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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04Completely Transparent Conducting Oxide-Free and Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Fabricated on Plastic SubstratesYoo, Kicheon; Kim, Jae-Yup; Lee, Jin Ah; Kim, Jin Soo; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Kyungkon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Honggon; Kim, Won Mok; Kim, Jong Hak; Ko, Min Jae
2013-12Copper-indium-selenide quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsYang, Jiwoong; Kim, Jae-Yup; Yu, Jung Ho; Ahn, Tae-Young; Lee, Hyunjae; Choi, Tae-Seok; Kim, Young-Woon; Joo, Jin; Ko, Min Jae; Hyeon, Taeghwan
2014-11-12Enhanced Photovoltaic Properties and Long-Term Stability in Plasmonic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells via Noncorrosive Redox MediatorJung, Heesuk; Koo, Bonkee; Kim, Jae-Yup; Kim, Taehee; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Honggon; Cho, Jinhan; Ko, Min Jae
2016-12-20Fine Tuning of Colloidal CdSe Quantum Dot Photovoltaic Properties by Microfluidic ReactorsJeong, Da-Woon; Park, Ji Young; Kim, Taek-Soo; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Kim, Jae-Yup; Ko, Min Jae; Kim, Bum Sung
2016-09-05Highly crumpled graphene nano-networks as electrocatalytic counter electrode in photovoltaicsKim, Jae-Yup; Lee, Jang Yeol; Shin, Keun-Young; Jeong, Hansol; Son, Hae Jung; Lee, Chul-Ho; Park, Jong Hyuk; Lee, Sang-Soo; Son, Jeong Gon; Ko, Min Jae
2015-11Highly Efficient Copper-Indium-Selenide Quantum Dot Solar Cells: Suppression of Carrier Recombination by Controlled ZnS OverlayersKim, Jae-Yup; Yang, Jiwoong; Yu, Jung Ho; Baek, Woonhyuk; Lee, Chul-Ho; Son, Hae Jung; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Ko, Min Jae
2013-08Highly electrocatalytic hybrid silver nanowire-graphene counter electrode for Co3+/2+ redox mediator based dye-sensitized solar cellsAl-Mamun, Mohammad; Kim, Jae-Yup; Lee, Kyung-Jae; Ko, Young-Hui; Lee, Ji-Hoon; In, In-Sik; Lee, Ju-Won; Sung, Yung-Eun; Kim, Sung-Ryong
2015-05Highly uniform and vertically aligned SnO2 nanochannel arrays for photovoltaic applicationsKim, Jae-Yup; Kang, Jin Soo; Shin, Junyoung; Kim, Jin; Han, Seung-Joo; Park, Jongwoo; Min, Yo-Sep; Ko, Min Jae; Sung, Yung-Eun
2012-11-01Importance of 4-tert-Butylpyridine in Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Employing SnO2 ElectrodeKim, Jae-Yup; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Honggon; Ko, Min Jae
2016-07-05Improving Performance and Stability of Flexible Planar-Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Using Polymeric Hole-Transport MaterialJo, Jea Woong; Seo, Myung-Seok; Park, Minwoo; Kim, Jae-Yup; Park, Joon Suh; Han, Il Ki; Ahn, Hyungju; Jung, Jae Woong; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok; Ko, Min Jae; Son, Hae Jung
2013-10Iridium catalyst based counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cellsNoh, Yunyoung; Yoo, Kicheon; Kim, Jae-Yup; Song, Ohsung; Ko, Min Jae
2015-09Long Vertically Aligned TiO2 Nanotube Electrodes Prepared via Two-Step Anodization for Highly Efficient PhotovoltaicsKim, Jae-Yup; Shin, Junyoung; Kim, Donghwan; Sung, Yung-Eun; Ko, Min Jae
2016-08Low-temperature solution-processed Li-doped SnO2 as an effective electron transporting layer for high-performance flexible and wearable perovskite solar cellsPark, Minwoo; Kim, Jae-Yup; Son, Hae Jung; Lee, Chul-Ho; Jang, Seung Soon; Ko, Min Jae
2019-12-01Moisture proof hole transport layers based on CISe quantum dots for highly stable and large active area perovskite solar cellsKim, Jae-Yup; Baek, Woonhyuk; Kim, Soyoung; Kang, Gumin; Han, Il Ki; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Park, Minwoo
2014-03-26Novel D-pi-A Organic Dyes with Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene Unit as a pi-Bridge for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Long-Term StabilityLee, Min-Woo; Kim, Jae-Yup; Lee, Duck-Hyung; Ko, Min Jae
2013-03Pt and TCO free hybrid bilayer silver nanowire-graphene counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsAl-Mamun, Mohammad; Kim, Jae-Yup; Sung, Yung-Eun; Lee, Jae-Joon; Kim, Sung-Ryong
2016-08-09Pyrite-Based Bi-Functional Layer for Long-Term Stability and High-Performance of Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite Solar CellsKoo, Bonkee; Jung, Heesuk; Park, Minwoo; Kim, Jae-Yup; Son, Hae Jung; Cho, Jinhan; Ko, Min Jae
2013-06-12Rapid Dye Adsorption via Surface Modification of TiO2 Photoanodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsKim, Boeun; Park, Se Woong; Kim, Jae-Yup; Yoo, Kicheon; Lee, Jin Ah; Lee, Min-Woo; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Honggon; Han, Sunghwan; Son, Hae Jung; Ko, Min Jae
2016-10-31Rapid sintering of MoS2 counter electrode using near-infrared pulsed laser for use in highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsJeong, Hansol; Kim, Jae-Yup; Koo, Bonkee; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, Dongwhan; Ko, Min Jae
2014-04-07Rapid sintering of TiO2 photoelectrodes using intense pulsed white light for flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsJin, Hwa-Young; Kim, Jae-Yup; Lee, Jin Ah; Lee, Kwangsoo; Yoo, Kicheon; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Honggon; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, Jihyun; Lim, Jung Ah; Ko, Min Jae
2015-05-21Reactively sputtered nickel nitride as electrocatalytic counter electrode for dye- and quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsKang, Jin Soo; Park, Min-Ah; Kim, Jae-Yup; Park, Sun Ha; Chung, Dong Young; Yu, Seung-Ho; Kim, Jin; Park, Jongwoo; Choi, Jung-Woo; Lee, Kyung Jae; Jeong, Juwon; Ko, Min Jae; Ahn, Kwang-Soon; Sung, Yung-Eun
2015-01-16Tailoring of Energy Levels in D-pi-A Organic Dyes via Fluorination of Acceptor Units for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsLee, Min-Woo; Kim, Jae-Yup; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Honggon; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Kyungkon; Lee, Duck-Hyung; Ko, Min Jae
2012-10-01The application of camphorsulfonic acid doped polyaniline films prepared on TCO-free glass for counter electrode of bifacial dye-sensitized solar cellsPark, Sun Ha; Shin, Kyoung-Hwan; Kim, Jae-Yup; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lee, Kyung Jae; Shin, Junyoung; Choi, Jung Woo; Jang, Jyongsik; Sung, Yung-Eun
2019-12Transparent 3 nm-thick MoS2 counter electrodes for bifacial dye-sensitized solar cellsJeong, Taehee; Ham, So-Yeon; Koo, Bonkee; Lee, Phillip; Min, Yo-Sep; Kim, Jae-Yup; Ko, Min Jae
2013-05Water-Based Thixotropic Polymer Gel Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsPark, Se Jeong; Yoo, Kichoen; Kim, Jae-Yup; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Honggon; Kim, Jong Hak; Cho, Jinhan; Ko, Min Jae