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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12A Discretization Approach to the Analysis of Yet Another H-2 Norm of LTI Sampled-Data SystemsHagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
2017-09A Method for Robust Robotic Bipedal Walking on Rough Terrain: l(1)-optimal Event-based Feedback ControllerLee, Jongwoo; Oh, Yonghwan; Kim, Jung Hoon
2023-07A novel convex acoustic lens-attached ultrasound drug delivery system and its testing in a murine melanoma subcutaneous model박준홍; Lee, Seunghyun; Jeon Ho yoon; Kim, Jung Hoon; Kim, Da Jung; Im, Maesoon; Lee, Byung Chul
2016A Novel Multi-articular Leg Mechanism for Biped Robots Inspired by Bi-articular MuscleLee, Jongwoo; Lee, Giuk; Hong, Seokmin; Lee, SangWook; Kim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan
2016A Novel Performance Measure for Biped Robots against Bounded Persistent DisturbancesLee, Jongwoo; Kim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan
2017-10A Study on the l(1) Analysis of Discrete-Time SystemsPark, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Jung Hoon
2016-05A Study on the L-1 Optimal PD Controller with Application to Joint Motion Control of a Robot ManipulatorKim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan; Lee, Jongwoo; Hur, Sung-moon
2018-02A Study on the L-infinity/L-2 Performance of a Computed Torque ControllerKim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan; Hur, Sung-moon
2018-12A Study on the Optimal Controller Synthesis for Minimizing the L-2 Norm of the Response to the Worst-Timing Impulse Disturbance in LTI Sampled-Data SystemsHagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
2020-11A Theoretical Framework for Stability Regions for Standing Balance of Humanoids Based on Their LIPM TreatmentKim, Jung Hoon; Lee, Jongwoo; Oh, Yonghwan
2017-07Characterization of Quasi L-infinity/L-2 Hankel Norms of Sampled-Data SystemsInai, Akira; Kim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
-Characterization of Quasi Linfinity/L2 Hankel Norms of Sampled-Data SystemsAkira Inai; Tomomichi Hagiwara; Kim, Jung Hoon
2015-12Computation of the Induced Norm from L-2 to L-infinity in SISO Sampled-Data Systems: Discretization Approach with Convergence Rate AnalysisHagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
2018Disturbance Observer based Linear Feedback Controller for Compliant Motion of Humanoid RobotKim, Mingon; Kim, Jung Hoon; Kim, Sanghyun; Sim, Jaehoon; Park, Jaeheung
2023-09Drug delivery by sonosensitive liposome and microbubble with acoustic-lens attached ultrasound: an in vivo feasibility study in a murine melanoma modelPARK JUN HONG; Lee, Byung Chul; Seo, Young Chan; Kim, Jung Hoon; Kim, Da Jung; Lee, Hak Jong; Moon, Hyungwon; Lee, Seunghyun
2017-11Extensive theoretical/numerical comparative studies on H-2 and generalised H-2 norms in sampled-data systemsKim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2011-08-01Facile method of fabricating Sn nanoparticle monolayer using solid-supported liquid-crystalline phospholipid membraneAn, Hyeun Hwan; Kim, Jung Hoon; Lee, Seung Jae; Han, Won Bae; Lee, Jong Ho; Kim, Hee-Soo; Suh, Sang Hee; Yoon, Im Taek; Shon, Yoon; Yoon, Chong Seung
2016-02Further results on the L-1 analysis of sampled-data systems via kernel approximation approachKim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2017-07Kernel Approximation Approach to the L-1 Optimal Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis ProblemHagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
-Kernel Approximation Approach to the L1 Optimal Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis ProblemKim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2015-09L-1 Analysis of LTI Systems via Piecewise Higher-Order ApproximationChoi, Yong Woo; Hagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
2016-05L-1 Discretization for Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis via Piecewise Linear ApproximationKim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2018-05L-1 Robustness of Computed Torque Method for Robot ManipulatorsKim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan; Hur, Sung-moon
2016-12Maximum Tracking Errors in PD-Controlled Robotic ManipulatorsKim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan; Hur, Sung-moon
2018-03Performance analysis for bounded persistent disturbances in PD/PID-controlled robotic systems with its experimental demonstrationsKim, Jung Hoon; Hur, Sung-Moon; Oh, Yonghwan
2017-07-01Phenethyl isothiocyanate suppresses cancer stem cell properties in vitro and in a xenograft modelYun, Ji Ho; Kim, Kyung-A; Yoo, Gyhye; Kim, Sun Young; Shin, Ji Min; Kim, Jung Hoon; Jung, Sang Hoon; Kim, Jungho; Nho, Chu Won
2021-06Preclinical study to improve microbubble-mediated drug delivery in cancer using an ultrasonic probe with an interchangeable acoustic lensLee, Seunghyun; Jeon, Hoyoon; Shim, Shinyong; Im, Maesoon; Kim, Jinsik; Kim, Jung Hoon; Lee, Byung Chul
2019-05-14Structural Recovery of Highly Oxidized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Fabricated by Kneading and Electrochemical ApplicationsHan, Joong Tark; Cho, Joon Young; Kim, Jung Hoon; Jang, Jeong In; Kim, Jun Suk; Lee, Hye Jeong; Park, Jong Hwan; Chae, Ji Su; Roh, Kwang Chul; Lee, Wonki; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Kim, Ho Young; Jeong, Hee Jin; Jeong, Seung Yol; Lee, Geon-Woong
2016-12The L-infinity/L-2 Hankel Norm of Sampled-Data SystemsHagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon; Inai, Akira
2018-10THE L-infinity/L-2 HANKEL OPERATOR/NORM OF SAMPLED-DATA SYSTEMSHagiwara, Tomomichi; Inai, Akira; Kim, Jung Hoon