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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-11-05A cyclic process for the nitridation of Si powderKim, MK; Park, JK; Lee, HW; Kang, SH
2005-01A feasibility study on advanced methodology to produce high-performance nano WC-Co granule feedstock for thermal sprayingJun, HW; Seok, HK; Kim, JS; Lee, HW
2004-01Characterization of the electrical properties of Y2O3-doped CeO2-rich CeO2-ZrO2 solid solutionsLee, JH; Kim, J; Kim, SW; Lee, HW; Song, HS
2006-06Characterization of thin-film YSZ deposited via EB-PVD technique in anode-supported SOFCsJung, HY; Hong, KS; Kim, H; Park, JK; Son, JW; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2005-01-14Characterization of ZrO2 co-doped with SC2O3 and CeO2 electrolyte for the application of intermediate temperature SOFCsLee, DS; Kim, WS; Choi, SH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
1999-04Dispersant-binder interactions in aqueous silicon nitride suspensionsPaik, U; Hackley, VA; Lee, HW
2004-07-13Easy synthesis and magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticlesWoo, K; Hong, J; Choi, S; Lee, HW; Ahn, JP; Kim, CS; Lee, SW
2005-03Effect of carbon black addition on reaction-bonded silicon carbide ceramicsKim, J; Jun, HW; Song, H; Lee, JH; Lee, HW
2006-04-21Effect of cathode current-collecting layer on unit-cell performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cellsJung, HY; Kim, WS; Choi, SH; Kim, HC; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2003-02Effect of compaction pressure on the microstructure evolution of anode substrate for SOFC applicationKim, SW; Lee, JH; Song, HS; Kim, JS; Lee, HW
1999-01Effect of minor binder on capillary structure evolution during wickingKim, SW; Lee, HW; Song, H
2004-11Effects of oxidants on the removal of tungsten in CMP processLim, G; Lee, JH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Hyun, SH
2002Electrical and microstructural characterization of Ni/YSZ cermet anode for anode-supported type SOFCLee, DS; Heo, JW; Lee, JH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Kim, SW; Kim, GH; Song, HS
2002-03-15Electrical conductivity and defect structure of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxideLee, JH; Yoon, SM; Kim, BK; Lee, HW; Song, HS
2001-09Electrical conductivity and defect structure of yttria-doped ceria-stabilized zirconiaLee, JH; Yoon, SM; Kim, BK; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Song, HS
2004-01-30Fabrication of colloidal self-assembled monolayer (SAM) using monodisperse silica and its use as a lithographic maskKo, HY; Lee, HW; Moon, J
2002-03Fabrication of near-net-shaped reaction-bonded silicon carbide tubes by thermoset molding and reaction infiltration of silicon meltJun, HW; Lee, HW; Song, H; Shin, H; Kim, J; Ha, J
2004-02Granular transfer molding of multimodal powdersShin, H; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, J; Kim, SW; Song, H
2004-12Investigations of electrical properties in silica/indium tin oxide two-layer film for effective electromagnetic shieldingKim, SW; Lee, JH; Kim, J; Lee, HW
2003-03Low-cost production of large RBSC components by plastic forming processesLee, HW; Jun, HW; Kim, J; Song, H; Ha, J
2004-08Low-energy ion beam treatment of alpha-Al2O3(0001) and improvement of photoluminescence of ZnO thin filmsPark, JY; No, YS; Park, BJ; Lee, HW; Choi, JW; Kim, JS; Ermakov, Y; Yoon, SJ; Oh, YJ; Choi, WK
2004-05Mechanochemical synthesis of nano-sized CeO2 and its application for CMP slurryLim, G; Lee, JH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Hyun, SH
2004-04Microstructure development of high-purity mullite by high energy mixing of fumed oxide powdersLee, HW; Yoo, JY; Kim, J; Lee, J
2006-05Oxidation behavior of tungsten in H2O2- and Fe(NO3)(3)-base aqueous slurriesLim, G; Lee, JH; Son, JW; Lee, HW; Kim, J
1996-01Pore structure evolution during solvent extraction and wickingKim, SW; Lee, HW; Song, HS; Kim, BH
2005-03Preparation of Ti-doped ZnO transparent conductive thin films by PLD methodLee, HW; Choi, BG; Shim, KB; Oh, YJ
1999-02Preparation of ZrO2-coated NiO powder using surface-induced coatingMoon, JW; Lee, HL; Kim, JD; Kim, GD; Lee, DA; Lee, HW
2002-05Quantitative analysis of microstructure and its related electrical property of SOFC anode, Ni-YSZ cermetLee, JH; Moon, H; Lee, HW; Kim, J; Kim, JD; Yoon, KH
2004-04Reaction-bonded silicon carbide tube fabricated by continuous sintering of double-walled preformJun, HW; Lee, HW; Song, H; Kim, BH; Ha, J
2003-04Synthesis and characterization of nanosize CoxNi1-xFe2O4 powders by glycothermal processBae, DS; Kim, SW; Lee, HW; Han, KS