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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03-25A hybrid molecule that prohibits amyloid fibrils and alleviates neuronal toxicity induced by beta-amyloid (1-42)Lee, KH; Shin, BH; Shin, KJ; Kim, DJ; Yu, J
2001-05A simple and efficient in vitro method for metabolism studies of radiotracersLee, SY; Choe, YS; Kim, DH; Park, BN; Kim, SE; Choi, Y; Lee, KH; Lee, JW; Kim, BT
2004-02-25An approach to enhance specificity against RNA targets using heteroconjugates of aminoglycosides and chloramphenicol (or linezolid)Lee, JK; Kwon, MY; Lee, KH; Jeong, SJ; Hyun, S; Shin, KJ; Yu, JH
1997-10Analysis on a hydrophobic hollow-fiber membrane absorber and experimental observations of CO2 removal by enhanced absorptionChun, MS; Lee, KH
2006-01-28Basin hopping simulations for all-atom protein foldingVerma, A; Schug, A; Lee, KH; Wenzel, W
1998-08-15Catalytic cracking of vacuum gas oil on the dealuminated mordenitesLee, KH; Lee, YW; Ha, BH
1998-05Catalytic cracking of vacuum gas oil over the modified mordenites and Y-type zeolites mixed with aluminaLee, KH; Ha, BH; Lee, YW
2005-12-09Comparison of Stochastic optimization methods for all-atom folding of the Trp-cage proteinSchug, A; Herges, T; Verma, A; Lee, KH; Wenzel, W
2004-05Compositional dependence of the properties of ferroelectric Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O-3 thin film capacitors deposited on single-layered PtRhOY electrode barriersLee, KB; Lee, KH; Ju, BK
2002-08Correlation between magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co(P) and NH4Cl concentrations in the electrolyteLee, KH; Kim, GH; Jeung, WY
2003-06Dimensional and microstructural dependence of the magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co(P) nanowire arraysLee, KH; Kim, YJ; Jeung, WY
2004-03Effect of bioactive grade surface on in vivo behavior and mechanical stability in titanium based implant surface-modified by plasma spray coating and chemical treatments.Lee, BH; Do Kim, Y; Lee, KH
1998-10Effect of crystallinity on the electrochemical behaviour of spinel Li1.03Mn2O4 cathode materialsSun, YK; Lee, KH; Moon, SI; Oh, IH
1998-02Effect of sizing materials of carbon fiber on solid-state cure of poly(p-phenylene sulfide)Park, M; Lee, KH; Choe, CR; Jo, WH
2004-02-15Effect of thermal annealing on the surface and the microstructural properties of ZnO thin films grown on p-Si (100) substratesKim, TW; Lee, KH; Lee, HS; Lee, JY; Kang, SG; Kim, DW; Cho, WJ
2003-01Effects of an external magnetic field on the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of electrodeposited micro-patterned arraysJeung, WY; Choi, DH; Lee, KH
2000-02-14Effects of ion implantation on the electrical properties of Au/n-Si Schottky diodesJoo, MH; Lee, KH; Song, JH; Im, S
2000-05Effects of space velocity on methanol synthesis from CO2/CO/H-2 over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalystLee, JS; Han, SH; Kim, HG; Lee, KH; Kim, YG
1998-04-14Electrochemical behavior of palladium-indium system alloysKim, HS; Lee, KH; Shin, MC; Kim, SY; Dzo, MH
2004-02Epitaxial growth and magnetic properties of electrochemically multilayered [CoPtP/Cu](n) filmsLee, KH; Kim, GH; Jeung, WY
2000-03Fabrication and properties of conductive carbon fiber/polyethylene composite films fabricated under high intensity electric fields: Effect of polymer sublayerPark, M; Kim, J; Lim, SH; Ko, MB; Choe, CR; Mironov, VS; Bang, HJ; Lee, KH
2003-06Formation and characterization of self-ordered ferromagnetic nanowires by AC electroformingLee, KH; Kim, GH; Kim, YJ; Jeung, WY
2004-10Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scale formed on MOSi2 coating at 773 KLee, KH; Yoon, JK; Kim, GH; Doh, JM; Hong, KT; Yoon, WY
2004-06Growth kinetics of MoSi2 coating formed by a pack siliconizing processYoon, JK; Lee, KH; Kim, GH; Lee, JK; Doh, JM; Hong, KT
2004-10-22Growth kinetics of W5Si3 layer in WSi2/W SYSteMLee, KH; Yoon, JK; Lee, JK; Doh, JM; Hong, KT; Yoon, WY
2000-09Hydrogenolysis of HCFC-142b over supported palladium catalystLee, KH; Seo, KW; Mok, YI; Park, KY; Ahn, BS
2004-05-01In vivo behavior and mechanical stability of surface-modified titanium implants by plasma spray coating and chemical treatmentsLee, BH; Kim, JK; Kim, YD; Choi, K; Lee, KH
2003-07Interfacial morphology of glass fiber/polypropylene compositeNam, JY; Park, SH; Lee, KH; Kim, JK
1996-06Low temperature polycrystalline line silicon thin film transistor with silicon nitride ion stopperLee, KH; Jhon, YM; Cha, HJ; Jang, J
2004-07Low-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of MoSi2/SiC nanocomposite coating formed on mo substrateYoon, JK; Lee, KH; Kim, GH; Han, JH; Doh, JM; Hong, KT