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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-11A new opportunity for nanopowder forming processesSong, H.; Kim, J.; Lee, H.-W.
1999-01A study of the mechanism of dispersion polymerizationChoi, J.; Kong, S.; Hong, S.I.I.; Park, M.; Choe, C.R.; Kim, J.
1997-08A study on the relation between film quality and deposition rate for amorphous silicon films grown by electron cyclotron resonance plasma chemical vapor deposition using H2/SiH4Kang, M.; Kim, J.; Lim, T.; Oh, I.; Jeon, B.; Jung, I.; An, C.
2004-10A thermo-sensitive hydrogel actuator in dry environmentKim, J.; Kim, S.; Jeong, Y.; Park, S.; Kim, H.C.; Kim, B.; Chun, K.
2020-10Accurate estimation of the position and shape of the rolling joint in hyper-redundant manipulatorsKim, J.; Moon, Y.; Kwon, S.-I.; Kim, K.
2016-06Advanced fluorescence protein-based synapse-detectorsLee, H.; Oh, W.C.; Seong, J.; Kim, J.
2008-11An investigation into seasonal and regional aerosol characteristics in East Asia using model-predicted and remotely-sensed aerosol propertiesSong, C. H.; Park, M. E.; Lee, K. H.; Ahn, H. J.; Lee, Y.; Kim, J. Y.; Han, K. M.; Kim, J.; Ghim, Y. S.; Kim, Y. J.
2005-10Analysis of fluidic bead cube embedded portable CMOS sensing system for immuno reaction monitoringJeong, Y.; Choi, K.; Park, S.; Kim, J.; Chung, D.S.; Kim, B.; Kim, H.C.; Chun, K.
1998-01Anionic Synthesis of Macromonomer Carrying Amino Group Using Diphenylethylene DerivativeKim, J.; Cho, J.C.; Kim, K.H.; Kim, K.U.; Jo, W.H.; Quirk, R.P.
2007-07Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channelsChoi, S.; Na, H. S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Campbell, K. P.; Shin, H.-S.
2011-08Autonomous locomotion of capsule endoscope in gastrointestinal tractYang, S.; Park, K.; Kim, J.; Kim, T.S.; Cho, I.-J.; Yoon, E.-S.
2011-05Bidirectional interplay between tracking and the rider simulator and its application to snowboardingPark, A.; Choi, H.R.; Jung, Y.; Chun, S.; Kang, D.; Kim, J.
2022-02Cable-movable rolling joint to expand workspace under high external load in a hyper-redundant manipulatorKim, J.; Kwon, S.; Moon, Y.; Kim, K.
2007-06Cardiomyocytes self-powered polymer microrobotKim, J.; Yang, S.; Baek, J.; Chun, K.; Kim, H.C.; Yoon, E.-S.; Park, S.
2007-12Cathode microstructure control and performance improvement for low temperature solid oxide fuel cellsKang, J.K.; Kim, J.; Yoon, S.P.
2007-01Cell migration driven by a mechanical stiffness gradientHong, J.; Kim, J.; Park, S.; Cha, M.; Lee, J.; Baek, J.
1996-01Chain-end effect of living polymer in the coupling reactions for synthesis of block copolymersChun, M.S.; Lee, C.H.; Yeo, J.K.; Cho, J.C.; Kim, J.S.; Kim, K.U.; Kim, J.
2006-10-15Characterization of the electrode and electrolyte interfaces of LSGM-based SOFCsKim, K. N.; Kim, B. K.; Son, J. W.; Kim, J.; Lee, H. -W.; Lee, J. -H.; Moon, J.
2021-10Classifying the Risk of Cognitive Impairment Using Sequential Gait Characteristics and Long Short-Term Memory NetworksJung, D.; Kim, J.; Kim, M.; Won, C.W.; Mun, K.
2014-09Co-planar single chamber solid oxide fuel cells with concentric electrodesLee, D.; Kim, J.; Moon, J.
2019-02Cobalt-based electrolytes for efficient flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsKim, J.; Lee, H.; Kim, D.Y.; Kim, S.; Seo, Y.
2012-07Coherence technique for noise reduction in rotary compressorKim, H. C.; Cho, M. G.; Kim, J.; Park, J. H.; Shim, J.
2021-08Comparative study of HSOA-/SOA2- versus H3-BPO4B- functionalities anchored on TiO2-supported antimony oxide-vanadium oxide-cerium oxide composites for low-temperature NOX activationKim, J.; Nam, K.B.; Ha, H.P.
2017-03Continuous synthesis of molybdenum oxide microspheres by ultrasonic spray pyrolysisChoi, H.; Yoon, S. P.; Han, J.; Kim, J.; Othman, M. R.
2005-10-10Contractile force measurement of cardiomyocytes using a hybrid biopolymer microcantilever arrayRyu, J.; Park, J.; Choi, S.; Seo, E.; Cha, J.M.; Ryu, S.; Kim, J.; Lee, S.-H.; Kim, B.
2011-09Controllable simulation of particle systemRusdi, Syamsuddin M.; Kim, J.
2010-09Descattering transmission via angular filteringKim, J.; Lanman, D.; Mukaigawa, Y.; Raskar, R.
2018-12Design and Fabrication of a Thermoelectric Generator Based on BiTe Legs to power Wearable DeviceMoon, S. E.; Kim, J.; Lee, S. -M.; Lee, J.; Im, J. P.; Kim, J. H.; Im, S. Y.; Jeon, E. B.; Kwon, B.; Kim, H.; Kim, J. -S.
2020-10Development of a pneumatically-driven Growing Sling to assist patient transferChoi, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, J.; Lee, M.; Kim, K.; In, H.
2005-05Direct-write fabrication of solid oxide fuel cellsKim, Y.-B.; Ahn, S.-J.; Moon, J.; Kim, J.; Lee, H.-W.