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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09A method for robust robotic bipedal walking on rough terrain: L1-optimal event-based feedback controllerLee, J.; Kim, J.H.; Oh, Y.
2014-01A multifunctional protein EWS regulates the expression of Drosha and microRNAsKim, K. Y.; Hwang, Y. J.; Jung, M-K; Choe, J.; Kim, Y.; Kim, S.; Lee, C-J; Ahn, H.; Lee, J.; Kowall, N. W.; Kim, Y. K.; Kim, J-I; Lee, S. B.; Ryu, H.
2013-03A Q-switched, mode-locked fiber laser using a graphene oxide-based polarization sensitive saturable absorberLee, J.; Koo, J.; Debnath, P.; Song, Y-W; Lee, J. H.
2016-05A study on the L1 optimal PD controller with application to joint motion control of a robot manipulatorKim, J.H.; Hur, S.-M.; Lee, J.; Oh, Y.
2007-07Adaptive information providing system for R&D meeting environmentsRhee, S.K.; Lee, J.; Park, M.-W.
2016-12Analysis of glycerol with isolation of endogenous interferences using “dilute and shoot” strategy and high-resolution mass spectrometry in human urine for antidoping testingKim, Y.; Min, H.; Sung, C.; Park, J.-H.; Son, J.; Lee, K.M.; Kim, H.J.; Lee, J.; Kwon, O.-S.; Kim, K.H.
2018-04Astrocytic water channel aquaporin-4 modulates brain plasticity in both mice and humans: a potential gliogenetic mechanism underlying language-associated learningWoo, J.; Kim, J. E.; Im, J. J.; Lee, J.; Jeong, H. S.; Park, S.; Jung, S-Y; An, H.; Yoon, S.; Lim, S. M.; Lee, S.; Ma, J.; Shin, E. Y.; Han, Y-E; Kim, B.; Lee, E. H.; Feng, L.; Chun, H.; Yoon, B-E; Kang, I.; Dager, S. R.; Lyoo, I. K.; Lee, C. J.
2007-05-01Asymmetric intermixing in a Co-Al thin film system: An investigation using coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopyHwang, H. M.; Park, J. Y.; Jung, S. K.; Lee, J.; Whang, C. N.; Kim, S.-P.; Lee, S.-C.; Lee, K-R.; Chung, Y.-C.
2007-07Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channelsChoi, S.; Na, H. S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Campbell, K. P.; Shin, H.-S.
2007-09Balloon burster: A CORBA-based visual servoing for humanoid robot in a distributed environmentLee, J.; Jie, M.; Kim, S.; Jung, M.; Kim, C.; You, B.
2022-03BNNT-ZnO QDs nanocomposites for improving piezoelectric nanogenerator and piezoelectric properties of boron nitride nanotubeShim, J.; Son, D.I.; Lee, J.S.; Lee, J.; Lim, G.-H.; Cho, H.; Kim, E.-Y.; Bu, S.D.; IM, S.; Jeong, C.K.; Rezvani, S.; Park, S.S.; Park, Y.J.
2007-01Cell migration driven by a mechanical stiffness gradientHong, J.; Kim, J.; Park, S.; Cha, M.; Lee, J.; Baek, J.
2009-01Characterization of human cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the biotransformation of eperisoneYoo, H. H.; Kim, N. S.; Lee, J.; Sohn, D. R.; Jin, C.; Kim, D. H.
2021-09Chemical constituents from basidiomycete Basidioradulum radula culture medium and their cytotoxic effect on human prostate cancer DU-145 cellsRyu, S.M.; Nguyen, Q.N.; Lee, S.; Kwon, H.; Kwon, J.; Lee, H.; Kwon, S.L.; Lee, J.; Hwang, B.Y.; Yim, J.-H.; Guo, Y.; Kim, J.-J.; Kang, K.S.; Lee, D.
2011-05CheMO: Mixed Object instruments and interactions for tangible chemistry experimentsSong, K.; Lee, J.; Kim, G.; Park, J.-H.; Han, I.; Ha, S.
2009-08Coordinated task execution by humanoid robotKim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, S.; Lee, J.; Jeong, M.-H.; Kim, C.; You, B.-J.
2019-05Cross-view gait identification based on convolution neural network with joint loss functionLee, J.; Kim, C.; Park, S.-K.
2008-02Deficits in social behavior and sensorimotor gating in mice lacking phospholipase C beta 1Koh, H. -Y.; Kim, D.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Shin, H. -S.
2021-11Dehydrogenation-driven Li metal-free prelithiation for high initial efficiency SiO-based lithium storage materialsChung, D.J.; Youn, D.; Kim, S.; Ma, D.; Lee, J.; Jeong, W.J.; Park, E.; Kim, J.-S.; Moon, C.; Lee, J.Y.; Sun, H.; Kim, H.
2018-12Design and Fabrication of a Thermoelectric Generator Based on BiTe Legs to power Wearable DeviceMoon, S. E.; Kim, J.; Lee, S. -M.; Lee, J.; Im, J. P.; Kim, J. H.; Im, S. Y.; Jeon, E. B.; Kwon, B.; Kim, H.; Kim, J. -S.
2011-12Design, fabrication, and testing of a compact regenerative evaporative cooler with finned channelsLee, J.; Lee, D.-Y.
2018-03Direct quantitation of amino acids in human serum using a stepwise-dilution strategy and a mixed-mode liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry methodLee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, B.; Lee, J.; Kwon, O.-S.; Cha, E.
2013-12Discovery of urinary biomarkers in patients with breast cancer based on metabolomicsLee, J.; Woo, H.M.; Kong, G.; Nam, S.J.; Chung, B.C.
2018-10Effect of microstructural factors on the strength and deformability of ferrite-pearlite steels with different Mn and V contents [Mn 및 V 함량이 다른 페라이트-펄라이트 조직강의 강도와 변형능에 미치는 미세조직 인자의 영향]Hong, T.-W.; Lee, S.-I.; Shim, J.-H.; Lee, J.; Lee, M.-G.; Hwang, B.
2019-03Effect of silver coated gear train in space vehicle under ultra-high vacuum of 10-7 TorrKwak, W.; Lee, J.; Lee, W.; Lee, Y.
2020-11Effects of Synchronized Leg Motion in Walk-in-Place Utilizing Deep Neural Networks for Enhanced Body Ownership and Sense of Presence in VRLee, J.; Lee, M.; Kim, G.J.; Hwang, J.-I.
2011-12Electrospray-mass spectrometric analysis of plasma pyrophosphates separated on a multi-modal liquid chromatographic columnHyeon, Lee S.; Lee, J.; Lee, W.-Y.; Chung, B.C.; Choi, M.H.
2021-11-22Enhanced spin-orbit torque in ni81fe19/pt bilayer with ndnio3contactJeong, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Park, J.; Lee, D.; Jeong, J.; Jang, H.; Park, E.; Jo, Y.; Lee, N.J.; Kim, K.-W.; Park, B.-G.; Lee, S.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, S.
2007-07Fabrication and structural analysis of an epitaixal Ni/Cu(001) nanostructure on a Si substrateLee, S. G.; Shin, S. W.; Lee, J.; Lee, J.-H.; Song, J. H.; Choi, J.-Y.; Lee, H. H.; Lee, H. S.
2009-04Fabrication of coupled GaAs quantum dots and their optical propertiesKim, J.S.; Song, J.D.; Byeon, C.C.; Kang, H.; Jeong, M.S.; Cho, N.K.; Park, S.J.; Choi, W.J.; Lee, J.I.; Kim, J.S.; Leem, J.-Y.; Yim, S.-Y.; Ko, D.-K.; Lee, J.