structures and their effect on the piezoelectric properties of (Li,Na,K)(Nb,Sb)O-3-SrZrO3 lead-free ceramicsLee, Ku-Tak; Kim, Dae-Hyeon; Cho, Sung-Hoon; Kim, Jeong-Seog; Ryu, Jungho; Ahn, Chel-Woo; Lee, Tae-Ho; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Nahm, Sahn
2009-10-19Strain-induced microstructural evolution in epitaxial Fe/MgO layers grown on InxGa1-xAs(001) substratesKim, Kyung-ho; Kim, Hyung-jun; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Chang, Joonyeon; Han, Suk-hee