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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-05-23A miniaturized electrochemical system with a novel polyelectrolyte reference electrode and its application to thin layer electroanalysisKim, SK; Lim, H; Chung, TD; Kim, HC
1998-05A multichannel AOM for a holographic video systemSon, JY; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Epikhin, V; Chun, YS
2005-01AC frequency characteristics of coplanar impedance sensors as design parametersHong, J; Yoon, DS; Kim, SK; Kim, TS; Kim, S; Pak, EY; No, K
2005-01Amplification of boundary layer instability by hot wall thermal oscillation in a side heated cavityKim, SK; Kim, SY; Choi, YD
2005-05An abutment screw loosening study of a Diamond Like Carbon-coated CP titanium implantKim, SK; Lee, JB; Koak, JY; Heo, SJ; Lee, KR; Cho, LR; Lee, SS
2005-05-20Analysis of color distortions in a transmission-type holographic screenBobrinev, VI; Son, JY; Kim, SS; Kim, SK
2004-07Anti-inflammatory and related pharmacological activities of the n-BuOH subfraction of mushroom Phellinus linteusKim, SH; Song, YS; Kim, SK; Kim, BC; Lim, CJ; Park, EH
2006-04-20Characteristics of pixel arrangements in various rhombuses for full-parallax three-dimensional image generationSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Kwack, KD; Kim, SK; Park, MC
1999-03-15Characteristics of the intracavity dispersion in an erbium-doped fiber laserKim, BK; Lee, JC; Jhon, YM; Kim, MW; Kim, SK; Choi, SS; Oh, MS
2002-03-01Contrasting hysteresis behavior between the magneto-optical Kerr rotation and ellipticity in NiFe/FeMn/Co trilayer filmsKim, SK; Lee, JW; Shin, SC; Kim, KY
2005-10-04Evaluation of absorption of heparin-DOCA conjugates on the intestinal wall using a surface plasmon resonanceKim, SK; Kim, K; Lee, S; Park, K; Park, JH; Kwon, IC; Choi, K; Kim, CY; Byun, Y
2004-08Frequency-dependent response in ITO/Alq(3)/Al organic light-emitting diodesChung, DH; Hur, SW; Lee, JU; Song, MJ; Jang, KU; Kim, SK; Cho, HN; Kim, TW
2001-12Generation and evolutionary learning of cutting conditions for milling operationsPark, BT; Park, MW; Kim, SK
1999-09High accumulation of Re-188-N2S2/lipiodol in hepatic cancer after intra-arterial administration.Jeong, JM; Kim, YJ; Lee, YS; Kim, SK; Lee, YJ; Chang, YS; Cho, JH; Oh, CH; Lee, DS; Chung, JK; Lee, MC
2004-01HMD type multi-focus 3D display systemKim, SK; Son, JY; Honda, T
1999-11Holographic video system using Fourier transform and data reductionKim, SK; Son, JY; Chun, JH; Lim, TK
1998-04Holographic video system with a pulse laserOh, HS; Jeon, HW; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Lee, HS; Choi, YJ; Kang, CE
2001-12Layer selectivity of visible magneto-optical Kerr effects in pseudo spin-valve NiFe/FeMn/Co filmsKim, SK; Shin, SC; Kim, KY
2003-01Lowering spatial frequency by using two confocal lenses in digital holographyKim, SK; Choi, HH; Son, JY
1999-05-10Multichannel acousto-optic Bragg cell for real-time electroholographySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Epikhin, VM; Chun, JH; Kim, SK
2003-11Parameters for designing autostereoscopic imaging systems based on lenticular, parallax barrier, and integral photography platesSon, JY; Saveljiev, VV; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE; Kim, SK; Choi, HH
2006-02Pixel patterns for voxels in contact-type three dimensional imaging systemsSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Kim, SK; Javidi, B
2004-12-21Preparation and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticles of heparin-deoxycholic acid conjugatesPark, K; Kim, K; Kwon, IC; Kim, SK; Lee, S; Lee, DY; Byun, Y
2004-10-20Pulse-laser electroholography by use of interference fringe patterns captured by a CCDChoi, H; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Wu, JW
2003-11Recording of high spatial frequency using two confocal lenses in-digital holographyKim, SK; Choi, HH; Kim, JS; Son, JY
2003-04-30Relationship between urinary endogenous steroid metabolites and lower urinary tract function in postmenopausal womenBai, SW; Jung, BH; Chung, BC; Kim, SK; Park, KH
2002-04Steroid hormone metabolism in women with pelvic organ prolapseBai, SW; Jung, BH; Chung, BC; Kim, SU; Kim, JY; Rha, KH; Kim, SK; Park, KH
2001-08Supplier selection and management system considering relationships in supply chain managementLee, EK; Ha, S; Kim, SK
2004-08-20Synthesis of a new calix[4]crown-5-azacrown-5 dimeric nano-tubeKim, SK; Kim, SH; Kwon, SG; Lee, EH; Lee, SH; Kim, JS
2003-04-04Temperature dependent electrical properties in ITO/TPD/Alq(3)/Al organic light-emitting diodesKim, SK; Chung, DH; Lee, HS; Cho, HN; Park, JW; Hong, JW; Kim, TW