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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06(200)-predominant growth of radio-frequency sputtered SrBi2Ta2O9 thin filmsLee, SH; Lee, JK; Yoon, KH
2005-10A method of accumulation and adaptation of design knowledgeKoh, H; Ha, S; Kim, T; Lee, SH
2004-03A modular object-oriented framework for hierarchical multiresolution robot simulationYeo, S; Kim, J; Lee, SH; Park, FC; Park, W; Kim, J; Park, C; Yeo, I
2004-07A new reference signal generation method for MRAM using a 90-degree rotated MTJJeong, WC; Kim, HJ; Park, JH; Jeong, CW; Lee, EY; Oh, JH; Jeong, GT; Koh, GH; Koo, HC; Lee, SH; Lee, SY; Shin, JM; Jeong, HS; Kim, K
2001-04-15A noble suspended type thin film resonator (STFR) using the SOI technologyKim, HH; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Lee, SH; Lee, JK; Kim, SW
2001-10-20A practical synthesis of nicotinic acid derivatives by palladium on charcoalMoon, MS; Lee, SH; Cheong, CS
2004-05A rapid and sensitive method for quantitation of nucleosides in human urine using liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry with direct urine injectionLee, SH; Jung, BH; Kim, SY; Chung, BC
2005-01-24A semisynthesis of isepamicin by fragmentation methodMoon, MS; Jun, SJ; Lee, SH; Cheong, CS; Kim, KS; Lee, BS
2000-11A simplified model approach for mass transfer of a complex liquid mixture during soil ventingLee, SH; Yeom, IT; Ahn, KH; Khim, J
2004-12Acidic and hydrogen peroxide treatment of polyaluminum chloride (PACL) sludge from water treatmentKwon, JH; Park, KY; Park, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
2001-01Acoustic characterization of AlN films using a high overtone bulk acoustic wave resonatorLee, SH; Kim, JH; Lee, JK; Mansfeld, GD; Alekseev, SG; Yoon, KH
2002-01AlN piezoelectric materials for wireless communication thin film componentsKim, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, JH; Lee, JK
2004-04Altered GABAergic neurotransmission in mice lacking dopamine D2 receptorsAn, JJ; Bae, MH; Cho, SR; Lee, SH; Choi, SH; Lee, BH; Shin, HS; Kim, YN; Park, KW; Borrelli, E; Baik, JH
1998-10Altered profile of endogeneous steroids in the urine of patients with prolactinomaLee, SH; Nam, SY; Chung, BC
2003-11-25Altered urinary profiles of polyamines and endogenous steroids in patients with benign cervical disease and cervical cancerLee, SH; Yang, YJ; Kim, KM; Chung, BC
1999-07Androgen imbalance in premenopausal women with benign breast disease and breast cancerLee, SH; Kim, SO; Kwon, SW; Chung, BC
2001-05Anisotropic injection molding of strontium ferrite powder using a PP/PEG binder systemLee, SH; Jeung, WY
2004-05Application of chemical precipitation for piggery wastewater treatmentLee, SH; Iamchaturapatr, J; Polprasert, C; Ahn, KH
2004-08Artificial array of InAs quantum dots on a strain-engineered superlatticeKim, KM; Park, YJ; Son, SH; Lee, SH; Lee, JI; Park, JH; Park, SK
2000-08Asymmetric synthesis of biologically useful 3,4-disubstituted gamma-lactone (3,4-Db)Cheong, CS; Park, YJA; Lee, SH; Im, DS; Jung, SH
2004-10Behavior of amorphous materials under hydrostatic pressures: A molecular dynamics simulation studyLee, BJ; Lee, JC; Kim, YC; Lee, SH
2000-09-29Characteristics of GaN films grown on the stress-imposed Si(111)Koh, EK; Park, YJ; Kim, EK; Park, CS; Lee, SH; Lee, JH; Choh, SH
2003-09Characterization of a nickel-strontium phosphate catalyst for partial oxidation of methaneJun, JH; Lee, SJ; Lee, SH; Lee, TJ; Kong, SJ; Lim, TH; Nam, SW; Hong, SA; Yoon, KJ
2003-12-01Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of (R)-(+)-aminoglutethimide by kinetic resolution of (+/-)-4-cyano-4-phenyl-1-hexanolIm, DS; Cheong, CS; Lee, SH; Jung, YK; Jeong, IH
2000-03-03Chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically active 2-phenyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)hexanenitrileIm, DS; Cheong, CS; Lee, SH; Youn, BH; Kim, SC
2002-11Color and fluorescent imaging of t-BOC-protected quinizarin methacrylate polymersLee, CW; Yuan, ZZ; Ahn, KD; Lee, SH
2005Color removal and disinfection with UV/H2O2 system for wastewater reclamation and reuseAhn, KH; Park, KY; Maeng, SK; Song, KG; Kim, KP; Lee, SH; Kweon, JH
1999-08Comparison of fatty acid profiles in the serum of patients with prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasiaYang, YJ; Lee, SH; Hong, SJ; Chung, BC
2004-12-14Conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black by plasma and application of plasma carbon blackCho, W; Lee, SH; Ju, WS; Baek, Y; Lee, JK
2004-04-05Deformation-induced nanocrystallization and its influence on work hardening in a bulk amorphous matrix compositeLee, JC; Kim, YC; Ahn, JP; Kim, HS; Lee, SH; Lee, BJ