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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Catalytic synergy effect of MoS2/reduced graphene oxide hybrids for a highly efficient hydrogen evolution reactionLee, Jung Eun; Jung, Jaemin; Ko, Taeg Yeoung; Kim, Sujin; Kim, Seong-Il; Nah, Junghyo; Ryu, Sunmin; Nam, Ki Tae; Lee, Min Hyung
2009Cathodoluminescence of ZnSiO(x) nanocomposite films prepared on Si substratesKim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Woon-Jo; Kim, Seong-Il
2014-01Characteristics of Ga and Ag-doped ZnO-based nanowires for an ethanol gas sensor prepared by hot-walled pulsed laser depositionJeong, Dawn; Kim, Kyoungwon; Park, Sung-ik; Kim, Young-hwan; Kim, Sangsig; Kim, Seong-Il
2011-01Characteristics of transparent conducting Al-doped ZnO films prepared by dc magnetron sputteringJung, Sung-Mok; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il; Yoo, Sang-Im
2013-09-16Comparison of thermal stabilities between Ge-Sb-Te and In-Sb-Te phase change materialsKim, Yong Tae; Kim, Seong-Il
2015-11-01Core/shell-structured upconversion nanophosphor and cadmium-free quantum-dot bilayer-based near-infrared photodetectorsHong, A-Ra; Kim, Jungyoon; Kim, Su Yeon; Kim, Seong-Il; Lee, Kwangyeol; Jang, Ho Seong
2018-03-31Dependence of photoluminescence of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films on oxygen content in the sputtering atmosphereLee, Hee Bum; Kim, Seong-Il; Lee, Jong-Heun; Kim, Young-Hwan
2011-05Design and fabrication of multi-layer antireflection coating for III-V solar cellJung, Sung-Mok; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il; Yoo, Sang-Im
2015-10Design of Circle Array Pattern for Transparent Nanomesh-Type ElectrodesShin, Seungsu; Ganorkar, Shraddha; Kim, Jungyoon; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Yong Tae; Kim, Seong-Il
2013-10Detailed Balance Calculation of a Novel Triple-Junction Solar Cell StructureAhn, Youngkun; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2015-04Efficiency Enhancement of GaAs Solar Cell Using Luminescent Down-Shifting Layer Consisting of (CdSe)ZnS Quantum Dots With Calculation and ExperimentAhn, Youngkun; Kim, Jungyoon; Shin, Seongbum; Ganorkar, Shraddha; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Yong-Tae; Kim, Seong-Il
2008-12Electrical characteristics of nano-crystal Si particles for nano-floating gate memoryYang, Jin Seok; Kim, Seong-Il; Kim, Yong Tae; Cho, Woon Jo; Park, Jung Ho
2014-05Electrical Coating Method of Graphene OxideKim, Jungyoon; Shin, Seongbeom; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2013-07Enhanced performance of organic light-emitting diodes by using hybrid anodes composed of graphene and conducting polymerShin, Seongbeom; Kim, Jungyoon; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2016-02-01Fabrication and characterization of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films by RF magnetron sputteringPark, Sung-Ik; Kim, Seong-Il; Chang, Soo Kyung; Kim, Young-Hwan
2017-01Fabrication of Well-Ordered, Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membrane Using Hybrid AnodizationKim, Jungyoon; Ganorkar, Shraddha; Choi, Jinnil; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2015-11Graphene oxide hole injection layer for high-efficiency polymer light-emitting diodes by using electrophoretic deposition and electrical reductionKim, Jungyoon; Ganorkar, Shraddha; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2019-06Highly efficient flexible OLEDs based on double-sided nano-dimpled substrate (PVB) with embedded AgNWs and TiO2 nanoparticle for internal and external light extractionBae, Bong Han; Jun, Sungwoo; Kwon, Min Sung; Park, Young Wook; Han, Chul Jong; Kim, Seong-Il; Ju, Byeong-Kwon
2010-03I-V characteristics of a methanol concentration sensor for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) by using catalyst electrode of Pt dotsYang, Jin Seok; Park, Jung Ho; Kim, Seong-Il; Kim, Yong Tae; Kim, Young Hwan
2008-09I-V characteristics of a methanol sensor for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) as a function of deposited platinum (Pt) thicknessYang, Jin Seok; Park, Jung Ho; Kim, Seong-Il; Kim, Seo Young; Kim, Yong Tae; Han, Il Ki
2007-03Improved electromigration failure in Al based interconnectsKim, Yong Tae; Kim, Seong-Il
1996-11Lasing characteristics of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laser and its array with an effective p-n junction current blocking layerKim, Tae Geun; Kim, Eun Kyu; Son, Chang-Sik; Kim, Seong-Il; Jeong, Jichai; Min, Suk-Ki; Leem, Si-Jong; Jun, Jong Il; Lee, Hae Wang; Park, Jung-Ho; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Jun, Sung Won
2016-11-25Magnetic, structural and optical behavior of cupric oxide layers for solar cellsVikraman, Dhanasekaran; Park, Hui Joon; Kim, Seong-Il; Thaiyan, Mahalingam
2014-02Nanopatterning by Laser Interference Lithography: Applications to Optical DevicesSeo, Jung-Hun; Park, Jung Ho; Kim, Seong-Il; Park, Bang Ju; Ma, Zhenqiang; Choi, Jinnil; Ju, Byeong-Kwon
2014-01Numerical investigation of a hybrid-connection four-junction solar cell structure based on detailed balance calculationAhn, Youngkun; Kim, Young-Hwan; Choi, Won-Jun; Kim, Seong-Il
2007-01Optical properties of Er-doped GaNCastaneda Lopez, H.; Kim, Seong-Il; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Yong Tae; Wakahara, Akihiro; Son, Chang-Sik; Choi, In-Hoon
2014-06Optical, electrical and microstructural studies of monoclinic CuO nanostructures synthesized by a sol-gel routeDhanasekaran, V.; Soundaram, N.; Kim, Seong-Il; Chandramohan, R.; Mantha, Srinivas; Saravanakumar, S.; Mahalingam, T.
2017-06Performance dependence on the geometry of H-shaped optical antennasGanorkar, Shraddha; Shin, Seungsu; Kim, Jungyoon; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Il
2013-03-04Procedure of removing polymer residues and its influences on electronic and structural characteristics of grapheneAhn, Youngkun; Kim, Hyein; Kim, Young-Hwan; Yi, Yeonjin; Kim, Seong-Il
2009-10Silicon nanodot arrays patterned using diblock copolymer templatesKang, Gil Bum; Kim, Seong-Il; Kim, Young Hwan; Kim, Yong Tae; Park, Jung Ho