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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05A catalyst design for selective electrochemical reactions: direct production of hydrogen peroxide in advanced electrochemical oxidationKo, Young-Jin; Choi, Keunsu; Yang, Boram; Lee, Woong Hee; Kim, Jun-Yong; Choi, Jae Woo; Chae, Keun Hwa; Lee, Jun Hee; Hwang, Yun Jeong; Min, Byoung Koun; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Wook-Seong
2016-04A comprehensive study on atomic layer deposition of molybdenum sulfide for electrochemical hydrogen evolutionKwon, Do Hyun; Jin, Zhenyu; Shin, Seokhee; Lee, Wook-Seong; Min, Yo-Sep
2014-09-15A high-temperature oxidation-resistant diffusion barrier for PbZrxTi1-xO3 coating on nanocrystalline diamond filmPark, Jong-Keuk; Yoon, Ju-Heon; Lee, Hak-Joo; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Baik, Young-Joon; Lee, Wook-Seong
2012-03A novel structure of tungsten carbide nanowalls grown on nanocrystalline diamond filmMohapatra, Dipti Ranjan; Lee, Hak-Joo; Sahoo, Subasa; Lee, Wook-Seong
2007-11Adhesion strength of diamond films on heat-treated WC-Co cutting toolsChae, Ki-Woong; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong
2014-05An Insight into Grain Refinement Mechanism of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films Obtained by Direct Current Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor DepositionLee, Hak-Joo; Cho, Jung-Min; Kim, Inho; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Lee, Wook-Seong
2014-02Carbon nanoflake growth from carbon nanotubes by hot filament chemical vapor depositionSahoo, Subasa C.; Mohapatra, Dipti R.; Lee, Hak-Joo; Jejurikar, Suhas M.; Kim, Inho; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Loon; Lee, Wook-Seong
2016-12Chromate adsorption mechanism on nanodiamond-derived onion-like carbonKo, Young-Jin; Choi, Keunsu; Lee, Soonjae; Cho, Jung-Min; Choi, Heon-Jin; Hong, Seok Won; Choi, Jae-Woo; Mizuseki, Hiroshi; Lee, Wook-Seong
2023-08Comparative Study on Residual Stress of Cubic Boron Nitride Films Deposited Using DC and RF Sputtering SourcesChoi, Young-Hwan; Huh, Joo-Youl; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2009-11Control of abnormal grain inclusions in the nanocrystalline diamond film deposited by hot filament CVDLi, H.; Lee, Hak-Joo; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Wook-Seong
2018-10Degradation of Organic Compounds in Actual Wastewater by Electro-Fenton Process and Evaluation of Energy ConsumptionKim, Hee-Gon; Ko, Yong-Jin; Lee, Soonjae; Hong, Seok Won; Lee, Wook-Seong; Choi, Jae-Woo
2013-11Effect of deposition temperature on cubic boron nitride thin film deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputtering method with a nanocrystalline diamond buffer layerLee, Eun-Sook; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Baik, Young-Joon
2013-11Effect of radio-frequency electric power applied to a boron nitride unbalanced magnetron sputter target on the deposition of cubic boron nitride thin filmKo, Ji-Sun; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Huh, Joo-Youl; Baik, Young-Joon
2013-12-31Effect of substrate bias and hydrogen addition on the residual stress of BCN film with hexagonal structure prepared by sputtering of a B4C target with Ar/N-2 reactive gasPark, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Jung-Hun; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2014-11-15Effect of TiAl-based interlayer on the surface morphology and adhesion of nanocrystalline diamond film deposited on WC-Co substrate by hot filament CVDPark, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Hak-Joo; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2017-08-04Fabrication of parabolic Si nanostructures by nanosphere lithography and its application for solar cellsCheon, See-Eun; Lee, Hyeon-seung; Choi, Jihye; Jeong, Ah Reum; Lee, Taek Sung; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Lee, Wook-Seong; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, Heon; Kim, Inho
2013-05Growth behavior of cubic boron nitride (cBN) phase in B-C-N film deposited on Si substrate with non-uniform ion fluxLee, Seung-Min; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon; Park, Jong-Keuk
2016-04Inherently-Forced Tensile Strain in Nanodiamond-Derived Onion-like Carbon: Consequences in Defect-Induced Electrochemical ActivationKo, Young-Jin; Cho, Jung-Min; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Choi, Heon-Jin; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Lee, Wook-Seong
2010-02Insights into the reactive ion etching mechanism of nanocrystalline diamond films as a function of film microstructure and the presence of fluorine gasYoon, Ju-Heon; Lee, Wook-Seong; Park, Jong-Keuk; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Baik, Young-Joon; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Jeong, Jeung-Hyun
2018-11Ionic-Liquid-Derived Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Electrocatalyst for Peroxide Generation and Divalent Iron Regeneration: Its Application for Removal of Aqueous Organic CompoundsKo, Young-Jin; Kim, Hee-Gon; Seid, Mingizem G.; Cho, Kangwoo; Choi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Wook-Seong; Hong, Seok Won
2023-11Microstructure of <111>-Textured Cubic Boron Nitride Film Deposited under Oxygen-Containing AtmosphereChoi, Young-Hwan; Huh, Joo-Youl; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2015-02Microstructure of Carbon Film Deposited Using Hot-Filament Chemical Vapor DepositionKwon, Do-Hyun; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2023-09Multifilamentary switching of Cu/SiOx memristive devices with a Ge-implanted a-Si underlayer for analog synaptic devicesKim, Keonhee; Lim, Jae Gwang; Hu, Su Man; Jeong, Yeonjoo; Kim, Jaewook; Lee, Suyoun; Kwak, Joon Young; Park, Jongkil; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Park, Seongsik; Lee, Wook-Seong; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Park, Jong Keuk; Kim, Inho
2014-12Multiprotocol-induced plasticity in artificial synapsesKornijcuk, Vladimir; Kavehei, Omid; Lim, Hyungkwang; Seok, Jun Yeong; Kim, Seong Keun; Kim, Inho; Lee, Wook-Seong; Choi, Byung Joon; Jeong, Doo Seok
2010-10Nanocrystalline Diamond Gate FET for ON-State Current ImprovementKim, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Wook-Seong; Choi, Yang-Kyu
2013-11Novel Aspect in Grain Size Control of Nanocrystalline Diamond Film for Thin Film Waveguide Mode Resonance Sensor ApplicationLee, Hak-Joo; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Cho, Jung-Min; Lee, Taek-Sung; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Lee, Wook-Seong
2018-02Onion-like carbon as dopant/modification-free electrocatalyst for [VO](2+)/[VO2](+) redox reaction: Performance-control mechanismKo, Young-Jin; Choi, Keunsu; Kim, Jun-Yong; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Doo Seok; Choi, Heon-Jin; Mizuseki, Hiroshi; Lee, Wook-Seong
2016-01Oxidation behavior of amorphous boron carbide film deposited using the unbalanced magnetron sputtering methodBae, Kyung Eun; PARK, JONG KEUK; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young Joon
2018-10Palladium nanoparticles from surfactant/fast-reduction combination one-pot synthesis for the liquid fuel cell applicationsKo, Young-Jin; Kim, Jun-Yong; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Choi, Heon-Jin; Lee, Wook-Seong
2017-12-14Scalable excitatory synaptic circuit design using floating gate based leaky integratorsKornijcuk, Vladimir; Lim, Hyungkwang; Kim, Inho; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Choi, Jung-Hae; Choi, Byung Joon; Jeong, Doo Seok